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Guaranteed Way to End War

From French writer and WW I vet Louis-Ferdinand Céline, in his famous book “Bagatelles pour un massacre”, 1937 (Trifles for a massacre) [starting on page 67] who got branded as being anti-Semitic for speaking up on a subject that deserves attention!

“All of the nations of the Earth will be bound to the Throne of Israel, following an atrocious world war in which three quarters of their populations will be wiped-out. It will take three hundred Elders to carry the keys of the Treasury.” – The Talmud.

The Jews agitate, propagandize, and commit aggression in the name of their very greatest Ideas, using the guts of their goyish dogs... It should first of all be asked of the Jews, that they sacrifice their own guts first of all! in person...before committing ours. That all of them go get killed first, and after that we’ll see..

The hatred of the Jews for the animals which we are is of such virulence, of such an unbroken, concentrated ardor, that we are to be tossed, burnt, skinned, and blasted to pieces alive, in the machine-gun fire, in the blink of an eye...

How to END ALL Wars
As for myself, if I were dictator (this is decidedly a mania), I would pass one more more and it’ll be the last... You should have figured that I’d know the proper means for pacifying and clarifying, without delay, the international diplomatic atmosphere... Here are the terms of my ordinance: in three short simple articles...

1º. As of the declaration of war, all of the Jews of this territory, between the ages of seventeen and sixty years, including all half- and quarter-Jews, mixed-breeds, the husbands of Jewesses, and Freemasons, shall be attached, exclusively, to combat infantry units, in the front line. No sort of infirmity, or reason for discharge or deferral, shall be deemed valid for a Jew or an assimilated immigrant. Soldiers of this sort can never be allowed, under any circumstances, to rise above the rank of captain.

2º. No other assignment can be given to a Jew, neither that of doctor, nor stretcher-bearer, nor artillery gunner, nor sapper, nor secretary, nor aviator, nor political commissar, nor quartermaster, nor chauffeur, nor camouflage expert, nor orderly, all in adherence to the principle that any retreat by even twenty meters from the line of fire will become a convenient refuge for the Jew, an open opportunity to work-up his acquaintances, and the first step back towards the encampment, the rue de Grenelle, the Lodges, and the airwaves...

3º. Any infraction of these articles will be punished by death, without discussion, or dissent.

Thus, every Jew to the front line! no foolish ideas, and no foot-dragging! for the entire duration of the war! No privileges will be allowed. Jewish wounded will not be evacuated from the military zone... The will die if need be in the military zone... They will fertilize the military zone. One must be mistrustful of the Jews, even when they are dead.

As far as the Soviets are concerned, it’s already war!... Very well... So be it! ...if the adventure turns out badly, which is wholly entirely probable, then our Jews must not be allowed to stand clear of it. They must be made to pay all of the costs, they must be made to taste it down to the bitter dregs. They must be made into hostages, immediately, it should already have been done, in order tha they be made to guarantee with their own skins that human emancipation of which they are forever speaking. It will be seen how well this works out.

Insofar as the Jews are our masters, insofar as they represent the Salt of the Earth, the Light unto This World, Insofar as it is they who must render this earth habitable, well then, now’s the time to begin! Everyone to the front line. Nom de Dieu! and no slacking! This is the time for them to treat us, and I want to see them enlighten me, in the front line! Render the front lines more habitable. Now there’ll be a marvelous spectacle: the most beautiful Jewish theater that you’ll have ever seen.

"One Jew per firing position,” that will be my motto in the next war. First a Jew and then a Freemason...In essence the truly interested parties, the pretenders to inheritances, the practitioners of power. Above all it will not be difficult to accommodate is not as though there are not enough firing positions between Dunkirk and the Bay of Biscay. In this respect it would be child’s play! ...enough to delight the entire party! ...there are enough for all the Lodges, and for the most hidden-away synagogues.

You would see come about as though by magic, a current, what am I saying? some invincible, furious gales, some veritable cyclones of pacifist demonstrations! crossing all boundaries! it would rain down as thick as turtledoves!...

Miraculous rapprochements between enemies since “the depths of time” would be worked-out without delay... They would be sought-out in order to be embraced...from one end of the universe to the other... As soon as the cook can be convinced that it is he himself, personally, who is going to wind up in his broth, he will no longer be striking any matches...
“Wars and revolutions are harvests for the Jewish people.” Disraeli, Prime Minister of England

Sounds like a plan to me. Let the ones who agitate constantly for these wars go to the front lines and see how they like what they help start! Like Tom FREIDMAN...
The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it's possible.

This is a war of an elite. [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.
But who would man the central banks, like the FED, the ECB and the English Central Bank?

And who would fill all those US Treasury posts?

And who would be in charge of those Wall Street Casinos, who go bust every 8 years or so and WE pick up the tab?

And who would spin the MSM lies that get us involved in endless wars?

And who would bribe the politicians to shower free money and weapons on Israel, while the American infrastructure goes to Hell?

And who would make all that Hollywood porn?

Gosh, what a mess we'd be in!!!!!!
Céline served as a soldier in the trenches of the First World War, where he was wounded and where he saw countless men killed and maimed in unimaginably terrifying ways. This gave him an abiding hatred of war.

When Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, a deafening and coordinated din of anti-German, pro-war propaganda began to issue from virtually all the presses of every Western society. Céline examined this propaganda, connected the dots, and noticed that its chief propagators were Jews who were urging non-Jews in France and England to spill their blood in another war with Germany to slake Jewish hatred of Hitler.

When Céline published Bagatelles, he was fired from his job as a doctor in a state clinic for the poor. He was invited to write for French Right-wing papers, but it is said that his contributions were rejected for being too extreme. The pamphlets were also reportedly banned by the Nazis for being too hateful.
Banned by the Nazis? Those Nazis?

Mon Dieu!

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