Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pentagon Protects, Feeds, Trains and Then Sets Free Afghan Terrorist: Business is Good!

Gosh, what a coincidence! About the same time the Pentagon says it just has to have 4,000 more US troops in Afghanistan, up pops a US trained, supported and protected ISIS head chopper!
Gee, wonder where this latest ISIS THUG--Israeli Secret Intelligence Services--is getting all that money to pay murderers, rapists and thieves working to spread fear and terror in Afghanistan so the Pentagon will say they need more money and troops to fight the terrorist outfit they created?

One thing's for sure, those US troop protected poppy fields are safe, probably the safest spot to be in Afghanistan when the USAF is dropping bombs, because they sure as Hell won't bomb the Rothschilds Garden of Evil.

And with another planned Wall Street Casino implosion just around the corner, the poppy fields will be needed to keep the gangster banks afloat, just like they did in 2008.
‘No end to his killings’: Afghans who fled & resisted new ISIS warlord Azizullah to RT

The realm of warlord Azizullah, who had been terrifying people in Afghanistan for years, has become the newest “caliphate” of Islamic State in the north of the country, after the terrorist was “unexpectedly” freed from prison, locals revealed to RT.

The son of an Uzbek jihadist leader, Azizullah is a second-generation warlord. Often described as dangerous, ambitious, and fanatical, the infamous jihadist has brought death to many people in Afghanistan. Until recently, he was incarcerated in the notorious Bagram prison – but in the fall of 2016, Azizullah was released, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Locals told RT’s Murad Gazdiev that it happened “unexpectedly.”

The war correspondent managed to speak to some of the locals and refugees in Mazari Sharif in Northern Afghanistan, who have witnessed and suffered the warlord’s atrocities in the neighboring Faryab and Sar-e-Pul provinces. They have spoken up about the carnage in their native lands for the first time.

“He is the most evil man in the world. It is because of him that we starve here in poverty. He brought his terrorists to our homes and murdered everyone,” a local woman told Murad.

“He has murdered so many, and besieged even more. There’s no end to his killing,” another woman who has lost 25 members of her family, including her son, added.

“They cut people’s heads off, their legs, arms and fingers. Some victims I couldn't recognize because of what they did to their faces,” a man who also lost his son told RT.

Afghans who spoke with RT blame the current situation in the region on “Americans,” claiming it was them who “released him from Bagram for whatever reason.”

“They let him go – and now he has come for our lands,” one local said, while another added “if they wanted to, they could catch him very quickly.”

At the moment, as well as at the time of Azizullah's release, the prison has been officially run by the Afghan government, but locals still believe it is “owned by the Americans.”

“Bagram is owned by the Americans, the Afghan government doesn't have the capability to run it. It was the Americans who released Azizullah,” said an anti-Azizullah militia leader, Shir Agha.

Fed on the chaos and corruption in Afghanistan, the terrorist amassed hundreds of fighters and an arsenal of weaponry, Gazdiev reports. Locals also accuse Afghan troops of selling weapons to Azizullah.

“He is the richest man I know. He has support from abroad, and so much money. He pays his fighters almost a thousand dollars – that’s why so many join him,” another local militia fighter claimed, saying that the warlord pays his terrorists about five times more than the Afghan government to its soldiers.

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