Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The "Crash Override" Electrical Grid Weapon. Where Did They Get That Name, Crash Override?

The USG can't make up its mind if they want to blame North Korea or Russia for the apparently coming downing of the US electrical grid system. Yes, they're going to teach people there is a cost for not believing their global warming scam of CO2 swaps, which would make Wall Street fabulously wealthy, while not doing a damn thing for the environment, other than making Americans poorer.

They stole it from the 1995 movie, "Hackers," with Angeline Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller, who goes by the hacker name of "Crash Override." What's a Crash Override do?
However, Dade's intrusion is countered by another hacker (handle "Acid Burn") on the same network, and they briefly converse, with Dade identifying himself by a new alias: "Crash Override".

Meanwhile, Joey, out to prove his skills, successfully breaks into "The Gibson", an Ellingson Mineral Company supercomputer. He attempts to download a garbage file as proof of his feat, but his mother disconnects his computer so he'll sleep, leaving Joey with a fragmented file. However, prior to Joey's disconnection, the company's IT employee Hal (Penn Jillette) detects this unauthorized entry and summons computer security officer Eugene "The Plague" Belford (Fisher Stevens), a former hacker. While going through the files, Plague realizes the garbage file being downloaded is a worm he inserted to defraud Ellingson. The Plague pretends the hackers are to blame and enlists the US Secret Service to recover the file, claiming it is the code to a computer virus (named "Da Vinci" for an image of the Vitruvian Man that accompanies it) that will capsize the company's oil tanker fleet. In fact, The Plague had inserted the virus as a red herring to cover for his worm.

Here's some background on the latest USG threat to the Americans they're supposed to protect and not treat like hostages.
The researchers say this new malware can automate mass power outages, like the one in Ukraine’s capital, and includes swappable, plug-in components that could allow it to be adapted to different electric utilities, easily reused, or even launched simultaneously across multiple targets. They argue that those features suggest Crash Override could inflict outages far more widespread and longer lasting than the Kiev blackout.

“The potential impact here is huge,” says ESET security researcher Robert Lipovsky. “If this is not a wakeup call, I don’t know what could be.”
First NK, then the boogieman 'du jour, Russia, who will they blame next, ISIS? Syria? Nope, they're too occupied fighting off the Rothschild Army. Iran? Hell yes! The (((Deep State))) will say Iran has a super-secret Death Ray hidden in Iran's Alborz Mountains. Iran will use this ray to bounce a EMP pulse off the Moon, hitting the USA and sending most of us back to the Dark Ages.

If or maybe when that happens, it won't be North Korea or Russia or Iran, it will be the same group of sadistic gangsters that attacked us on 9/11.


  1. NOBODY puts "critical" systems "online".

    Unless they want a setup.

  2. Just go watch the latest setup for WW3.....Vonder Voman...starring that

    new star of David jew whore....Gal Gadot (Greenstein)....



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