Saturday, July 29, 2017

The American Zionist Empire and its Media

"How many Chosen Ones can YOU find in this chart?"


  1. Council on Foreign Relations on top. CFR : read (LU) C(I) F (E)R.

    Our God is Lucifer said Harold Rosenthal in this 1976 interview. Shortly after he was taken out in Istanbul by the intitute (=mossad) who blamed it on the Bossa Nova, uh, the PLO.

    (…) Mr. Rosenthal, a former influential Jew in his own right, prided himself in being a vital part of the admitted control of the media, and of their invisible government in which no political power is exercised without Jewish approval. Let us also highlight the other key remarks of Mr. Rosenthal (…)

    The piece ends with: (…) When the American people really discover and realize what the unspeakable Jew has perpetrated, their wrath will know no bounds, and the gutters will run deep with blood (…)

    The jewsewer, so to speak.

  2. The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview (1976) audiobook - murdered 30 days after this interview


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