Saturday, July 1, 2017

What Israel and Her Fifth Columnists are Really About

A piercing peek behind the massive wall of hasbara--Jew propaganda--that permeates every level of American society.
Israel’s global news penetration (via hasbara) and other disinformation strategies are routine. Diabolical, but routine.

The Zionist state’s various tricks and manipulations are legendary and ruthless. They function as a backdoor attack on intellectual liberty as well as open political discourse. They are anti-democratic.

Thus, even ‘freedom of expression’ in America is under constant Israeli pressure and surveillance. No stone goes unturned.

This is why Holocaust ‘education’ is ubiquitous and, when possible, mandatory. If the stories fail, inject guilt. It’s an unscrupulous strategy that is working.

Meanwhile, Zionist myths rain down endlessly via American TV and throughout American mass media. Deep Zionist victimology has penetrated even US public schools. Hasbara is strategic. It is unrelenting. Ironically, it represents the tribal interest of a foreign power. Do Americans live under soft occupation? It increasingly looks that way.

This explains why Jewish suffering, Jewish innocence, and Jewish victimology are now compulsory subjects in American life–from schools to children’s TV, to higher education and adult cinema. ‘Dominate the message’.

On the other hand, Israel’s commitment to segregation between Jews and gentiles is quietly steadfast. ”Unshakable’. This head-scratching phenomena has been obscured by the Fake News meme involving America’s ‘Judeo-Christian’ heritage. Yet it is an absolute ruse. No such heritage exists. These are Zionist-lead political movements and Zionist headlines. They tread on the thin, manufactured ice. They do not exist organically.

Christ’s teachings were in fact a break from Judaism. Christ said as much. Christianity is an Open Admissions theology that stresses universal ethics that are non-racial. On the other hand, Israel is tribal, racial and exclusionary. This wouldn’t be so repulsive if not for Israel’s vociferous (and insincere) support for ‘equality’ and its pious contempt for ‘white nationalism’.

Jewish racism is commanded by God. And Israel’s ethical basis is polluted by nepotism, ‘chosenness’ and racial favoritism under God. It is a collection of myths and yarns that drip with tribal supremacism.

It’s worth remembering also that Jews in Israel have a distinct word for their version of ‘Apartheid’. It is ‘Hafrada’, which means ‘separation’ in Hebrew. Ever heard of it? Of course not! Hasbara operatives and their cousins in US news media make sure of that.

Sadly, we Americans live under soft occupation.

Significantly, few non-Jews have ever heard of ‘hafrada’. But everyone has heard of ‘Apartheid’.
Gee. How come?

We can thank the legions of young Israeli activists (and their elders) for this deliberate omission and assorted side shows. Control speech. Control thought.

Make no mistake about it: Israel is a racial supremacist state. Segregation is a core Zionist value. Jewish exceptionalism is their paramount goal. America is a useful, but temporary, ally. This is the nature of the ‘special relationship.’
Found at this story, "How Israel Manages Its Message" in the COMMENTS section by a Mark Green.

"You American GOYIM are getting too damn uppity, maybe you need another of these to get your mind right?"
"We Americans are therefore paying to be propagandized by people working for a foreign government who often pretend to be our fellow citizens but are not. What is occurring is essentially an intelligence operation directed against the United States, something that the CIA would have run back in the 1970s and 1980s. That Israel can continue to reap huge amounts of aid and political cover from Washington while it is actively working to make sure that Americans are poorly informed about the Middle East reveals more than anything the corruption of our political class and media, both of which appear to be ready to sell out for thirty shekels to anyone with the cash in hand. Time to drain the swamp, indeed."

Philip Giraldi, June 27, 2017


  1. Christ's teachings were indeed a departure from Judaism, which is why the Jews hated him so much. The Jewish leaders conspired to have Jesus killed and manipulated the Romans into carrying it out. Does that sound similar to anything we see happening today? This is what Christian Zionists like to gloss over, but it is clearly stated in all four gospels.

  2. They're crybullies. Rape of goyim is a-o-k under Judaic law according to our friend Dov Zakheim, who calls it 'involuntary intercourse'.


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