Thursday, August 24, 2017

Another Edition of Jew Crime, Corruption & Sexual Deviancy!

When there aren't enough GOYIM around to fleece, bamboozle, defraud and steal from, they turn on each other.
Israeli mining billionaire Beny Steinmetz has once again been arrested this week on charges that he engaged in corruption when he closed several large real estate deals in Romania.

Tal Silberstein – Steinmetz’s political advisor – has also been arrested on same charges leading the Austrian Social Democratic Party to immediately cut its close ties with him after being proverbially caught with their hand in the till.

Over in the United States; the ultra-Zionist AEPI university fraternity that Mark Zuckerberg once belonged to has discovered that there are all sorts of anomalies in their accounting books, which now need to be investigated and it looks like the fraternity will either fold due to a huge financial black hole or have to undergo a full blown corruption investigation.

Oh and police in Israel have rumbled a gang of jewish teenage hackers who were responsible for over two million individual attacks on websites, while in Great Britain jews are now murdering each other over bagels.

Moving on to sex crimes now; former Israeli President Moshe Katsav’s application for a further easing of his parole following his conviction for rape has been denied.

Unsurprisingly we’ve had even more rapes in the IDF, but more unusually a jewish victim of an ultra-Orthodox rabbinical pedophile has now released a film about her experiences.

This has come none too soon as a report by an Israeli children’s charity has documented that there is a huge influx of jewish pedophiles into Israel from the diaspora having been driven out by the evil anti-Semitic Nazi police in Western countries.

One such individual is a 37 year old jew from southern Israel who was charged with sodomizing his own four year old daughter this week.
Copied from this blog, "Semitic Controversies" which my AV software claims is some kind of dangerous 'phishing' site, STAY AWAY. Contacted them and asked what proof do you have and their reply was "Trust us!"

Child porn linked to Israeli vice-consul

Rape is bad enough, but child rape of your own FOUR YEAR OLD Daughter?

Add in Child pornography, seemingly a fav of the 'Tribe.'. Where do G-d's Chosen get all these twisted ideas?


  1. so-called "Jews" ....[Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism] ....
    cannot be "Murdered"'s called JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE.


    The Story of the Children of Israel is not about the "JEWS"
    or the "Jewish" so-called people.

    No one on Earth HAS to be a "MURDERER"...{{{{JEWISH}}}} !!

    all "terrorism" is "Jewish"....all perversion is "JEWISH".

    leaving the ANIMAL FARM is actually quite simple

    from the mouths of babes



  2. Thank you Greg for the information on my being mentioned by the great Mr. Irving, but the link you gave me does not work. Perhaps that is because I am in heavily censored Canada? Could you please check the link again? Apparently Firefox has problems in Canada when it comes to... (((controversial))) ... matters.

  3. Heck. Further research. David Irving's site is completely unavailable in Canada. I have tried to hit it from every angle possible and always, I am told to correct my search address in case I forgot a "w" in the "www". His diary is unavailable, his blog, pretty well everything! Damn, who says we live in a free speech world? And if I mentioned this to ANY other Canuck, almost all of them would just say, "Well, it's probably for the best."

    Oh, and while I am ranting. I had a great collection of stuff on Pinterest. What I posted on line, I posted there. And then some. I had over 55 folders each with hundreds of images. Dogs. Underwater beasts. Things that go purr. Fashion for older large women. Books and Nooks. Hills Bridges and Stairs. healthy food. Aging with Pizazz. You get the idea. Oh and entertainment that I enjoyed. And a lot of them dedicated to the fine arts. And popular entertainment. The glory of men. But then... into this I also had... Cultural Marxism. Liberal Lunacy. President Donald J. Trump. Trump and Clinton. Middle East. Palestine. And wherever I could fit them, a lot of stuff that (((they))) might be heartily offended by as is per their usual manner. I just slipped stuff in figuring it might work. Fail.

    Friday night I was mounting the toons I published on the next morning and Pinterest was fine. The next morning the entire account was wiped empty. All contacts gone. Every folder disappeared.

    To say I was annoyed is mild but one can only shrug and say Screw that.

    Meanwhile I cannot find the post you spoke of. Thanks however.

    Dang I love free speech!

    1. His blog is "AR Action Report Online" and here's the link. Didn't realize Canada had made TRUTH VERBOTEN.

      Odd that it happened when so may alt right news sites got hammered. Guessing we're in the end stages of the Final Solution, where Das Juden wipe uppity GOYIM off the map.


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