Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Feel the Hate: #burningmanburningquran at Burning Man

More hateful stupidity, most likely by the same SOB's who control our banks, the FED, had their MSM lies us into endless wars, turned Congress into a cheap whorehouse, have Trump by the balls and attacked us on 9/11:
#BurningManBurningQuran Anonymous (ID: BOCCAKOW) 08/20/17(Sun)19:53:28 No.138405844 Archived▶>>138405968 >>138406209 >>138408302 >>138408796

Hi guys! My friends and I are planning to burn a 40 foot tall quran at Burning Man this year. It will be made of paper mache but it will contain every Quranic verse.

It's going to be part of the installation RADICAL RITUAL.

I was hoping some Arabic speaking friends could help me get a message out to the Muslim world.

Please please do not bomb Burning Man! Thousands of my friends will be there. Please just let us express ourselves in peace.

Let's get the hashtag #BurningManBurningQuran trending to get the world out among Muslims to NOT bomb burning man.

اهلا ياجماعة! أصدقائي وأنا تخطط لحرق 40 قدم طويل القامة في حرق الرجل هذا العام. وسوف تكون مصنوعة من عجينة الورق لكنها سوف تحتوي على كل الآية القرآنية.

انها ستكون جزءا من ريتوال راديكال التثبيت.

كنت آمل أن يساعدني بعض أصدقائي الناطقين باللغة العربية في الحصول على رسالة إلى العالم الإسلامي.

من فضلك من فضلك لا تفجير حرق الرجل! الآلاف من أصدقائي سيكون هناك. يرجى فقط دعونا نعبر عن أنفسنا في سلام.

دعونا الحصول على الوسم #BurningManBurningQuran تتجه إلى الحصول على العالم من بين المسلمين إلى لا قنبلة حرق الرجل.
Burning Man--is that OK with Antifa, to say MAN?--is held each Labor Day weekend in the Nevada Desert near Blackrock. You can check their site, there's some pretty far-out party goers, but the ones burning a Quran are hateful, stupid idiots who must love death, destruction and endless wars.....Like the sadistic inhabitants of 'Stolenland,' AKA Israel and it's hate-filled, thieving, lying, back-stabbing Khazars.

Notice how they keep pleading with Muslims to NOT bomb Burning Man? If anything gets bombed at Burning Man, it will be the same SOBs who masterminded the 9/11 False Flag, Israel and her traitorous American GOY traitors.

These idiots claim it will be part of the "Radical Ritual" portion of Burning Man, but checking on that web page, can't find any direct reference to burning a Quran.

Why not burn a Talmud and some Torah Scrolls?

Maybe the billionaires attending would raise some Hell about that.

Maybe their Antifa buddies will show up?


  1. You know you are going to see this picture again on Saturday!

    1. I can't wait for my Saturday morning cartoons!

    2. Your Saturday cartoons are the weekends highlight, Thanks Noor

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  3. Great poster!

    In the 30s they did it themselves, now they hire goons (Shabbos Goyim) to do their dirty work, goons who don't even know (or care) who hires them, and for whose benefit, as he indirectly acknowledges:

    "the members of today’s Antifa would be surprised to learn that they are replicating a proud lineage of Jewish gangsters"


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