Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"GOY, Criticizing Israel is VERBOTEN!"

I've got a sneaky suspicion that the armed JDL--Jewish Defense League--THUGS that went around our nation's capitol during the March 2017 AIPAC coven, beating up Americans while the cops did NOTHING... (around the 45 second mark, the fucking cops are checking on a JDL THUG making sure he's OK and ready to riot some more.)

...are part of the Antifa THUGS that go around beating up people while the cops stand by and do NOTHING. Like the recent Antifa riot in Berkley, CA, where the cops herded the peaceful 'Patriots Prayer' folks into a fenced compound, making sure they were disarmed, then let the armed Antifa THUGS enter and start beating the hell out of the prayer folks. The cops then retreated, claiming to be fearful for their own safety... If the police won't do their job and protect those they're paid to protect....

Israel and her attack dog outfits
, like the ADL--Another DAMN LIE--and the Southern Poverty Law Hate Center are advising Google and FAKEBOOK as to what should be allowed online. Those two Juden terrorist outfits are also pushing thru Congress the anti-BDS bill, which would make criticism of Israel VERBOTEN.

Now they're also attacking Christians who want to assemble and pray? And want to bar US Vets from attending university's?

This is war, if you don't have any self-defense tools, better get some NOW.


  1. Truth is the most powerful weapon on Earth....

    that is why Hating Jesus makes someone a "JEW"


    the Talmud is the field manual for the truth hating

    Bolshevik/Zionist....so-called "Jews" of the


    Synagogue of Satan...


    knowing the truth is the exit strategy for escaping the





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