Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump's Biggest Sin? He Didn't Visit Holocau$t™ Land

"With regards to the Antifa protesters; one should always wonder, when the government, MSM and police are on your side, who exactly are they protesting against?"

If you know who owns the (((MSM))), the FED and US Treasury, had turned Congress into a cheap whorehouse, masterminded the 9/11 False Flag and has lied us into endless ME wars, then you'll know that it's Israel, its AIPAC attack dog and American Jew sayanim who are really behind this multi-front effort to use the media to figuratively assassinate the President.

All of this because President Trump didn't visit the Holocau$t™ Land theme park in 'Stolenland' when he visited Israel. To make matters worse, Trump is the ONLY US president--when going to Israel--to not visit that House of Lies.

Trump compounded the situation by doing the right thing in Syria, pulling back and letting Russia, Iran and Syria, the only ones who've been fighting the US/Israel/ Saudi Arabia creation of ISIS or DAESH or ISIL--whatever name they're hiding behind--further PO Jew Inc.
The Jew stranglehold on our nation is so complete, even state legislators are calling for Trump to be murdered.

US House Knesset member Steve COHEN introduces plan to impeach Trump. The other House member to do so is Brad SHERMAN.

After Charlottesville, Trump made some sane and valid points, that both sides were engaging in violence, which deviated from the official Israeli line to place the blame on the Unite the Right people. Further evidence that it's Jew Inc behind removing Trump from office is all the references about Hitler and the Holocau$t™ when the (((MSM))) talks about Charlottesville.

Say what you will about Trump, but Jew Inc is not only attacking him, they're also destroying the Office of the President, which belongs to the American people.

Which means they are attacking Americans.

Jew Inc realized that they've screamed anti-Semite so many times that it's lost its punch. They also know that people are getting wise to the phony Holocau$t™ fraud and are starting to understand that 9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBA and NSA. With generous help from the Lying MSM.

If they're able to remove Trump from the WH, it won't be long before they start coming for us, the Americans who haven't been brainwashed by the (((MSM))) and can still think.

2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Jew counter-revolution in Russia, stealing it from the Russian people who ousted the Czar, who then started erasing Russian history and turned it into the USSR slaughterhouse, killing upwards of 50 million Russians who didn't want to bow down to godless Communism.

Will we be next?

[Our] enemy is the finance parasite that ALWAYS attacks its host.

The Same People Who Couldn't Stop Talking About Russia 24/7 are now the Ones Yelling About Nazis Non-Stop

The AntiFa Assholes Now Want to Blow up Mt. Rushmore...Maybe to replace those iconic figures with ones of Stalin, Chairman Mao, Marx and Lenin?

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  1. Piss sacks are Jewish!

    by Jim Floyd

    . . . . . You are a twelve year old Palestinian boy. You throw a stone at an Israeli tank and they grab you. The first thing your interrogators do is put a piss-soaked burlap bag over your head, because piss sacks are Jewish.

    . . . . . I knew, instantly, the source, the origins of what I was seeing.
    It was the rubber gloves that did it, and the beaming grins,
    and the little slut with her hand reaching for a penis in a pile of naked hostages.
    That's right, friends, they wanted an erect penis for their picture and
    it was the girls job to massage her way into American military history
    and she did. Oh yes, you little darling, be all that you can be,
    mission accomplished!

    . . . . . It was her duty to excite, sexually stimulate,
    as many as possible then step back so the picture would show
    an orgy of sodomizing animals, non- humans worthy of extermination,
    going after one another. Coupled with the dehumanizing effect upon
    these hostages was the threat, the blackmailing threat,
    that the interrogators would show the pictures to the men's wives,
    children, and friends.

    . . . . . "Who came up with these ideas? I don't know," said Senator Dianne Finestein,
    at the Abuse Hearings. Really, Mrs. Goldman/Finestein, of course you know.

    . . . . . How on earth could an idiot girl from West Virginia,
    and an equally deranged, smirking, troop of male GIs formulate such
    ingenious methods of interrogation? ....Well, they didn't.

    . . . . . How do I know this? How can I speak with such confidence?
    I know because a giant of a man gave me his books. Issa Nakhleh,
    of blessed memory, I salute you, and I am, forever grateful for your gift to us all.
    The following records are from The Encyclopedia of the Palestinian Problem,
    chapters twenty two - twenty five.

    "Israeli women were brought in to play with prisoners' sex organs
    as an act of humiliation."

    "Another method was for the interrogator to rub my genitals with his hand,
    and also pull them. I was told that I wouldn't be able to father children because of
    the treatment they had dealt my genitals."

    "They kept torturing me. An interrogator sucked on a cigarette.
    When it was red, he placed it on my face, chest, and genitals.
    They were always insulting me, yelling 'Maniuk' (faggot) I will fuck you.
    The torture destroyed my penis and I could only urinate drop by drop."

    (another detainee) "Iron balls were put in my scrotum and
    squeezed against my testicles. Pain just enveloped me."

    "The Russian "Bolshevik" Compound interrogators in Jerusalem favored
    assault on the genitals. Over half of the victims were struck in the genitals
    or in other ways sexually abused."

    "In Hebron prison the authorities arranged his rape by a prisoner trustee."

    [This horrid page also tells of a man and his daughter. The father was kept in one room,
    and beaten, while the girl was nearby.]

    "When they brought him to her she was lying on the floor in blood stained clothes.
    Her face was blue, her eye black. IN HIS PRESENCE,
    She was bleeding from the mouth, face and vagina when the father fell unconscious."

    RIP...James Floyd




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