Monday, August 28, 2017

"What are the Three Biggest LIES of the Last 75 Years?"

The biggest one--maybe of all time--is the phony fake AKA the Holocau$t™ From that con job/crimes, all sorts of misery and death to us GOYIM have flowed.

The biggest lie is that Auschwitz was some kind of death/extermination camp where 4 million Juden were gassed in gas chambers built AFTER the war by Stalin and his Bolshevik Jew buddies to perpetrate the Big Lie.

Auschwitz was a forced labor camp where inmates were conscripted to work in the adjacent IG Farben industrial site called Monowtitz, where synthetic oil and rubber were produced, along with numerous other items needed for the German army.
The largest work camp was Auschwitz III (Monowitz). It started operations in May 1942 and was associated with the synthetic rubber and liquid fuel plant Buna-Werke owned by IG Farben. Eleven thousand labourers worked at Monowitz. Seven thousand inmates worked at various chemical plants. Eight thousand worked in mines. Approximately 40,000 prisoners worked in labour camps at Auschwitz. Some put the number of prisoners who worked at Auschwitz at 83,000. We don’t know the exact number but what is clear is that tens of thousands of prisoners worked for the German war effort in the Auschwitz prison complex.
There were NO shrunken Jew heads; NO steam chambers or electrical mats used used to kill Juden; NO death ray that zapped 20,000 Jews at a time; NO Jew skin used to make lampshades... LIES, all LIES and if you've been paying attention to what the MSM has been doing to Trump and Russia, you know what they're capable of; putting out massive numbers of LIES to support their Zionist agenda of Israel.
Finally, the account of Mr. Christopherson draws attention to a very curious circumstance. The only defendant who did not appear at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial in 1963 was Richard Baer, the successor of Rudolf Höss as commandant of Auschwitz. Though in perfect health, he died suddenly in prison before the trial had begun, "in a highly mysterious way" according to the newspaper; Deutsche Wochenzeitung (July 27th, 1973). Baer's sudden demise before giving evidence is especially strange, since the Paris newspaper Rivarol recorded his insistence that "during the whole time in which he governed Auschwitz, he never saw any gas chambers nor believed that such things existed," and from this statement nothing would dissuade him. In short, the Christopherson account adds to a mounting collection of evidence demonstrating that the giant industrial complex of Auschwitz (comprising thirty separate installations and divided by the main Vienna-Cracow railway line) was nothing but a vast war production centre, which, while admittedly employing the compulsory labour of detainees, was certainly not a place of "mass extermination".
The second biggest lie is the rape and stealing of Palestine, when people were told another BIG LIE, "A land without a people for a people without a land." That the push to let the Khazar descendants steal Palestine came at the end of WW II is no coincidence, since the Holocau$t™ brain washing had been going on, people were programed to feel sorry for these parasites so that when they went into Palestine and butchered tens of thousands native Palestinians and stole large chunks of land, property, possessions and homes, we were supposed to write it off to the Holocau$t™

Sorry, but Palestine was a thriving state, with plenty of people, the REAL SEMITES.

The last Big Lie is that 9/11 was pulled off by Bin Laden and 19 Ayyyrrrabs. What a load of shit, but would you expect anything else from the (((MSM)))?

The FACT is that 9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBA and NSA. With generous help from the Lying MSM.

Look at this pic of the WTC 7 cloud rising after it had been, according to the owner, Lucky Larry Silverstein, 'taken down.' As a retired career firefighter/EMT that fought fires in a variety of structures as a firefighter, acting Lieutenant, Lieutenant and even a couple of times as Incident Commander, where I couldn't go in and fight fire--the fun part--had to stay outside the structure to get the 'Big Picture' and manage the scene. I also have over 400 hours of firefighting credits from the local university fire school, I can tell you for sure that when buildings collapse from fire damage and the weight of the water used to extinguish the flames, they collapse in a random, haphazard manner; They don't explode into a 4,000 foot tall cloud of heated gases, smoke and debris.

Here's another pic, from the damaged Deutsche Bank building that was close to 400' away from the WTC Twins. Yet a steel beam ejected by massive force from the WTC had enough energy to travel that distance and still enough energy left over to impale itself in the bank building.
That doesn't happen when a building 'collapses.'

There's one common factor in all of these lies, deceptions and mayhem and if you know what that is, congratulations, you can still think for yourself.


  1. Ummmm... Greg.. You missed the other real whopper of the last 75 years, which is the fraud Apollo Moon landings... I am shocked that you missed out on that one!

    1. I've go a full plate with exposing the holoHOAX, getting our 9/11 truth and supporting Palestine.
      I'll leave the moon landing for more capable people.

    2. Rasheed Siddiqui, Quran informed the world almost 1 1/2 millennium ago that of all the three Ibrahimic religious followers, worse r Jews untrust worthy, defying GOD all the time and punished as well, those defying Sabbath turned int monkeys and died as such, or those worshiping God calf ordered 2 kill each other, finally disobeying 2 enter Jerusalem, thereby wandering in the desert Mosses AS died in that state of punishment.

  2. If you're even slightly aware of the obvious common factor in the lies, you'll be considered an anti-Semite so you best shut up and stop thinking.

  3. holohoax, 9/11, Palestine, Moon Landing Hoax, democracy, christinsanity, capitalist Federal Reserve system and also...the khazar hoax, are the greatest lies.

  4. I guess the ultimate absurdity in all this are the "common factor's" multitudinous accusations about "Russian propaganda." It would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic.

  5. Biggest lie ever?
    "We did it for your own good" as applied to all of the above.

    Biggest hoaxers? The Khazars.

    Biggest idiots? Those who are still in state of denial.

    Biggest lies? Possibly we have not heard it yet!

    1. yeah,

      what she said

      many big DITTO'S, TOO

      No One on earth HAS to be a "Jew"....



  6. The hoaxes perpetrated by jews or carried out to further their agenda shuld be categorized by three criteria:
    • the magnitude of the harm done to the Gentiles
    • the contribution brought to the furtherance of the jewish agenda
    • the longevity of the lie in popular belief and its acceptance as "fact"
    By these criteria the Moon Landing does not qualify as a top hoax. I would place the Warren Report's Lone Gunman hoax above the Moon Landing, as I would the fabricated "Judeo-Christian values" hoax.
    I would definitely add the "War on Terror" hoax, as it encompasses all the jewish wars the US has been participating in directly or indirectly.

    1. Please excuse the typo:
      "to further their agenda SHOULD be categorized"


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