Monday, November 6, 2017

Was the Texas Church Shooter a Member of the Commie loving, Christian Hating Antifa?

That appears to be the case, there's a Commie Antifa coven a short drive from that Texas Church, and here's part of their Twitter page:
Yes, Antifa definitely stopped something in that church.

Here's Jim Stone's take on the matter:
No matter what the MSM says, the shooter was Antifa/CIA. There was an idiotic Facebook profile posted by him on October 29, he bragged about his gun, identified himself as being Antifa backhandedly by announcing he was communist and part of the same group that founded Antifa, without actually saying Antifa. That profile died post haste but people did get captures of it, I'll round one up tomorrow.

He did not teach any bible courses, unless doing it one time once and never again qualifies you for being a bible instructor. He was in fact an aetheist. But the MSM hates Christians and will peg anything possible on them, so if it makes Christians look like terrorists, they will make sure the public believes this guy was top prophet.

He was shot by a gun owner who managed to escape the church and return with a gun. He managed to get into his vehicle injured and drive away, and was then chased by what might have been a plain clothes police officer (maybe not but likely an off duty cop ) until he got delerious enough to crash his vehicle on a curve. Same story as Vegas - Shooter shoots up conservatives, and can't talk about it because he is dead. Dead shooter is becoming a very old line now.

He was dishonorably discharged, violent, and weak minded. He was a prime candidate for being a CIA patsy. We all know that game by now, I have little doubt he was brainwashed (probably very easily) into doing this. He spent a year in jail after being dishonorably discharged and you can't buy a gun if you are dishonorably discharged. So it was highly probably provided by the CIA or FBI.

He was definitely, without a doubt Antifa. The media has yet to admit it, but his now vaporized Facebook profile that had all the characteristics of a CIA shell profile proved it.
Yes, it also kills Christians in church.
If you have a pistol or revolver, better start carrying ANYTIME you go to public places, because this murderous shit will keep up until they get what they want...our guns.
Texas Church Shooter Was Antifa Member Who Vowed To Start Civil War

The gunman who opened fire inside a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, has been identified as Devin Kelley, an Antifa member who vowed to start a civil war by “targeting white conservative churches” and causing anarchy in the United States.
Yes, Americans will definitely Remember, remember the fifth of November.

Texas shooter Kelly was shot and disabled by a Texas gun owner who lived nearby.

This will surely get all those headlines about the Hollywood rapists off the front page and people will forget that the recently released CIA files stated that Jews were part of the assassination plot.
Amazing, simply amazing how that works.

In the last few years, five Christian churches have been shot up.

Why don't these violent nuts ever shoot up a synagogue?


  1. bullshit, as usual.

  2. Quote: "If you have a pistol or revolver, better start carrying ANYTIME you go to public places, because this murderous shit will keep up until they get what they want...our guns."


  3. And online truthers that can't see through this are mentally ill or also in on the government agenda of disarming Americans.


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