Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Southern Poverty HATE Center is Attacking Christmas

These fuckers exemplify hatred in its pure form, especially hatred of Christmas. Which means they are attacking Christians.
Wonder why Markie Mark hates Christmas?
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Hate Group

The hilariously misnamed Southern Poverty Law Center is a non-profit group that purports to fight “hate and bigotry” and to seek “justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.” Though it makes the most of the goodwill and reputation earned in the 1960s, today they exist mainly to spread hatred, incite violence, and grow their fundraising base. George Orwell, call your office...

“The business model is simple, albeit cynical, and best illustrated by its most famous case. In 1987, a Dees-led legal team won a $7 million judgment against the Ku Klux Klan in a wrongful death suit on behalf of Beulah Mae Donald, the mother of a 19-year-old kid murdered by members of the racist group. But the defendants’ total assets amounted to a building worth $52,000. That’s how much Mrs. Donald, who died the following year, received. But Dees reaped $9 million for the SPLC from fundraising solicitations about the case, including one showing a grisly photo of Michael Donald’s corpse.”
And a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Mark, even though the thought of 'peace on Earth, goodwill towards Man' probably makes you puke.


  1. certainly {a} good reason for the existence of not just Napalm
    and whatever "accelerants"...here on Earth, but also an
    eternal place for the reward of being a "good" - "JEW",
    where it is always real warm....some might say...HOT !!


    how exactly do the Jesus hating {{{{JEWISH}}}} terrorists
    "work together" to commit mass murder...?



    what "specifically" is the ACTUAL difference between

    LAWFUL MONEY....and the {{{JEWISH}}}} "filthy lucre"...?

    why doesn't TALMUD VISION show people who don't miscegenate
    talking about....what is TRUE and good...?

    instead of "JEW" worshipping and doing really stupid "SHIT" ?

    does the DUNG GOD OF TALMUDIC JUDAISM....influence this
    tsunami of dung doodling insanity...for the braindeadgoy ?


    what makes the snakes so snakey...is it just the "JEWISH" narrative
    on steroids....or is it the blood of babies


    the ovens of truth reduce all these rat finks to ashes

    TELL THE TRUTH....and then start singing...




    until the echoes are reverberating off the MOUNTAINS...!!!

    you know like real LOUD !




  2. is it possible his maternal side was part Jewish chihuahua...

    somethings you just can't be too sure of,

    but be sure of this...All Wall Humpers Love Trump.. .

    should be a Bumper Sticker

    Donald Trump had already made an impression last May
    by becoming the first American president in office to recollect
    the Wailing Wall during his official visit to Israel where he had
    seen Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
    He was accompanied by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner,
    while his wife Melania and his daughter Ivanka
    went to the women's section . . . .

    women hafta hump the wall separately...for the sake
    of modesty one supposes

    not too far away is an open air concentration camp
    where the zionist terrorists test weapons systems
    outlawed under pretend international "law"...


    that obviously doesn't apply to two legged snakes
    and Zionist/Bolshevik Jesus Hating {{{JEWISH}}}
    Terrorists....who have a Mass Murder for filthy
    lucre business model...


    the potok chihuahua christmas t-shirt...



  3. Please boil it down Davy. I used to work at the splc. I worked in the gift shop (exit through the gift shop) at the civil rights memorial center in Montgomery, Alabama (part of splc). It was a learning experience, let's put it that way. Then, one day, I left.

    1. But, I agree about anything anyone wants to say BAD about the splc.

    2. Let's just call them the synagogue of satan.

  4. We've got the ugly pusbag Jews on the run. We've exposed the vampires to the sunlight and they are steaming and ready to explode. Their arrogance is their undoing. Soon their entire race will be obliterated, screw their idiot prophecies. It's all over for these murdering thieving RATS.
    Can you imagine the celebrations all over the planet as mankind is truly liberated ??


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