Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trump Issues an EO Stating that Americans Now Must use a Star of David on Their Christmas Trees

Washington, DC--President Trump today issued Executive Order 666-911 that states henceforth, American Christmas trees shall be topped with the six-sided Star of David, not the traditional five-sided one that represents the Star of Bethlehem. Trump realized that seeing the Star of Bethlehem on Christmas trees insulted his dear friends and financial backers watching out for his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Sholomo Lipschitz, Trump's WH adviser on domestic affairs, said, "It's about time that the American public recognized Jews as reigning over their sorry asses and that mandating the beautiful Star of David now be on top of their Chr...uhh, can't pronounce that C word. All holiday trees will now have the wonderful Star of David on top so Americans will know who's really in charge."

Trump said he issued this EO at the behest of his long-time friend and campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson.

Lipschitz said they were looking into forbidding using the C word this time of year, but social engineer's at DARPA said that would take another generation of manipulating American minds before that can be done.

Who Controls America and Trump


  1. you been drinking that ADOLPH HITLER HERBAL TEA...?

    sure seems like your anti-semitism has increased

    about six million per overnight.

    impressive, to say the least

    stunning advancements in the world of truth

    no going back now

    get a stack of 3$ "bills"...spend them !!!
    help the economy for the "WHITE SUPREMACISTS"...

    also, wooden nickles are worth more than all the JEWISH LIES
    ever manufactured in the stool sculpture deity cult compound



  2. Shlomo Lipshitz called and said,
    you know in that nasal whine New York "JEW" tone...
    like a negress with 4 inch nails rubbing
    a "black" board...anyway,
    Lipshitz wanted to set the record straight..Ha Ha,

    David never used a Hexagram,
    that was his boy by Bathsheeba, Solomon, after he
    got hooked on the "booty" or in the vernacular "POONTANG" of the
    STRANGE WOMEN, that was when he kinda let his wisdom dribble,
    or um ...ooze away, as it were...

    seeings as how in John 8:33 [Temple treasury] {{{THEY}}} "out"
    themselves, as it were, and not in "YIDDISH", one might postulate that
    eventually someone might just say...aha it is about the difference
    between LAWFUL MONEY...and the FILTHY LUCRE of the synagogue of satan ....
    [ADHORAMITE FREEMASONRY] the highest degrees.

    back to the evil white supremacists, though and their "dearth" of funds

    White supremacists engage not only in ideological crimes such as
    those contrived ...cointelpro..."ADL/FBI"....
    "hate crimes" or "terrorist plots"...per se,
    but also a wide variety of traditional crimes—including
    crimes intended to obtain money,
    such as "drug dealing" and robberies and thefts. . . .

    White supremacist prison gangs, many of which can be described as
    "Nonjewish organized crime syndicates"...,
    are particularly noteworthy for such activities,
    but this type of criminal behavior can be found to some degree
    across much of the galaxy wide ..."white supremacist movement".

    Most such criminal activity,
    however, is designed primarily to benefit the person or persons
    engaging in the crime, rather than a white supremacist group or
    the white supremacist cause as a whole.

    As such,
    ...criminal activity is not a major source of funding for white supremacists.
    kinda let that sink in a while...

    However, there are occasional exceptions.

    Rarely, white supremacist groups or cells emerge that decide to engage
    in crimes with the specific intention of raising money in support
    .... of white supremacy.

    remember that photo of George Tenet receiving an "Award"
    from Abe "Snakeboy" Foxman...?

    back in the late 80's there were some early indications
    in the hallways at Langely of "Affirmative Action"...
    how does that work in "Intelligence"...anyway...?

    Filthy Lucre is not Lawful Money.
    "Jews" are not "Israel"...
    The Bankrupt corporate legal fiction
    doing business as the US GOV is a "JEW"
    worshipping cult compound - DE FACTO !!!



  3. what is truly disturbing is the BAD FAITH position that
    the Psychopathic "Jewish" terrorists assault the christian
    nations, and those white people who don't like being
    harassed by paranoid schizophrenic assholes calling themselves
    "Jews"'s a case just recently decided against
    a white boy who was well passed 21....and didn't have
    "DROOPY DRAWERS" syndrome

    On November 12, 2015, following a 14-day trial, Arthur Topham was
    "convicted by a jury"... of one count of willfully promoting
    "hatred against an identifiable group",
    people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin,

    {People who hate Jesus as their BAD FAITH so-called "RELIGION" demands}

    contrary to s. 319(2) of the Criminal Code.

    Prior to the trial, he brought an application pursuant to the
    Constitutional Question Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 68,
    challenging the constitutionality of s. 319(2).

    From Arthur:

    As this article will likely be my last official word on the subject of
    Zionist infiltration of all of Canada’s legal, government, cultural and social infrastructure prior to being silenced by the B.C. court system I have been
    forced to abbreviate it for the sake of my readers and for my own lack of time due
    the looming sentencing date of March 13th, 2017 when,
    I shall have to remove my website from the Internet and
    endure whatever additional punishment the court deems necessary in order to
    ensure that the truth about who is controlling our country
    ... doesn’t reach the general public.
    The court’s and the Zionist lobby’s attempts to suppress the truth
    of course is futile at this stage.

    even the fake sign interpreters can't help themselves
    this day will live in infamy



  4. Oye vey.... You anti-semite you..... LOL

    Greg... Great article.. I really do like the Star of David required on every Christmas tree shplee.....

    But with Drumpf selling out the US now to suck Jew dick, it could be only a matter of time now before the Yids fully take over!


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