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What Happens When Jews are Placed in Charge of WW II Civilians

Is this those 'good Jews' we keep hearing about in the MSM?

From the excellent book, "The World Conquerors," written in 1958 by Louis Marschalko a Hungarian who escaped this madness and who World Jewry wanted to execute for being a war thought criminal.

Gosh, so many holocaust survivors to fill the ranks of these Jew butchers.
Actually, Europe did not fall under the Russians, British or Americans, but under Jewish occupation. Everything that had rightly or wrongly belonged to Europe for 2,000 years now disintegrated. The avengers continued doing (but more cruelly) the very things they had set down as crimes against Hitler. This was no occupation by the forces of American democracy or Bolshevism but by those of a victorious Jewish nationalism glowing with hatred. Ensconced in key positions among the occupying powers, they were able to punish everyone, whether innocent or guilty. In their eyes there was but one crime ~ to have opposed, or to be in a position to oppose ~ Jewish nationalism.

To be a Jew in Europe became a greater privilege than any enjoyed by even reigning princes of the Middle Ages. The railway stations were guarded by special Jewish police and an identity check of Jews could be carried out by Jewish police only. They received their food ration cards without queueing. For a while, immediately after the war, only Jews received travelling passes, thus securing for themselves free movement and the unrestricted monopoly of the black market. In the refugee camps they were the chief caterers for U.N.R.R.A. as well as the privileged beneficiaries of this relief. Thus, they snatched the best rations from Poles, Ukrainians and Czechs, their former fellow-prisoners in the concentration camps. At the same time, on the roads, military policemen overturned cans and spilled milk to deprive German children and hospital patients of their diet. In German cities, working-class families were turned out of their homes by the tens of thousands, thus rendering vacant the nicest workers' settlements. The victims had to leave behind everything ~ furniture, kitchen equipment and cooking utensils, clothing and even linen, thus forcing the German people to recompense three times over in the form of Wiedergutmachung (reparations) the actual value of the goods confiscated from the Jews. Uniformed Zionist guards were posted at camp gates and, at first, for a while, even the Military Police of the victorious American Army could not enter Jewish camps. Victorious Jewish nationalism was granted (116) similar rights in the East, in Slovakia, in some parts of Rumania, in Hungary and Bohemia. They took possession of the flats and furniture of the Gentiles, occupied key positions in government offices and in editorial posts of the national press. Concurrently, former Jewish journalists returned to Germany and took complete charge of the newspapers of the occupied zones, and began to incite revenge upon the German nation on its own soil. ..

When Edvard Beneš, the great humanitarian, the "bel espirit" and master of freemasonry entered Prague on Sunday, May 13th, 1945, German citizens were burned alive in his honour in St. Wenceslas Square. (Document No. 15 concerning the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans.) Many Germans were hung up by their feet from the big (119) advertising posters in St. Wenceslas Square, then when the great humanitarian approached their petrol-soaked bodies were set on fire to form living torches.

Six hundred thousand Sudeten Germans were killed during the massacres in the earthly hell of the death camps of Czechoslovakia. The Sudeten German White Paper records these horrors with full details on more than 1,000 pages, horrors for which there is no precedent in the history of mankind. Armed Czech women and Jewesses continued hitting the womb of expectant mothers with truncheons until a miscarriage followed, and in one single camp ten German women died daily in this way. (Document No. 6.) In another camp, the inmates were forced to lick up the bespattered brains of their fellow-prisoners who had been beaten to death. German prisoners were forced to lick up infectious feces from the underwear of their fellow-prisoners suffering from dysentery. (Document No. 17.) The Czech and Jewish doctors refused all medical aid to German women raped by the Russians. Hundreds of thousands died by these means or sought salvation in suicide, as, for instance, in Brno (Brun), where on a single day 275 women committed suicide.

Naturally, the Western" humanitarian" press, the American radio network and the B.B.C. commentators took good care never to mention these facts, although they themselves were in the first place responsible for this campaign of revenge to which they instigated the members of their own nations. They were thus guilty of poisoning the soul of Christendom by the hatred they induced.

But Czechoslovakia was not the first state where horrors of this type occurred. Ana Rabinovich Pauker returned to Rumania as early as August, 1944, and under the orders of the Eastern Jews who arrived with her, massacres began there too.

According to authentic Bulgarian emigrant sources, 30,000 members of the professional classes were murdered in the trail of the invading Soviet armies by Bulgarian "proletarians", led by those "ladines" whose forefathers had been expelled from Spain by Catholic Ferdinand. Similarly, in Belgrade and Southern Hungary the name of Moša Pijade is connected with bloody "purges" the victims of which were Serbian intelligentsia, prosperous German settlers and the most intelligent Hungarian peasantry. When, in October, 1944, the German and Hungarian armies left the territories of Yugoslavia (120) and Southern Hungary an unprecedented wave of mass-murders broke over the unprotected population. Thirty thousand Hungarians, mostly peasants and smallholders, died in this bloodshed, under the savage terror regime of Moša Pijade's partisans. The Katyn Wood murders are a modest, amateurish effort in comparison with it. According to documentary proof in our hands, Hungarians, Germans and Croatians alike, died slow and horrible deaths wracked with agony. Besides the 30,000 Hungarians, nearly 200,000 Germans died in the death camps of the "liberators", where powdered glass was mixed with the children's food and where with the finesse of Chinese executioners those to perish in the biological class-warfare were dispatched, in order that their places as civic leaders and police officers could be taken by the revengeful representatives of Jehovah.

In this classic age of race murder, the case of Hungary is quite extraordinary. This unfortunate nation, even in its dismembered state after the 1920 Parish treaties, had provided 560,000 Jews with peaceful and safe homes. The Hungarian nation did not take vengeance on Jewry even after the first Communist dictatorship of Bela Kun in 1919-1920, despite the fact that Jews, almost exclusively, were the commissars and leaders of this Communist régime...

One million Hungarian women were raped by the Russian Bolshevik troops, usually led by Jewish commandants. Six hundred thousand prisoners of war, as well as 230,000 civilians, were dragged off to extermination camps in the Soviet Union. At the most modest estimate, 500,000 people were murdered by the Jews in the cells of 60, Andrássy út, Budapest, in internment camps or in the open streets. All the characteristic features of biological class-warfare can be distinguished in this campaign of revenge. The Hungarian middle classes, the intellectuals and the national leaders had to be slain so that their places could be taken by another middle-class by the Jews! And, moreover, those who presided as judges in the revolutionary tribunals were almost all Jews.
What does the USA have to look forward to?

But don't read this book, you should spend your time worshiping the most Holy Holocau$t™ GOY and be glad you are still alive... for now.


  1. By FAR the most informational book that explained my deepest questions regarding Zionists and the holocaust. I treasure this book.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot theis available for reading on the web. Here is another example of what's in the book:
    "Not only did the propaganda of the World Jewish Congress and of similar other Jewish organisations utilise film trick photography, but the Public Prosecutor's Office, headed by Robert M. Kempner, former German-Jewish emigrant, operated with "proofs" of a similar value. In a film about Funk, Minister of Economy, great piles of gold teeth, spectacle frames and Pince-nez [pinched nose glasses] were to be seen, which were supposed to prove that they came from Jews exterminated in these camps. It is generally known today that American Jews brought these films with them when they arrived at Frankfurt, a few days after the city was occupied, in the wake of the American troops. The notorious film called "Todesmuhle" (The Mill of Death) which was shown in the courtroom during the Nuremberg Trials with the purpose of turning public opinion against the accused prisoners, is also a forgery."

  3. This may be one of the only places on the internet that I can say this: They have done a number on Hitler and never the twain shall meet.

    They have made a fake history, and continue to do so.

    Is this speaking illegal yet?

    If there's a place for me to speak ILLEGAL, show me. I will speak it. I'm not afraid.

    1. ...and fuck it one more time...

    2. Eryka Badu...Fuck you. And fuck you one more time., Apparently, she has feelings that she doesn't really care about.

      The woman.

    3. Women. They are useless. No one loves them. All humans hate them.

    4. There is no reason for them. Amirte?

    5. Women are only good for fucking. You know it's true.

  4. Well, anyone doubting such thing as demonic possession, had better doubt no longer.
    These monsters are literally the seed of Satan, and Jesus Christ (who was NOT a "jew", as is popularly misperceived), was describing their origins LITERALLY, when He said in John 8:44,
    "Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer in the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it".
    Remind you of anyone ?
    Truer words have never been spoken. He was addressing the priests of Judaism (Talmudic origins)

    Whilst the Bible has been corrupted with things added, things left out, important clues like this, easy to overlook, are still to be found !

  5. Still waiting for us all to wake up and realize that we are under attack FROM ALL SIDES. Every little thing in your life is under assault. Everything you eat, drink, and breathe is toxic, your mind is under siege, your money being stolen, your women being raped. Your death/genocide is top priority. So I put it to you all . . . WAKE UP AND FIGHT THIS WAR OR DIE AN IGNOBLE AND HUMILIATING DEATH. Now, we all do know who the enemy is, right ? Then it's time to KILL, Boys, KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!


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