Thursday, February 22, 2018

NEVER AGAIN! Jew War Crimes, but don't tell anybody, shhh!

Ya' think that the 'most trusted source in news" will do a special on these Jew mass-murderers?
Uh, guess not. Mustn't interfere with the Zio-propaganda that only Jews have ever suffered and are the eternal victims.


  1. Nice one, Goon! I don't even have to research it to determine if it's true. I already know it is. Unfortunately, their---and U.S.---war crimes continue to this day and no one can do anything to stop it, apparently. Nothing but cowards, liars, and murderers!

    Absolutely disgusting.

    1. Oh, and did I mention thieves? Cowards, liars, thieves, and murderers.

      I guess I could go on but, thankfully, I'll stop there for now. Thanks Greg!

  2. These creeps are the architects of our Matrix. You actually think you have a vantage point from which to judge them, but maybe even that was programmed into your brain. Maybe none of us even know who the fuck we are or what we're doing here. Maybe our entire country and everything it stands for is part of some huge fabrication, an interwoven entity in the grand scheme of all things whose main goal is to keep those in power in power and for them to live the lives of kings whilst we all flounder in poverty and think we have freedom. It's like Meechum said in Shooter "There's no shiites or sunnis, no republicans or democrats. There's only the HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS." All I know is that I live to see the day Israel is glassified and every Jew on planet Earth REALLY knows what it means to be persecuted, and where the scum of this Earth are avenged by the ghosts of the hundreds of millions of dead Christians they massacred, the day when tolerance ends and JEWS DIE.

  3. Sure, Anon. And maybe the moon is made of blue cheese. Green cheese?
    I forget.

    Avenged by whom, though? Avenged by ghosts? Of dead Christians? Is that what you're saying? I wonder what Jesus will say when you meet Him. If you're not afraid of that concept, I would rather not ever hear from you again. Read the bible, would you? It tells you everything you need to know.


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