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HELLSTORMS, from Germany to Iraq, Libya and Syria

The horrific way Germany and Germans were treated at the end of WW II wasn't because of the war, but because Hitler had rescued Germany from the grip of the international (((bankers))) that had been slowly bleeding that nation to death after WW I. In just a few years, Hitler had kicked out the bankers and their sordid debt-based fiat currency scheme, turning Germany into an economic powerhouse in no time.

The banksters couldn't let that kind of freedom flourish, as it posed a direct threat to their looting of the planet and their power, so Hitler and Germany had to be horribly destroyed to send the world a message; Try and break free of our debt-based enslavement and our Armies of the Rothschilds will completely and utterly destroy you.

A lesson that was repeated in Iraq, Libya and now Syria. Saddam and Libya's Qaddafi were both going to start selling oil in currencies other than the Rothschilds fav money, the phony FED notes. That could not be allowed.


WW II German civilian victims of the insane Allied fire-bombing campaign. These chunks of carbon had been humans.

This is a REAL holocaust, not the phony Holocau$t™ that Jew Inc has been shoving down the GOYIM's throats for decades that enabled them to steal Palestine and get hundreds of billions of free money, and hundreds of billions of free weapons to protect what they stole.

This REAL holocaust was the firebombing of German cities during WW II, described--with no punches pulled--in Tom Goodrich's book: Hellstorm, The Death of Nazi Germany. Even those with strong stomachs or who have seen humans--or what's left of them--in vehicle fires or building collapses will get queasy when reading this excellent bit of TRUTH that Jew Inc does not want you to read or know about, since that would violate the 11th Commandment, "Thou Shalt not Question the Most Holy Holocaust!"
I've been reading the book and the descriptions of what the Bolshevik Jew Commissars sanctioned in Germany will make you sick.

The video below hasn't yet been sanctioned by JEWtube for a Thought Crime violation, but the original JEWtube "Hellstorm" video has been put on notice.
Best watch this video quickly, as JEWtube is dropping down the Memory Hole the same video.

Here's some eyewitness accounts of the holocaust inflicted upon Germans...
19-year-old Kate Hoffmeister: I struggled to run against the wind in the middle of the street . . . We . . . couldn’t go on across . . . because the asphalt had melted. There were people on the roadway, some already dead, some still lying alive but stuck in the asphalt. . . . They were on their hands and knees screaming. [Middlebrook, Martin. The Battle of Hamburg—Allied Bomber Forces Against a German City in 1943. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1981. Pages 266–267

A Rescue Worker: Never would I have thought that death could come to so many people in so many different ways . . . [S]ome times the victims looked like ordinary people apparently peacefully sleeping; the faces of others were racked with pain, the bodies stripped almost naked by the tornado; there were wretched refugees from the East clad only in rags, and people from the Opera in all their finery; here the victim was a shapeless slab, there a layer of ashes. . . . Across the city, along the streets wafted the unmistakable stench of decaying flesh. [Irving, David. The Destruction of Dresden. London: William Kimber & Co., LTD. Page 189]

A Rescue Worker: One shape I will never forget was the remains of what had apparently been a mother and child. They had shriveled and charred into one piece, and had been stuck rigidly to the asphalt. They had just been prised up. The child must have been underneath the mother, because you could still clearly see its shape, with its mother’s arms clasped around it. [Irving, David. The Destruction of Dresden. London: William Kimber & Co., LTD. Page 189]
The firebombing of German cities wasn't enough for the Bolshevik Jew Zionist monsters...
The Rape of Germany

A Horrified Witness: In the farmyard further down the road stood a cart, to which four naked women were nailed through their hands in a cruciform position. . . . Beyond . . . stood a barn and to each of its two doors a naked woman was nailed through the hands, in a crucified posture. In the dwellings we found a total of seventy-two women, including children, and one old man, 74, all dead . . . all murdered in a bestial manner, except only a few who had bullet holes in their necks. Some babies had their heads bashed in. In one room we found a woman, 84 years old, sitting on a sofa . . . half of whose head had been sheared off with an ax or a spade. [De Zayas, Alfred M. Nemesis at Potsdam:The Anglo-Americans and the Expulsions of the Germans—Background, Execution, Consequences. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977. Page 63]

A Rape Victim: The Russians were coming and going the whole time and they kept eyeing us greedily. The nights were dreadful because we were never safe for a moment. The women were raped, not once or twice but ten, twenty, thirty and a hundred times, and it was all the same to the Russians whether they raped mere children or old women. The youngest victim in the row houses where we lived was ten years of age and the oldest one was over seventy. . . . [Kaps, Johannes, ed. The Tragedy of Silesia, 1945–46—A Documentary Account with a Special Survey of the Archdiocese of Breslau. Munich: Christ Unterwegs, 1952/53. Page 136]

A Witness from Neisse: These atrocities were not committed secretly or in hidden corners but in public, in churches, on the streets, and on the squares. . . . Mothers were raped in the presence of their children, girls were raped in front of their brothers. [Kaps, Johannes, ed. The Tragedy of Silesia, 1945–46—A Documentary Account with a Special Survey of the Archdiocese of Breslau. Munich: Christ Unterwegs, 1952/53. Page 228]

German Soldier: We had never seen anything like it—utterly, unbelievably monstrous! Naked, dead women lay in many of the rooms. Swastikas had been cut into their abdomens, in some the intestines bulged out, breasts were cut up, faces beaten to a pulp and swollen puffy. Others had been tied to the furniture by their hands and feet, and massacred. A broomstick protruded from the vagina of one, a besom from that of another. . . . The mothers had had to witness how their ten and twelve-year-old daughters were raped by some 20 men; the daughters in turn saw their mothers being raped, even their grandmothers. Women who tried to resist were brutally tortured to death. There was no mercy. . . . The women we liberated were in a state almost impossible to describe. . . . [T]heir faces had a confused, vacant look. Some were beyond speaking to, ran up and down and moaned the same sentences over and over again. Having seen the consequences of these bestial atrocities, we were terribly agitated and determined to fight. We knew the war was past winning; but it was our obligation and sacred duty to fight to the last bullet. [Testimony of “H. K.”, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany (copy in possession of the author).]
Here's the same blood-thirsty SOBs in Palestine, doing what they do best, rape, murder and terrorize...

Good little GOYS and girls don't read these kind of horrific accounts of the REAL WW II war crimes, they should spend as much time as possible on genuflecting at the altar of the Most Holy Holocau$t™ or there will be consequences!
Some knuckle-draggers at Amazon have labeled this book as anti-Semitic, which means it is full of TRUTHS that Jew Inc doesn't want you to know about.

Think these sadistic thug have changed? Think again...


  1. Yours is very strong, excellent work, sir.

    I would like to highlight the quote from the heroic German soldier. He said:
    "We knew the war was past winning; but it was our obligation and sacred duty to fight to the last bullet."

    True Whites. True heroes.

    Now, here we are. Our war is not past winning. Yet, nearly no White man has begun putting bullets into the enemy jews!

    What's missing in our Whites who call themselves "men"?


    1. Callahan :
      How are we to fight when we are surrounded by our own law enforcement thugs whose brains and bosses are both controlled by the enemy's propaganda, money, fear, and misinformation ? Not only would we have to fight the enemy [and gladly so], but we would also have to fight our own police and military, OTHERWISE, my friend, I am with you 100%.
      If the world doesn't turn against these MONSTERS FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL, then the world certainly deserves what's heading its way. I keep telling people to throw those misbegotten televisions out the window, but they are hopelessly addicted to them. There has never been a race like our enemy. They are the incarnation of pure, raw HATRED, greed, and jealousy, and they don't give a damn about anything but killing and stealing. They want what they want and they're just gonna kill everyone and anyone who gets in their way. Then what will they do once they have it all ? No one else to conquer, no one else to murder. Then karma will find them as they kill each other.
      I love the Germans. Been a scholar all my life of their people, history, language, and culture. What those soul-less assholes did to them will never be forgiven or forgotten. The White Race will have its revenge, oh yes we will.

    2. You can watch it here too in German just in case Jewtube goes beserko, just read the English subtitles.

    3. Oops

    4. A smooth-talking NYC grifter ain't the answer nor is a nice-looking Hawaiian lady.

      To rid ourselves of this infestation will take a repeat of 1776. Either that, or condemn yourself and your kids to slavery, poverty and terror.

  2. what exactly is the consequence of violating the 1st commandment


    why is Christendom so tardy to expel the Synagogue of Satan
    money changers and Pharisees...who dung doodled the Talmud

    what is the best definition of a {{{TARE}}}.. in Matthew 13:39-43....?

    just sayin'

    making obscene gestures towards the Almighty seems pretty stupid
    at this point in time


    no one on earth HAS to believe in "JEWISH" lies...



    1. The public doesn't know the history to be able to connect these dots. Sure ain't CNN gonna do it for them.


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