Monday, March 19, 2018

How to Destroy a Nation from Within

One way is to gin up a series of wars, providing all the propaganda needed to make people think they're fighting for liberty and democracy, when actually they're being used as pawns by the international (((banksters))).

That way, millions of healthy, brave and principled men will be either killed or wounded--physically and psychologically--and removed from the DNA gene pool, leaving weak, sickly cowards to procreate the next generation.

Like the wars conjured up since 1914...

WW I---Over 320,000 American soldiers

WW II--Over one million...

Korean War--Over 128,000...

Vietnam War--Over 200,000

Add in all the other regional wars and whatever nation the (((banksters))) want destroyed for the glory of Apartheid Israel or so that they can loot that nation's natural resources and you get around 2 million of America's finest, chopped down before they reached their prime.

This is what REAL men looked like in 1944..
And this is where many of them wound up..Notice all the Star of David tombstones?

After a century of these banker wars, with the best DNA either lying in a grave or wounded so badly, they can't function and the cowardly polluting the gene pool, this is what American men freaks things look like.

Do you think they'd grab a gun and defend the nation or be more concerned about that run in their panty hose?


  1. I was very much with you until the end. I didn't know that you were a white supremacist.

    Race is of absolutely no importance, hypocrite!

    I'm sad now. Thanks.

  2. Greg, gotta say that the comment here made me laugh. Now. A serious case I made to a friend who thought "white genocide" was silly.

    I googled "White Woman, family." He noted the lack of white companions for these white women, and the lack of white children. There was ONE white couple on the page.

    So then, in all fairness, he says, "Surely you will find the same thing with other races?"

    So over the next few moments I searched "Asian woman, family" and "Black woman, family" etc and his eyes popped out when he saw all these races were still illustrated with their own kind.


    1. In the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no jew or gentile, white or black, male or female.

    2. Jesus Christ. What's wrong, Noor? You don't like that name?

    3. Maybe you like Sarah Silverman. She seems to hate Jesus Christ too. Israel itself seems to hate Jesus Christ.

      Btw, I'm not anti-semetic. I'm just anti-jew.

    4. Say something, do something. Sue me. Arrest me.

      Wanna see these hands?

  3. takes a whole lotta "Jew" worshipping braindeadgoy....

    who can't read, but watch TALMUD VISION ....all the time

    who can't think ....but have an "opinion" on how

    to have a right proper "Jew" worshipping SOCIETY !!

    1. I'm not necessarily saying that you're wrong but, could you please try to be a little bit more coherent? I'm asking.

    2. Doode, you are a complete moron. Please don't come back here. Wake the hell up to what's really going on in the world. Greg is DEAD ON. Just cause you don't see it, don't make us all suffer with your pyscho-babble.
      White Supremacy is NOT REAL. White GENOCIDE IS real !! Jews ARE the enemy of all humanity. Israel DOES need to be incinerated. Got it ?

    3. Doode? So, you can't be a little bit more coherent. Good to know that you're useless. Thanks.

    4. I'm so weary of pieces of shit. Do you see what I did there? I said SHIT. Pieces of shit.

      How does one get rid of the pieces of shit? I'm learning.

      But I am saying, go fuck yourself.

  4. I'm an old woman telling men that they are useless to women and always have been.
    Of course no one ever listens to me.

    That's fine. Just get ready, you MEN.

    Btw, keep your penis in your pants. Is that too much to ask?

  5. ...on the other hand women are disgusting too.


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