Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Judaism: A Front for Jew Pedos so They Can Rape Baby Boys

It's bad enough that baby boys get genitally mutilated, but then to have a dirty old man suck on the bloody stump is an abomination.
The Jews most holy book, the Talmud, says they can, no big deal. In fact, if the boy is less than nine yo, it's not even a crime or a sin.
“If a man sodomizes a minor under the age of nine, whether actively or passively, he is exempt.”

WTF kind of twisted logic is that? Below the age of 18 is statutory rape in most civilized nations, but less than 9 is sexual degeneracy and a form of torture. There is NO way a minor, especially one less than nine yo, can be considered to be an active participant.

Jew perverts that provided cover for these filthy old men, tried to lie about their pedos, saying that the other Jew holy book, the Torah, says they can rape baby boys, but that too is a lie.

Can you imagine the shit-storm if Islam allowed and Muslims practiced this sickness?

Look at these pics of Jew Rabbis, sucking on baby boy dick. Jews dress it up by calling that kind of pervo Rabbi a 'Mohel' and the oral sodomy as metzitzah b'peh, but it boils down to an old man not only being allowed legally to suckle on baby boy dick, but to get paid to do his nasty business.
And these are the creatures American Christians literally worship.
I don't know if there is a Devil, but there is surely an evil force guiding these sex-crazed maniacs.

If you're not a 'Chosen' one that can legally orally sodomize baby boys, but you still feel the need, check out JEWtube, where the CEO Susie Wojcicki, will make sure you get a steady diet of kiddie porn.


  1. Stop it. This is not it. Cut it out

  2. I have plenty to say about jews, but this is not it.

  3. What Father would allow that? My Kid'd be Pre Trained in the Womb to Stab the M'fer. NO

  4. Dudes, this is what happens when you inbreed !! Over time, genetic variants are produced with really fucked up brains and resulting behaviors. Jews can't help be what they are ; rotten motherfuckers, evil genocidal butchering psychopaths, greedy jealous parsimonious curmudgeons, but what the FUCK do you expect when you have sex with your goddamn cousins ???????


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