Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lucky Larry Says He's Willing to Sacrifice Another of his Asbestos-Laden Skyscrapers for Israel!

New York--Larry Silverstein, known as 'Lucky' to his friends for being able to game the insurance companies for over 6 billion dollars as compensation for the destruction of his WTC 1, 2 & 7 skyscrapers during the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, said he has a couple more asbestos-laden skyscrapers he's offered to his close friend, Israeli PM Ben Laden Netanyahu, if it would help kick-off the war against Iran.

"I'd gladly sacrifice another one of my buildings for the glory of Israel, if it would get President Trump to start bombing the Hell out of those Amalekites, uh, I mean Iranians," said Silverstein.
"I've recently doubled the insurance on my asbestos-laden buildings, one never knows when the MOSSAD might decide to set off another of their glorious False Flags to help the Fatherland. That dumb-ass Trump will believe anything Jared tells him, or Ivanka just has to tear-up and he's ready to kill, so it's a cinch that we can pull off another spectacular fireworks show, then get busy with destroying those damned Iranians," added Silverstein.
"All I need to know is the date and time, so I can arrange to be elsewhere. Mossad understands that only GOYIM need to be sacrificed, they better not fuck-up and kill some of G-d's Chosen!" added Silverstein.

Reporting from New York, this is Mike Hunt for GNN.

640 pounds of dynamite stolen from pipeline worksite

Stolen in Pennsylvania, the same state Jew Inc stole all that nuclear fissile material they used to make nukes.


  1. and then the tares be sticking out like a "SORE THUMB"

    ready to be rounded up and put RIGHT INTO the

    OVENS OF TRUTH / FIERY FURNACES @ Matthew 13:39-43...

    PROOF OF "TARES" being BOLSHEVIK/Zionist "JEWS" in Palestine

    being Psychopathic Jesus hating "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism

    A two-minute siren sounded across the Synagogue of Satan
    pscyhopathic stool sculpture deity cult compound at 11 am Wednesday,
    followed by seriously disgusting perverted ceremonies at the
    Cult Compound cemeteries in memory of 23,646 fallen psychopaths,
    stool sculpture security forces members and truth hating terrororists
    .... as part of Dung Doodling Memorial Day for Jewish psychopaths
    who have no Shame, no Conscience and NO LOVE for truth...on
    account of their BAD FAITH so-called "religion"..

    The state of truth hating terrorists Memorial Day ceremony on
    the ironic Jerusalem's Mount Herzl was attended by TERRORIST JEW
    Reuven Rivlin, Psychopathic Jew Asshole terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu,
    Knesset pilpul twaddle Speaker Yuli Edelstein and
    the Terrorists ... IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot.

    "The people's love for steaming poo is given to your fallen loved ones
    and our fallen loved ones every day, especially today,"
    Jew Terrorist psychopath Miliekowsky-Netanyahu told the
    "bereaved families"... at the JEW Terrorist state ceremony,
    which took place for the first time at the ...
    Psychopaths new memorial hall unveiled last year.,7340,L-5233720,00.html

    seriously IRONIC funny, eh...?

    was the head shot that Horiuchi made to murder Vickie Weaver a
    constitutional ...DUE PROCESS...GOOD FAITH....head shot

    was the military assault with AIR SUPPORT on the Davidians
    a Good Faith...4th Amendment "OK" military assault...?

    was Jesus a "self hating" "Jew"...?

    The Durham City Council, North Carolina,
    has voted to abolish international exchanges with Jesus hating
    Terrorists in Palestine, the Jewish TERRORISTS "STATE",
    where JEW worwhipping officers receive "military-style training."

    The council wants to prevent the "militarization" of
    "law enforcement".

    Late on Monday, after a "heated debate" in the city council,
    the members voted 6 to 0 in what one of the activist groups,
    Jewish Voice for Peace, described as ....
    "the first city to prohibit police exchanges with Jesus hating
    "JEW" terrorists in the stool sculpture deity cult compound."

    The group was one of those which pushed forward the move together
    with the "Durham2Palestine coalition" -
    a movement opposing police militarization in the ZOG-US and calling
    to stop supporting MASS MURDER of "Semites" abuses in Palestine.

    The activists launched a petition in fall of last year demanding that
    the city authorities "immediately halt" any such partnerships with
    the Synagogue of Satan....Israeli forces. . . who HATE Truth & Justice
    simply because of their TALMUDIC JUDAISM.

    Did the ADL/FBI tell the truth about the Mass Murder of the Davidians...

    now seriously,

    Was Barbara Bush the daughter of Aleister Crowley...



  2. Anyone recall those WTC Emergency Lighting system 'Battery Upgrades' Shortly before 911? Ugly Goddamn things. We grow weary of hearing tall tales and LIES.
    Good Decievers choose Suicide.

  3. HPrice (nope still not anonymous ...)April 18, 2018 at 9:55 PM

    It would be hilarious if Barbara Bush was the daughter of Crowley. I wish. Probably not true but it would have been funny.

    I really couldn't care less about her dying, though. I think Rachel Maddow ... who by the way for a MSM journalist, I don't mind. She means well (yeah, I know, but I believe she is genuine) ... but just doesn't get 9/11, the Boston Bombing etc ... very few, if any, "mainstream" people do. I know a few. Nice people, just don't get it ... Anyhow, Maddow said that Barbara Bush was an "enforcer" at one point when talking about her death. Yeah, sounds really good that. A bit like "fixer" when used for Michael Cohen. Hmm ...

    To me, and it came to me yesterday why I never liked her ... and this is just an impression. To me she came across as one of those old matriarchs who owned slaves. Very hard faced, cold, and totally ok with exploiting other human beings because she could.

    And another thing. If she was so nice (did a lot for adult literacy you know ... but couldn't do much for her son, George W. Bush ... by the look of it!) ... why didn't she stop her husband. Why didn't she stop her sons from being the bastards they actually are (though I suspect George senior will get the usual treatment, and in future years look like an elder god-statesman-nice-guy-not-at-all-a-child-molesting-psychopath ...) ... what a strange memory Americans have. So ... short ... strange stream of consciousness bad prose with bad grammar and ellipses, and brackets all over the place ends ...

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