Monday, April 2, 2018

Merely Singing a Song in Canada will get You Tossed in a German Prison

The German (((Gestapo))) has now imprisoned Monika Schaefer for 90 days, with no relief in sight. It's obvious who controls the German government. The same sadistic bastards that raped--or directed--the savage sexual assaulting of over 2 million German women(age it didn't matter, from 8-80) at the end of WW II along with murdering around six million, by kicking them out of their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs, no food or shelter, where they died from beatings, tortures, exposure, starvation, lack of clean drinking water and diseases.

Yes SIX MILLION Germans--mostly women, the elderly and children--were brutally murdered at the end of WW II, from 1945-47. Yet you never hear about those SIX MILLION.

Go to this link to see the haters of freedom cackling about their latest victim.

Monika appears to be holding up well, better than I would, all for singing a song about the new religion, Holocaustianity.
One of the management people explained to me that the staff erred last Sunday during an incident in which I was publicly shamed and humiliated. I really appreciated that and took it as an apology. It was a most ironic thing last week. Instead of the usual Sundaymass, there was a memorial service, 75 years after the execution right here in Stadelheim of the Scholl siblings from the White Rose organization. I was yanked out of the group of prisoners and ordered to sit at the back next to the guard. Then during the service they talked about the young heroes who had been persecuted because of their courageous truth telling … oh the irony.

When I discussed the incident with the regular pastor this week (who had not been there or he would not have allowed that incident to happen with the guard), I told him that I am extremely grateful to be alive in the year 2018, and NOT beheaded, burned, shot, or whatever other methods have been used to take care of “dissidents” in various time and various places.

I have “only” been here two months without any proceedings in sight – and I say “only”, because there are others here (for whatever their offences) for much much much longer without proceedings. If the people knew …. I really didn’t think this was possible other than in Guantanamo. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?
The reference to 'only' two months is outdated, as we're now entering the third month of this atrocity.

And what was supposedly Monika's crime? A Thought Crime, for daring to not worship at the altar of the Most Holy Holocau$t™.

View for yourself, after you Sign ZEE Paper and let JEWtube know exactly where you're located so they can send your IPA to the DHS, FBI and Mossad for rounding up when the NAZI Jew Gestapo decides you've had too much to think.

Watch while you still can, as this video is VERBOTEN in both England and Germany.

Please find time to drop her a line or two, as that will help her maintain and let the Shlomos and Izzies in charge of this BS know that us GOYIM care about each other.

This is her address:

Monika Schaefer
JVA Stadelheim
Schwarzenbergstr. 14
81549 M√ľnchen

When that day comes, I've already thought about what I'll do and it won't be to go peacefully. Won't say what that means, but myself and few GESTAPO agents are going to find out--in person--if there is a God. Or should I say G-d?


  1. Thanks for MOnica's latest address. I will have to make a change on the blog where I have her old one. They are definitely out to break Monika. Apparently, because she has openly stated her spirits are high, etc etc, and each time she has, something has deteriorated in the prison system for her.

    What REALLY TICKS ME OFF is that when she was being arrested, during a court break in the case she was watching (Sylvia Stolz, another lioness, formerly legal rep for Ernst Zundel), a break created just to arrest her, Monika protested that she was a Canadian.

    She was told "If you wanted to remain free you should have stayed in Canada".

    Meanwhile, Canadian B'nai B'rith came right out and openly bragged saying they had "bagged" another denier. Yes, "bagged".

    I have made calls even to my local MLA who once knew Monica well and got NOTHING back other than what could loosely be translated as "Can't touch that". But oh that person goes out and gets arrested over the pipeline.... Priorities....

    Tell a Canadian that a Canadian is imprisoned in Germany and outline the details and you get, "Well she had to do something wrong." or "Why do such a silly thing? Guess she deserves it for denial." But the apathy is deafening.

  2. and the BRAINDEADGOY -

    stupidity convicts the ...TALMUD VISION watching...
    self adjudicating "JEW" worshippers...24/7.

    so when did the first Jesus hating "JEW" show up...with a copy of the Talmud

    and how exactly did the children of Israel in the Old Testament "turn into"
    Jesus hating psychopathic "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism...?

    why do all the "White People" nations have to "JEW" worship...24/7..?

    why do the Synagogue of Satan PSYCHOPATHIC Jesus hating "JEWS" have a
    Holohoax narrative in the first place...see Matthew 13:39-43 !!!





  3. I have been getting periodic emails from John Kaminski and others that have been keeping me abreast of what has been happening with Monika... And yes, you are right in that they are purposely putting her into semi-solitary confinement as a method of trying to break her and her spirit....This was much the same action that they used on Ernst Zundel as well..

    We must all do our best to keep the world informed on the status of this brave woman.... I must agree with Noor about the fact that when I try to tell other Canadians about this woman, they give me the "deer in headlights" look of bewilderment and ask "why have we not seen this on television or radio?" I am indeed stunned as to the ignorance of the general public and of course the Jew spew media will not report on this criminal action hoping that the world just ignores it....


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