Saturday, April 14, 2018

Trumptards, Why did Your Dear Leader Bomb Syria? Because he's a Jew Pet

Trump is the president of the JEWnited States of America, not the USA. He's been a Jew Pet from the beginning, installed in office because the ones who really control this nation knew that he could distract the sheeple better than that washed-up whore Hillary.
Now he's committed an act of war against a nation that has not threatened or attacked the USA, but a nation that the Jew Inc wants destroyed.
So go ahead and live in your fantasy world, babbling that Trump is playing 80d chess or some such nonsense.

Be sure to kiss as much Jew ass as possible, maybe they'll let you live when they take complete control of the USA and start sending people off to slave labor camps or one-way trips to the local quarry.
Trump controlled by Mossad
My guess is that Jew Inc has a BIG nasty in store for its American GOYIM, another 9/11 style massacre that will frame Iran and Syria, giving Trump the Mad the excuse to wage total war against those nations for his Jew Overlords.


  1. Forgive him, Father, for he knows not what he does.

  2. FFs, FRY him Father! He's a Goddamned IDIOT!

  3. Drumpf is so full of Jew jism that It is amazing he can make speeches without spewing out the white stuff!

    I am so sick of the fuckers running Jew SA right now!

    1. Fools keep making excuses, like he's playing 4d chess or he's being pressured by blah, blah, blah.

      He's Jew to the max and a con artist pretending to have his hands tied, when he actually relishes murdering GOYIM for Israel.

    2. according to Jesus,

      the Messiah for the Children of Israel in
      the Old testament...the so-called "Jews"
      can't be Israel, at that time the word
      "JEW" did not exist, but the Mass Murderers
      for filthy lucre did, but at that time there
      was no currency printing press...or a
      JEWISH MEDIA with networks & talmud vision
      24/7 repeating every lie dung doodled
      at the lie factory...

      The ASHKENAZIM "PROSELYTE" Talmudic Judaism
      outlet the FORWARD has an article on how
      the BRAINDEADGOY in America justify tolerating
      the "LEGAL" EXTORTION RACKET called...
      "Income Tax" = TRIBUTE !!!

      The federal income tax in the United States was first levied by
      the Revenue Act of 1861, to help fund the Synagogue of satan
      contrived "Civil War".....who profitted...?

      After various repeals, and constitutional challenges to the tax,
      the "UNLAWFUL" 16th Amendment was finally faux-ratified in
      Dec. 1913, giving the Jew worshipping crackhouse called
      "Congress"... the "legal authority" to tax all incomes,
      as well as providing a new source of GLOBAL ZIONIST TERRORIST
      "government funding" and a potential tool for redistributing
      income and social engineering....full tilt boogie -
      "JEW" worshipping....all the time, with goose stepping
      revenue agents representing Satan/Jewish terrorists...!!!


      George Hanson, Joe Bannister, Richard Simkanin,
      and millions more...
      Red Beckman, The Law That Never Was

      Read more: about why the Jewish state is not the
      "Israel" in the Bible in the Old Testament..

      why so-called "Jews" are not "Israel", and why "Israel"
      will never be "Jew" proselytes = "2 Fold child of hell"..

      not knowing the truth doesn't make the truth go away...

      the Old Testament is NOT the {{{JEW}}} TALMUD !!

      As the pervert Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz writes in the Jewish Journal,

      “The principle of dina d’malchuta dina explicitly includes tax money
      (Bava Kamma 113a, Hilchot Malveh ve-Loveh 27:1),
      and tax evasion is prohibited by Jewish law
      (Hilchot Gezelah ve-Avedah 5:11).

      As "tax evasion" {failing to JEW worship}...
      is also a felony according to secular Jewish "legal" statutes
      called FEDERAL REGULATIONS @ Title 26, and evokes harsh criticism
      from the JEW WORSHIPPING braineadgoy "public" who believe
      all the Jewish lies on Talmud Vision,
      Jesus hating - Truth Hating Jewish law also describes it
      as a chillul Hashem (desecration of G-d’s Name).”...CHUTZPAH !!!

      Read more: about the psychopathic "JEW" forked tongue talk...

      SEE: America From Freedom to Fascism by A. Russo

      No one on Earth who loves truth will repeat Jewish lies... nauseam, all the time..24/7 !!


      no amount of truth avoidance will change the truth
      about the "JEWISH" narrative...John 8:44 !!

      the Old Testament is not about being a "JEW".

      the employees of the synagogue of satan are
      the money changers & pharisees...that have a talmud.

      when the bankrupt corporate legal fiction
      doing business as the {{US GOV}}}
      " declared bankruptcy "
      to the Class A Stock holders of the FEDERAL RESERVE
      in 1933, and called in all the gold...

      the people and the land were put up as collateral
      that is why the paper trail SSN & "drivers license" &
      Birth Certificate all were put in the matrix
      for Jew "voluntary compliance"
      willful stupidity...doesn't change true

      how exactly do lying murderers get "Authority"...?



  4. forgiveness is for those that will repent...

    not for the "other"...reptilian unrepentant "Truth" hating psychopaths
    held hostage by ADL induced fear in a stool sculpture deity cult compound
    for dung doodling psychopaths....& perverts called "JEWS".

    Harvard students born "Jewish" arrested...!

    This S&M relationship can no longer continue in such an untenable form.

    The American Jewish establishment should expect to hear much more from
    young Jews about a future for Psychopathic Zionist Terrorists / Palestine
    that embraces morality, debate and dignity for all....really...?

    When you cut off conversation for decades,
    you can’t be surprised when it comes crashing through the gates
    of your established CULT COMPOUND FOR PSYCHOPATHS... like a tsunami.,7340,L-5229944,00.html

    It’s time Hillel International, the URJ, the Federations,
    and other stool sculpture "Jewish institutions" look in the mirror
    and stick out your forked tongue and see the future of Judaism.

    We’re waiting, but not for long..., ready to talk.
    And we’re not moving until we have this conversation...about the
    forked tongue talk/casuistry - the mass murder for filthy lucre,
    and the "Jewish" narrative being a complete lie...

    Read more: about the cesspool that the Talmud oozed onto
    the world...from

    Jewish students in America should be told the truth about the "Jewish" narrative

    Abraham was not a "Jew".
    The children of Israel did not turn into "Jews"in Goshen,
    Moses was not a "Jew". Joshua was not a "Jew".
    Samuel was not a "JEW", David was not a "Jew"...the children of Israel
    in the Bible never turned into the "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism
    from Birobidjan, Khazaria, or "Eastern Europe" ...FACT !!!

    Two million TERRORIZED Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip are showing incredible courage and determination to VIRTUE SIGNAL NONJEWS ON EARTH.

    The #GreatReturnMarch continues despite ZIONIST TERRORIST’s deliberate
    and with malice aforethought MASS MURDER murder of more than 30 unarmed
    "protesters" {on their land} and injuring of over 3,000.
    Palestinian journalists, children, women, youth and medical personnel
    have all been among those "JEWISH" truth hating terrrorists

    Together, we can ensure they are not alone!



  5. Hey Greg: I liked the image of Trumps face on the dog- where do you find that stuff? I never doubted Trump would be a war monger. Just in a different way from Obama- but a war monger- he didn't really hide it anyway

    1. That's from David Dees at this link:

  6. Trump looks like he just emerged from the target focus enclosure of CERN Atom Smasher. I venture that is how the Swamp State Master Manipulators get their way.


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