Friday, July 6, 2018

"Empire of Dust" & the Illegal African Invasion of Europe

Empire of Dust is a 2011 doc that shows the endless troubles a Chinese construction firm has using local labor while building a road thru the Congo. The workers don't want to do physical labor; they can't understand simple directions; they can't execute basic math problems; they have no training or skills and their favorite pastime is stealing from the firm, especially fuel.
In 2007, the Democratic Republic of Congo struck a $6 billion deal with the Chinese to develop their national infrastructure in exchange for access to Katanga’s unparalleled mineral reserves which are worth more than $50 billion. Empire of Dust is a documentary about the Chinese attempt to build a 300 kilometer road connecting Kolwezi with Katanga’s capital, Lubumbashi, formerly known as Elisabethville.

The road was originally built by the Belgians in the 1950s but was neglected and has deteriorated since independence like the rest of Congo’s infrastructure. The Congolese were incapable of maintaining it. The documentary shows how frustrated the Chinese become with the laziness, incompetence and thievery of the Congolese. In Africa, even the most simple tasks become extraordinary challenges for Chinese engineers.
These are the ones George Soros and other asshole NGO's have illegally shipped to Europe. It may not be the Red Army invading Germany or the US invading France during WWII, but this is still an invasion of Europe by doltish thugs who don't carry assault rifles, but have a very potent weapon between their legs that will wipe out the native Europeans in 2 generations.

I know this might be difficult to believe, but Wikipedia has no listing for this excellent doc. Huh, wonder why that is?


  1. greg, apologies for the off topic, but you asked what was in the video that was scrubbled and I left this response for you at my place after thinking about it last night.. trying to recall as much as possible

    Greg: a clip from the removed video can still be found online- it's of the police claiming the presence of novichuk

    what else was in that video was the ambulance attendants removing the male victim- taking no precautions about his removal- which now seems weird because I'm pretty sure he was the second victim in this case- wondering at what point they decided it was novichuk?
    If it was with the first victim then why no special suits to remove the victim
    they also had a spectator who was talking about watching the removal of the first and second alleged victims.. which if you were thinking novichuk- wouldn't this person not be talking to the media? Wouldn't there be a potential for exposure

    the victim on the stretcher had an mask over his face. oxygen? I don't know
    but that's what was in the video that has been removed. That I can recall.

    1. one more thing Greg- I checked which victim was first
      Greg et al:

      I checked and yes the woman was the first alleged victim, so, if they had discerned Novichuk then why several hours later was the second victim taken away in an ambulance out in the open with no special precautions- including the presence of bystanders

      "On Saturday, paramedics were called twice to a flat in Muggleton Road in Amesbury - first at 11:00 BST after Ms Sturgess collapsed.

      Medics attended again several hours later, after Mr Rowley also fell ill."

      Perhaps that's why the video was removed?

    2. If the Masters of the Universe can only recycle lies, how masterful are they?

      Theresa MayHEM needs to go and she can take the buffoon Boris with her.

    3. Greg: I'm deadly serious they have a fake news video of the victim being taken away with the attendants wearing hazmat suits- now I know with certainty why the video I posted was taken down

      You could see the guy clearly in the video I had, save for the oxygen mask, but, his bald head was obvious- he was in the neighbourhood- ie ordinary houses all around.

      check the newest fake news video at daily mail

      There putting who ever in the ambulance- in an entirely different locale- not what was in the posted video I had up- not at all

  2. Hey Greg,

    Speaking of immigration, ballpoint anne is back!

    "Anne Frank's family tried to escape to the US but were stopped by America's strict immigration policy and outbreak of WWII, new research says"

    Oppsie, Baaad America...Goys must pay until eternity!

    1. The Holocau$t™ FRAUD, that extorts and destroys all Gentiles that come in contact with this virus.


    After all, when the Humane Race as we currently know it came from Africa (at least in this cosmic aeon) then whatever the skin colour of the bodily temple Life gave you after the billiard game of you know who than we are all more or less bleached niggaz.

    CIA O

  4. There may have been a language barrier. Apart from that, these are Stone Age people who are utterly unfamiliar with 21st-century technology and methods. Read The Prophet's Camel Bell, by Margaret Laurence, for similar problems with a Somali labour force. With time and patience, the Somalis caught on, and I'm sure the Congolese will too. Mustn't just write them off as intellectually inferior.


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