Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How Dare They Arrest A Chosen One for Sex Trafficking & Possible Pedophilia!

NXIVM: Billionaire Seagram's Heiress Among Four More Arrested In Sex Cult Case

Four more people have been arrested in connection to the bizarre sex cult NXIVM run by Keith Raniere and former "Smallville" actress Allison Mack. Among the newly arrested members include people with titles such as "The Prefect" and "The Vanguard." Tuesday saw the arrest of Clare Bronfman, 39, Kathy Russell, 60, Lauren Salzman, 42, and Nancy Salzman, 64. All four were arrested on a superseding indictment charging them with racketeering conspiracy.

Charges include "racketeering conspiracy involving an array of crimes, including identity theft, extortion, forced labor, sex trafficking, money laundering, wire fraud and obstruction of justice."

Clare Bronfman is temporarily free on a $100,000,000 bond and is awaiting trial.
This is what Hollywood creeps think is hilarious and can't understand why us deplorables find it sick and disgusting.

(((Someone))) is getting so nervous about these Hollywood pedos being outed that they are making threats...
Time to send some FBI cadaver dogs to Bronfman's island?
Arrested NXIVM Servant Clare Bronfman Owns Private Island in Fiji

Heiress Clare Bronfman, one of the four more people arrested in connection to the bizarre sex cult NXIVM, may have correctly anticipated such arrests and legal problems. She the majority of Wakaya Island in Fiji as a possible place to escape. Bronfman, daughter of the late billionaire philanthropist and former Seagram chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr., and an heiress to the Seagram’s liquor fortune is said to have bought Wakaya Ltd., which owns about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji on August 11, 2016.
Perverts that play together, stick together.
Jew Inc is getting jittery about all this pedo info coming out and rightly so, for if Americans WTFU and realize that it's a good possibility that the million or so babies and kids that get kidnapped each year, never to be seen again by their parents, most likely wound up getting raped, then ritually murdered, support for Israel will cease to exist. And without Uncle Sugar, Israel will also cease to exist.

If this pedo outing keeps gaining steam, look for Israel to step in and help out their Hollywood buds with a major False Flag, like their 9/11 masterpiece to get the GOYIM's minds off the real criminals.

Rabbi Pederast will comment as soon as he's done eating!
Are there any innocents in Hollywood? Forest Gump or Forest HUMP?
UPDATE: Is every star actor in Hollywood part of that pedo thing? Satan must be busy signing up all his new recruits.


  1. Progress. Very very good.

    Laura Silsby abducted 33 ´orphans´ under the guise of Christian charity worker in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Laura S. appeared to be on the payroll of the B-Hillary consortium (proof enough, B-H/Hillary C. behind bars)

    She got jailed but B&H managed to get her out after a few months.

    Laura S. has changed her name to Laura Gayler and is now working for Amber Alerts.

    2 vids:

    Black teenage girls missing in Washington DC missing and no Amber Alerts. By white Stain Shields

    Why no amber alerts for black children. By black Dane Calloway.

    CIA O


    New Arrests in Hillary Clinton Tied Sex Cult NXVIM, Co-Founder Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman

    CIA O

  3. I think that things like this:

    ...and this:

    are the "JEW" ways to normalize pedophilia, like they do. Within a few years it will be normal, kind of like homosexual marriage and child adoption because of LOVE---normal and brought into law.

  4. Of course, this has been going on for awhile now, I guess. THANKS JEWS.

    If Hitler people weren't so white supremacist, I would go with them. But they are, so I don't.

  5. All Kabuki theater.

    Name ONE high ranking joo who did time and prove it.

    Just one.

    The form of justice they have brainwashed most people into believing is for the cattle..

    never them.

  6. The Jews are going down in this country, nevermind how they brag. Their hubris IS their undoing. They think they own us ?? HAHAHAHAHAHA. It is WE who own THEM, for this parasite is enamored with its host. When we get done with these FUCKING COWARDS and PEDOS, they're gonna wish they'd never been born. Never look up to these criminals, NEVER. They are the world's lowest form of matter, like a pile of stinking shit on a December sidewalk. The Jews are losers, but more than that, they are big fucking whiny babies, all bitchy and bratty and full of vermin, but underneath it all, they are SCARED SHITLESS. LOL, stupid fucks.

  7. Try

    Harve's laughing his ass off at the goyim thinking that ANY JOO will be convicted.

    He should know.


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