Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Is There ONE, just ONE Honest MSM Outlet that Hasn't been Hit with a Shekel Storm?

All of this hissing, shrieking, spitting and lashing out at what Putin said about Hillary getting 400 million from a oligarch Jew wanted for tax evasion in Russia confirms that Hillary and the DNC were the ones who interfered with the 2016 election, along with help from friends in low places.

Seth Rich found that out, tried to warn us and got a bullet to the head for his efforts. Will the FBI ever investigate that hidden Clinton server? Not that it matters now, it probably accidentally caught fire in the Clinton's home back in January 2018, right before Trump's inauguration.
And what about all those emails that Hillary funneled to a foreign actor? When there is that much silence around treason, you can damn will bet it was Israel getting the Top Secret info for free.

Now the MSM is singing the blues, having been outed AGAIN for the lying, sniveling, back-stabbing POS traitors they are.
How many of these dual-citizens have been involved in traitorous activities to keep that 'special' relationship with Israel intact and the traitorous activities covered up?
If 'Lucky' Larry owns any more asbestos-laden skyscrapers, we could be in for another 9/11 type False Flag to get the sheeple's minds off the real danger; our rotten MSM and the even more rotten and corrupt DNC/Clinton Mob.


  1. Hey Greg, made my day again with the gallows picture, heeheeeeeeeeeeeeee !!
    Love it, perfect !!

  2. Hillary C. jew (ss) from Morroco: They came, saw me & I was hanged.

    The 16th century was the greatest genocide of human history....

    The Revelation (esp. for all Euro Americans of the Americas today, gj) of the Black Native American


    Jack D. Forbes (1934 – 2011) head of Native American Studies of the univ. of California cites in his book "Africans and Native Americans", Tzvetan Todorov, French essayist, philosopher and historian:

    ``The 16th century was the greatest genocide in human history. In 1500 the world population is approximately 400 million of whom 80 million lived in the Americas. By the middle of the 16th cententury out of these 80 million there remain ten. If the word genocide has ever been applied to a situation with some accuracy, this is here the case.´´

    JF: But the tens of thousands of Americans who disappeared after 1492 did not all die in the holocaust inflicted within the Americas. Many of them were sent to Europe and Africa where their descendants still live.

    From: https://en.qantara.de/content/on-the-death-of-philosopher-and-essayist-tzvetan-todorov-we-are-all-barbarians

    Todorov died in Paris on 7 February at the age of 77 2017. Todorov was a French literary scholar of Bulgarian origin. He emigrated to France from communist Bulgaria in the early sixties.

    As we know, Columbus did not go to sea to "discover America" (in fact he died never knowing that he had discovered a new continent). He had actually set out to find a new sea route to East Asia. (A very strong loupe is needed to discover this basic Americas fact in almost every ´historical´ account today, gj)

    Todorov found out in his research that the navigator in the service of the Catholic royals also had "Jerusalem" in his sights. Columbus wanted to collect gold and other riches during his voyage to finance a new campaign for the liberation of Jerusalem from the Muslims, in other words, a new crusade. We thus learn from Todorov that Islam as enemy and foil for the Other haunted the minds of the Spanish conquerors of America.

    (This comes close to my personal esp ora&labora-tory files: the Iberian Royals - who pushed crypto jew Christophor C. in the sea to get to the Orient- must have been crypto jews as well)

    The vegetarian ham question in Paris waiting for the metro in station Pere La chaise drinking my Heineken: Where the hell is the masyonaise.

    CIA O

  3. Where do these figures of 80 million who lived in the Americas in the 16th century? There wasn't anything remotely like that great a population there then. Most of the continents were inhabited by small, widely scattered tribes of a few thousand at most. Central America and the Incas in South America numbered a few million at most. This is more of the exaggeration we see all the time, like in the infamous 'holocaust'. Evil whites came to the happy New World and wiped out scores of millions of natives. Crap!

    1. @ Old chap brian boru

      Agree with you on the number of Todorov cited by Jack D. Forbes. Had not heard of T. till yesterday. Did he have a pocket jap or do you have one with your reading? A flaw of Forbes citing this 80 million figure. But his works are worth reading certainly for US citizens whatever their skin color.

      But the essence of Forbes in this lost feather article: the transatlantic slave trade has been taught to us all in reverse.


      The ´holocaust´ on sea- during the supposed transatlantic slavetrade many Africans did not make it to the cottonfields and were thrown to the jaws - and jews are said to be the majority of the slavetraders.

      Two jewSA academics fabricated the lie of the socalled transatlantic slavetrade: Franz Boas and his apprentice Melville Herskovits.

      Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford financed Herskovits to produce the lie of this Transatlantic Slavetrade:


      Du Bois and Booker T. Washington were two black American in the inner circle of Boas.

      vid 16.43 Side Note right after Du Bois and Washington visited the prosperous Black Wallstreets in 1921 set up by black Americans without any US govt. credit concrete examples (no crap, old chap) of black entrepreneurship were completely destroyed and hundreds were killed.


      Henry Ford stole his car concepts from a black American who ran the Patterson car company in Ohio.

      CIA O

  4. Read up, Gents, and spread it around . . .

  5. @ Bro Brian Boru

    Dane Calloway - I Am Just Here To Make You Think - on the 5 dollar Indians.


    Vid 5.56 – 7.07: >...The US govt. enlisted all full blooded indigenous Indians of America, mainly all of the Indians who they thought had African like features as black or colored as the classification of race documented in the 1900 census.

    Simultaneously white US citizens were allowed to be identified as Indians by paying the Dawes commision just 5 dollars for each white adult & child enblisted on the Dawes Rolls

    On April 1st 1902 public notices were passed around: other claiments can make their enlistment for their free enrollment, singlehandledly to legally steal the Indian lands of America, reparations and optimised benefits set forth by Federal Law.

    Ironically this was announced the day most people would tell their very best April fool jokes <

    Connecticut. Ken ik die kut? (In Dutch: Do I know that cunt?).

    Karma (911) is a bitch.


    CIA O


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