Monday, July 2, 2018

Israel: The Promised Land for Pedophiles

No surprise that pedos are welcome in 'STOLENLAND' AKA Israel, even ones fleeing from those nasty, anti-Semitic DA's who are closet Nazis for wanting to prosecute child rapists!
A haven for paedophiles: The ultra-Orthodox settlement where Malka Leifer hides

Emmanuel: Atop the shadow-cast hills at the northern end of the West Bank, in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish settlement of Emmanuel, abusers of children have found a safe haven.

Malka Leifer, the former Melbourne school principal and accused child molester, came to live here in 2016 after an Israeli judge found she was mentally unfit to face extradition to Australia. And here, even though she is wanted by Victoria Police on 74 counts of alleged sexual assault and rape involving girls, one resident claims Leifer was able to continue abusing children, including his own teenage daughter, without consequence.

She was not the only alleged abuser who took refuge among the ultra-religious in Emmanuel. Another sex offender, Yehiel Shinin, came to live here after being released from jail, too frightened to return to his old neighbourhood.

“He claimed he came here [he wanted] to forget his past and start a new life,” an Emmanuel source said on condition of anonymity. “But it is never like that.

“When you come to this kind of town and see that there is no law and you can do whatever you want, he started molesting kids here again because it was easy for him. "It’s easy to do such things in Emmanuel.”
When the basis for your cult religion is calling dirty old men mohel Rabbis and paying them to orally molest baby boy's, it's not surprising that child rapists are welcomed with open arms in Israel.

Israel becoming 'safe haven for paedophiles' with laws that allow any Jews to legally return

Diaspora pedophiles increasingly use Israel as ‘a haven'

Guess after a strenuous day of attacking Palestinians in the West Bank, terrorizing them off their ancestral homes, it helps Israelis to relax by sexually assaulting kids.

Add in a little of that Israeli made Ecstasy and you have the recipe of a full night of illicit activities.

Israelis at Center of Ecstasy Drug Trade


  1. It is a free haven for fake jews who crossed the line. A heavy Surinam friend of mine who went once invited by Dutch jew mafia friends to ´AnneFrankenstein´ told me years ago that one of his friends got arrested and landed in a police office jail. The cop told him: don´t do it here - I forgot what exactly it was that he did- do it on the plane when you leave or wherever you land, but not here. And he was released. Don´t think btw that a guy like Olmert ever went to jail. Camouflage. Leathergay Meilikovsky will never get behind the door,


    I don´t buy everything of investmentbanker Green (his JC version is a soulless hologram to me) but his cloning story is real.

    15th May this year I met the cloned stepson – now beginning thirties- that evil good old Jacob RotSchild, had put on me as one of his mossad agents. He was a top hacker collected all my gj comments mainly at , and made a lot of shekels with it.

    He was a wizkid designed a lot of destructive electronic frequency stuff for JR.

    Also he made vid copies of the strangest vision I had in telepathic contact with him. Hoped all this time that I was in esp contact with him that he could abondon the satanic house of RotSchild. It did not happen.

    To understand why I have drawn that final conclusion about the stepson of JR (Jacob R. is already gone hellwards, if he is shown in a vid it must be a clone, too), watch this embarrasing vid of Dave Letterman and Jay Z

    Vid 1.46 – 2.27: Clones (satanic robots) in plain sight at the cancerous HDTV screens.

    Surtout the bodylanguage of Letterman

    CIA O

    1. I prefer not to watch anything with the Devil worshiping Jay-Z on the show.

      These days, souls go far a lot more than 30 shekels.


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