Saturday, August 25, 2018

Why are Jews Obsessed with Bodily Function Jokes, Especially Scatology?

Like this by Mark Newgarden, semi-famous underground type of comic who helped with the appropriately named "Garbage Pail Kids." ( I refuse to post the pic from his web page, since it's a picture of a giant pile of turds)

Whether or not Newgarden is 100% Juden is not clear, but he was born in Brooklyn and lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is Ground Zero for Hasidic Jews in NYC.

Newgarden along with Art (((Spiegelman)))--born Itzhak Avraham ben Zeev--created the filth known as "Garbage Pail Kids," card stickers were about the size of baseball trading cards, marketed towards kids, and filled with filth, degeneracy, slime and other Jew virtues.

The cards were banned
in many American schools back in the late 1980's, when Americans could still think for themselves because their brains hadn't been Holocausted.

Here's some of the fine examples of Jew art that was marketed towards children; "Gross Encounters of the TURD Kind?" Definitely gross.
Do you think the (((MSM))) would report on filth like this today, or glorify it and make it sound cool? Naturally, this 1986 broadcast features a Jew psychologist who tries to play down the harm these cards do to little minds.

Makes one wonder why the Jews, who are always bragging about being the smartest people on the planet, always seem to be behind this filth? One nation tried to warn sane people about their depravity, but was destroyed by the Armies of the Rothschild's.

What happens when sane Gentiles point out this depravity?
Of course, when Juden find ways to damage American minds--and make money too--they won't let go of trash, making "The Garbage Pail Kids" Movie, but which bombed at the box office.
On August 21, 1987, a live-action film based on the card characters was released. Its campy production made it both a critical and commercial flop, opening poorly in 374 theaters with initial receipts of $661,512 and total gross receipts of $1,576,615, barely making back its 1 million dollar budget. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 0% critic rating and 35% audience rating. The film is considered one of the worst films ever made. Topps featured advertisements for the movie on the original series 9 and 10 box-topper poster and variant wrap.
Bombed at the box office? HOORAY!

Michael Eisner's Tornante Company was going to do another movie of this trash in 2012, but maybe he saw the box office receipts from the last one and backed out.

Such is life in a Juden-run planet wide concentration camp, using sinister propaganda to keep you under control, GOYIM!


  1. Hi Greg:

    It's true. This kind of "humour" is typical of the Chosenites. But Why? Is it a form of hatred against all humanity?


  2. Jew depravity all over the place, Greg... But it has been in their sick mentally brain damaged minds for centuries now...

    These are the same sick freaks that absolutely love pedophilia and ritual child murders and sacrifices!


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