Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Another LYING POS Senator, McCaskill from Missouri & Her HIDDEN Agenda. Did I Mention She's Corrupt?

Bitch sounds like an Obama in white-face.

A LYING POS that is also CORRUPT? Tell me it ain't so.....
Businesses owned by Claire McCaskill's husband have taken more than $131 million in taxpayer subsidies

WASHINGTON--Businesses tied to U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband have been awarded more than $131 million in federal subsidies since the Missouri Democrat took office in 2007, an analysis by The Kansas City Star found.

Joseph Shepard’s personal income from his investments in those businesses has grown exponentially during his wife’s two terms in the Senate.

The federal payments don’t go directly into Shepard’s pocket. Most of the money goes toward operating costs for government-subsidized housing projects Shepard is invested in. Those companies then distribute the profits to Shepard and other investors.

In 2006, the year before McCaskill entered the Senate, her husband’s personal income from those investments was between $1,608 and $16,731, according to the senator’s financial disclosure forms. In 2017, five years into McCaskill’s second term, Shepard personally earned between $365,374 and $1,118,158 from investments in housing projects that received federal subsidies, the disclosure forms show. Disclosure forms only provide ranges of income.
Sooooeee, soeeee piggie, sooooeeee...

So much money to steal and so little time. Any other tax havens besides the Cayman Islands, Claire? Claire McCaskill votes against tax cuts for Missouri, but uses complicated tax schemes to avoid paying her fair share.
McCaskill's husband invested $1 million in hedge fund tied to Caymans

WASHINGTON--As a U.S. senator, Claire McCaskill supports cracking down on offshore tax havens.

But the Missouri Democrat's husband has invested $1 million in a hedge fund tied to the Cayman Islands, one of the world's most notorious tax havens.

Joseph Shepard's investment in Matrix Capital Management has earned him between $230,000 and $2.1 million in income since he first invested in 2013, according to McCaskill's financial disclosure forms. Such forms only show a range of income. If Shepard declares his investment on his taxes, he doesn't directly enjoy much of a tax haven. The earnings would be subject to capital gains tax back in the U.S.

The capital gains rate, however, is lower than the income tax most working Americans have to pay. Shepard declined to comment for this article.

The campaign declined a request from The Kansas City Star for McCaskill to release her latest tax returns and those of her husband for this article.
D.C. has been nicknamed the Den of Corruption and the Den of Criminals. Both apt descriptions.
Claire McCaskill was caught billing taxpayers for flights on her family's private plane.

Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill billed taxpayers approximately $1,220 for an airplane trip to a Democratic political event, her spokesperson confirmed CBS News.

Earlier this week, McCaskill wrote a check for more than $88,000 to the Treasury Department, after reports surfaced that she had, over the course of four years, billed to taxpayers $76,000 for 89 flights on a charter plane she co-owns with her husband and other investors.

The Associated Press notes that while members of Congress often use chartered flights to for business purposes, it is unusual for members to travel professionally in a plane in which they hold a personal stake.
Must be nice Claire, to live like royalty when many Missourians cut corners just to get by.

Try that funny business as Joe Six-Pack and the IRS will be after your ass, and maybe even get you in prison for tax fraud.

This is the kind of lying, corrupt, greedy buffoon Israel loves to recruit, so let's look at that angle. Right to Free Speech? Not when it comes to Apartheid Israel, says 'Nana' McCaskill!
Why is Senator McCaskill trying to restrict our First Amendment rights?

Sen. Claire McCaskill, along with 47 other senators (including 12 Democrats), is cosponsoring Senate Bill 720, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. The proposed legislation, described as draconian and unconstitutional, has been condemned by numerous civil and human rights organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Amnesty International, National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR).

The Israel Anti-Boycott Act seeks to criminalize support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and punish supporters by up to 20 years in prison and $1 million in criminal penalties. BDS, inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, is a call by Palestinian civil society organizations to apply nonviolent pressure on Israel until it complies with international law and stops its violations of Palestinian human rights.

Data retrieved from MapLight reveal that Senator McCaskill has received close to $280,000 from individuals and organizations identified as pro-Israel. Interestingly, the vast majority of the contributions (80 percent) came from outside Missouri, the state that Senator McCaskill is supposed to represent.
What's that noise? Why it's a Shekel Storm, hitting Claire!
Pro-Israel: Top Recipients

Top 20 Recipients

Rank Candidate Office Amount

1 Menendez, Robert (D-NJ) Senate $514,943
2 Brown, Sherrod (D-OH) Senate $386,933
3 Casey, Bob (D-PA) Senate $339,067
4 Schneider, Brad (D-IL) House $277,329
5 McCaskill, Claire (D-MO) Senate $244,296
When not getting deluged with Shekels, Claire dodges the important questions, like why does the US continue to fund Apartheid Israel that is currently on a murder spree of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, protesting being locked down in the world's largest concentration camp:
We Asked Every U.S. Senator About Israel Killing 17 Palestinians and Shooting Hundreds More

On Friday, the Israeli military killed 17 Palestinians and wounded hundreds more during a protest for Palestinian rights that had been planned for weeks and attended by tens of thousands. In a since-deleted tweet from Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces said they knew “where every bullet landed”—that none of the deaths were mistakes.

The following Senators did not return multiple requests for comment:

Claire McCaskill (D), Missouri
Claire, just move your sorry ass to Israel, there's enough Israeli-First TRAITORS in DC, you're no longer needed or wanted by Missourians.

Will 'Nana' McCaskill back the Democrats 2020 Dream Team for POTUS?

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