Monday, October 22, 2018

Shadow President Kushner. Who Elected this SOB?

Jared Kushner: An Unelected Jewish Dictator

With the swift volte-face of the Trump administration from the American nationalist platform on which it was elected to a neo-conservative socially-liberal carbon copy of George W. Bush’s administration.

It has forced many people to ask the uncomfortable and dare I say disturbing question: why?

The change all began when former editor of Breitbart and unrepentant American nationalist and architect of Trump’s electoral victory; Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council. This was downplayed by supporters of American nationalism at the time, but it has turned out to have been symptomatic of a significant power shift within President Trump’s inner council with Bannon’s former authority occupied by Jared Kushner the jewish husband of Trump’s favourite child Ivanka.

While Bannon was the de facto leader of the America First camp within the Trump administration; the man who he has clearly identified as the leader of the Globalist Israel First camp is Jared Kushner.

Indeed it has emerged that Kushner is now one of Trump’s key advisers; since it is he who has brokered deals with the neo-conservative elements in the Republican Party to support Trump in exchange for certain policy considerations...

We also know that Jared Kushner has been instrument in getting high-ranking politicians like Chris Christie and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fired from the Trump administration. He is also the focus of the claims of investigations into foreign campaign financing, which is linked heavily – contrary to most mainstream media reporting on the subject – to Israel. Israel has in turn benefited massively from Jared and Ivanka’s influence with record financial support from Trump administration, the long-desired move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and significant damage being done via pulling financing and lawfare to the Palestinian ability to argue their corner against Israel.
Domestically Jared and Ivanka have also demonstrated their power by getting stories they don’t like pulled, demanding that political comedy targeting them be suppressed as well as trying to suppress investigations (with limited success) investigations into tax fraud, housing permit violations in addition to general financial irregularities that have been used to control Kushner by the Israel Lobby.

The denial of real political power by Ivanka and Jared rings hollow though since it is only with the ascent of her husband and concomitantly her influence that the betrayal of the platform that Trump got elected on has taken place. The simple reality is that everyone knows it is Jared and Ivanka’s doing as well as the fact that other jewish White House senior staffers like Stephen Miller immediately began cosying up to Jared Kushner and distancing themselves from the Bannon faction...
Naturally jews and their myrmidons have been screeching that any criticism or suggestion that Jared and Ivanka have any significant influence over Trump’s policy-making is ‘anti-Semitism’ without explaining why this is the case.

The fact remains however that the only explanation that actually makes any sense despite all the smears and attacks by the media is that Jared Kushner has become an unelected Jewish Dictator of the United States via his marriage to Ivanka.

The question now really is: how far is Jared Kushner going to go?
Yes, how far is Jared willing to go? And how many Americans will get killed in the process?

The above is from the fearless, agile mind at Semitic Controversies.

Like Father, like Son?
Father of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner spent 14 months in Montgomery federal prison

Jared, then an undergraduate at Harvard University - saw his name improperly put on some $90,000 of his father's donations as well. He stood by his father during the investigation, however, and afterwards when Charles Kushner pleaded guilty to 18 counts of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering. The last charge involved a particularly nasty incident where Charles Kushner send his sister Esther a tape showing her husband William Schulder with a prostitute hired by Kushner to discredit his brother-in-law, who was cooperating with federal authorities.

Charles Kushner was sentenced to two years in prison and sent to the Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery. His son, according to the Washington Post, flew to Alabama to visit his father almost every weekend, publicly insisting his father had been unfairly prosecuted....Charles Kushner was released from the prison camp in April 2006 after serving 14 months. [Of a 2 year sentence]

After prison, Charles Kushner returned to his real estate development firm, amassing a fortune worth about $1.8 billion.
Don't feel too bad for the senior Kushner crook, the Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery is one of those 'Club Fed' facilities where the rich and famous do time.
Says [Allan] Ellis of Montgomery and Pensacola, “Those are, in my opinion, two of the top four federal prisons in America.”

Both, however, offer recreation opportunities on evenings and weekends. In Montgomery, inmates can participate in crafting, watch movies and partake of “wellness classes, a music room, pool tables and various fitness equipment.” Besides crafts, fitness and movies, the Pensacola camp offers intramural sports including basketball, volleyball and softball — meaning Thomas might be able to quickly rekindle his love of sports and coaching.

”I always joke, if I had to do time, I wouldn’t mind doing it at either of those two places and sharpening up my shortstop skills,” Ellis said.
The list of what's available for the inmates reads like some college prospectus brochure.

Naturally, Chuckie K is a child of Holocau$t™ survivors. If those fucking Nazis were supposedly so efficient at killing Juden, how in the hell did so many become survivors?
Bet you a dozen bagels that right before Tubby the Grifter leaves the WH, he pardons the senior Kushner. After all, it's what Ivanka would want.

But one should not be too hard on Jared the K, after all he's only worth around 800 million and in his strata, that's approaching poverty level.

No matter how many penthouse apartments or private jets or Mercedes or custom yachts or antique paintings he has, it will never be enough. As slippery and allergic to truth as he is, he should do well during Tubby's reign, increasing his net worth at least five times over.

I just hope his greed, arrogance, stupidity and complete lack of political experience doesn't get us roasted in the mean time.


  1. A gj-comment to a article of the Marx junk Atzmon at Aletho:

    Has Atzmon ever read the book Life of an American jew in Racist Marxist Isra.ell?

    CIA O

  2. I do love the Mad Magazine cover with Alfred E Neuman now posing as that hideous Jew freak Kushner...

    Greg, these fuckers have to go... If Jared gets his way, he will convince Drumpf to have Iran attacked very shortly....

  3. Kushner is the sentinel whose job it is to make sure Trump is following the Rothschild thug agenda. If Trump veers, Kusher reminds him of what happened to JFK.
    Remember that evil always destroys itself and that one day very soon, the enemy of humanity will be no more. The world is plotting its mutiny as I type, and it will be the greatest joy to witness their weeping as the end approaches, for as they always do, they will cry "VICTIM." But we all know the story of the boy who cried WOLF.
    Vengeance is mine, sayest the Lord.

  4. It has been suggested by Lame Cherry, who is quite observant, that Trump might have a double playing his part now. As recently in Ohio. Keeping control of the agenda? Quite possible.


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