Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The PHONY Hillary Snuff Video: When Dealing with the Clinton Mob, Don't tell LIES, the TRUTH is Bad Enough

Some BS snuff film, attributed to Hillary, is making the this link:

At the 2:20 mark, you'll see this photo:
Which is copied from a 1990's Heavy Metal band called "ABNEGATION" 1997 album "Verses of the Bleeding."

That video has this pic at the beginning:
Plus, the video is instantly suspicious by all the glitzy animation they insert, now and then giving you a glimpse of something or the other. Digital recorders have been around for over a decade or more, so there's NO excuse to make a video that's dark and grainy, similar to those False Flag videos that the USG shows us peasants to prove that they're telling the truth....Swear on a stack of Talmud's truth.

"The band began as a vision of Jason 'Iggy' Imig & Paul Nowoczynski...?" Imig & Nowoczynski? Hmm, the original 1997 video pic might be real, another "West Memphis Three?"

All The Evidence That Shows Why The Notorious West Memphis Three Have Probably Gotten Away With Child Murder

Some bozo called Benjamin Fulford is spreading this horseshit, which makes me wonder whose side he's on?

The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination

Who is Benji Fulford?
About is a geopolitical news and discussion website from reporter and investigative journalist Benjamin Fulford. Reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including the yakuza, MI6, the Freemasons, the CIA, the KGB, Mossad, the triads, the Chinese government, Japanese military intelligence, etc. We go by the motto, “if it appears in writing, somebody has beaten us to the story.” The reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the ongoing secret war for control of planet Earth. This website is completely independent and is not affiliated with any corporation or governmental organization.


1978-1982: Sowed my wild oats. Spent the time traveling and avoiding civilization. Spent one year studying with a witch doctor along the upper reaches of the Uquyali river in the Peruvian Amazon. Lived with former cannibals. Total time spent sleeping outdoors was 1 year. Lived as a wild animal in the Canadian wilderness, catching food with my own hands, etc.
Wow, all those intelligence sources and not one could figure out the snuff pic was copied from a 1997 Heavy Metal band album? It's nonsense like this that the Deep State types will use to push thru laws gutting what's left of our Free Speech rights.

"Lived as a wild animal in the Canadian wilderness, catching food with my own hands, etc." ??? Did you also meet 'Bigfoot?'
Tried to leave a comment at this site, pointing this out, but you have to pay $11.00 to do that. No thanks.

The Clinton Mob has engaged in all sorts of murderous activity, so stick to telling the truth about that sadistic bitch. Telling lies--for whatever reason--just muddies the waters and gives Hillary the excuse to say, "See, they're telling more lies about poor widdle me."

"Just the facts, MAN" and cut out the BS that you use to attract $$$ to your site or dig deeper next time and find the REAL truth.
Here they are: Hillary's 22 biggest scandals ever
As for indicting, arresting, prosecuting and jailing that traitorous bitch, forget it. She's a made man woman in the Kosher Nostra and the banksters, like Satan, take care of their own.


  1. Benji Fulford lost me when the Neil Keenan Gold rush in the Indonesian Archipel that he was involved in, reported quite a lot about, turned out to be a never ending search or a fable in short.

    His interview with David Rockefeller in retrospect is therefore suspicious. His good sides that you bring up here,Greg, are very OK, but nevertheless....


    The following are code(s)- there are more but this particular one applies now here) came up years ago when writing about ´inner´ experiences´ ´I´ went through:


    M= Memory

    E= Expectations

    X: the pyramid of which the Apex is your very own crown chakra

    The crown chakra is called the Brahmarandre in Sanskrit).

    It acts as a symbol, a ball (in this respect every human body)is a ´samen balling´ - in Dutch clenching of the entire cosmic space.

    Con-sciousness, in this respect, your unbounded I-consciousness, not your skin encapsuled ego consciousness.

    It is what JC (other Truth Seers have other terminologies for this) calls the Son of God.
    A son of (Wo)Man naturally becomes the Son of God when the brahmara(=bee in Sanskrit) of attention is drawn to the Brahmarandre (the Crownchakra) via the (je)-sushumna/di.

    The bee is 24/7 in search of honey. From flower to flower the bee zooms forth. No honey no bee. And every body´s (mental-emotional) attention is naturallemente (ik leer het al aardig dat Spanish) drawn to happiness.

    The sushumna is the middle channel , the Ida & Pingala are the other two.

    They act as if as ´thieves´ from the Greater Glory that God (S/He –It) has in store for every child born on this Sacred Earth.

    I saw the historical happening of the JC crucifixion between 2 thieves at Golgotha as symbolic for this possible, potential inner process in every human being.

    The Cube when opened is the Cross.

    The average Son of (wo/man) whatever the geographical , social (political, economical) place s/he is situated in, is caught up in the working of the two channels that are functioning to give the ego-I-sense (centered somewhere in the physical mechanism, in the physical skull & heart).

    Without a skull the body stops functioning & also without heart.

    Other bodily parts in these satanic robotic times are replacable.

    The sadistic XXXL pathological brains behind these unhealthy trends- the Apex-apes of the Judas-sick parc- are acting as chickens without heads. Their days are numbered.

    Their Game is Over.

    Let the Divine Play which never started nor will it ever end be open to the attention of every wo/man born in Theater/Earth.

    CIA O

    1. "...not your skin encapsuled ego consciousness."

      It's that 'skin' that keeps leading me down paths I shouldn't travel, but since humans are naturally curious....

  2. Yes, skin when you read it backwards in Dutch you get niks, which means nothing.

    We are (every body) as Being, no-thing.

    see gj-comment at:

    Btw Fulford is another talking (coke) head of the j-bankers. He proposed a atonement, forgiveness and all that shit with them years ago....classjustice optima forma. No one in her/his right mind would swallow it.

    No problem, dope to me, but the coke or other stuff that I would buy is prepoisoned by them.

  3. Greg, this Empress has no clothes, as well:

    Check out:

    Amma, how real is she?

    Below the RS article a piece of Bronte Baxter, who is member of an ex-Amma forum, I browsed through it superficially years ago. But I see now he as a former Amma devotee writes the right thing:

    (…) Allowing people to pray to you, kneel to you, and worship you as God Incarnate is not the behavior of someone who wants people to recognize themselves as magnificent, powerful expressions of God.

    What makes Amma both so successful and so sinister is the loving image she hides behind. The media uses it to promote her far and wide. If it seems remarkable that no investigative reporting has been done, that no one from the mainstream media has questioned Amma’s PR, the mystery evaporates when we recall who the mainstream media is run by these days.

    As one of the 25 core leaders in the U.N.’s religion parliament, Amma supports and promotes these “Big Brother” goals. For anyone wondering if the efforts by the global elite to create a New World Order have a spiritual component, Amma provides ample evidence.

    I’ve seen an email from her former joint-secretary alleging she cooks the books, that the money she gathers for charity doesn’t go to the charities she claims. I’ve read accounts by her former monks of the unexplained wealth of Amma’s family, how her charity hospitals won’t take the very poor because the poor don’t have money enough for treatment. I’ve read about“suicides” and unexplained deaths of ashram devotees. So many dead bodies have appeared in the waters outside the ashram that The Indian Express, New Delhi’s daily newspaper, printed an account of local citizens demanding a police investigation into the matter (…)

    In Holland I raised to devotees of A. questions about her humanitarian aid to the victims of the Haiti disaster in 2010. Fine, but do you know or does she know that it is a HAARP orchestrated event?

    The Maitreya The New World Teacher circus was UN backed, as well.


    Graham Hancock asked Benjamin Creme in 2002 who compares himself to John the Baptist of this Second Coming (I called BC the lubricant creme of M. I was in 1982 at this first Declaration Day in Amsterdam, wrote about it, but too long for now here).

    CIA O

  4. Check out:

    Sex at the Shrine?*

    A.´s signing a declaration against sex trafficking together with pedo pope F. comes with this vid uploaded july 2018 by a Indian female researcher in quite a diff. light.

    Mother A. & Mother T. in the same boat? It seems so.

    Yes, me too, I certainly was mesmerised by this mother not in the sense that I became a part of her crew. I had my doubts a few years back. But better late than never.

    Like MMY who enriched his family with the funds raised for a giant group of Vedic pandits ´to create coherence in world consciousness` , A. did the same with ´her humanitarian aid´ and did not not really helped the poor.

    Whether politics, spiritual or whatever, these are the worst vampires in the centre of their noble empires.

    I would not like to dance in their shoes.

    She congratulated India´s PM a few weeks ago via video with his birthday. And he is apparently good friends with his colleague of the Tel Aviv territory.

    Worse than that, did Modi nevertheless give in and sign a giant contract with google Mark Z.?

    That would mean the absolutely selling out of the people of India to google´s sinister plans with offering free internet at a large scale to millions of Indians.

    *If a spiritual teacher (fe/male) is fucking around with staff members, so be it, it is their private life. Even if they are labelling themselves as celibates, soi.

    But if their ´noble´ plans for the good of all are false, then the curtain for them falls.

    CIA O

  5. Check out:´´

    Is Amma the hugging saint for real?

     ´I had already read some serious charges against Amma's organization, some of which included tales of dead bodies floating in rivers´

    An Indian Renunciate's Story of Leaving the Organization

    ´All of her immediate family members have become very rich with no clear and justifiable source of income to substantiate. No one dares to speak anything against her family members inside the ashram.´

    ´Once you become blind by faith, you will find yourself relying more and more on the feeling of devotion with her.´

    ´Over the years, the number of people moving out is increasing is for sure.´

    ´Once she senses that you have LOST FAITH or rather have started losing faith in HER. You could potentially see the ruthless and the "other" face of her....Your character assassination will follow....

    ´She would make your life very, very difficult inside the ashram in a very diplomatic way´

    ´When the ashram started Amrita TV...the money to jump start the program was pooled from the Pharmacy in the ashram.....they get large volumes of medicines from Pharmaceutical companies as free samples (in the name of charity) and sell it to the public through the pharmacy. Think about it, an entertainment industry supported by the money from the poor and under privileged. It does not make sense.´

    I really didn't want to think or associate with the Hugging Saint or her organization anymore. The sense of betrayal and the sense of loss, coupled with the pressure to get back to Life was traumatic. Especially the militant, cult mind set of the ashram organization under her direction tend to make it even worse.

    CIA O

  6. Hi Greg - hows it hanging ?? (Be nice to see that(((they)))are for a change) Thanks for the clarification on Killarys outburst about " . . . . if he wins we swing from nooses" I was under the impression that that had happened at the debate hosted by Lauer - Commander-in-Chief one - where Lauer went off script & asked her about the server. Backstage after it finished he screamed that he (Lauer) was finished, threw a glass of water at the head of an assistant, wanted Brazile to get hold of a head honcho at the corporate HQ, THEN screamed about the "swinging from nooses if Trump won"

  7. Oops - typo - should read " . . . she screamed . . . " meaning Shillary !!


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