Friday, February 15, 2019

Anne Frank: Just Another FRAUDULENT HOLOHOAX Con Job

So many lies, and not much time left to expose then before Judaism enslaves the entire planet.

Like this FRAUD, the phony Anne Frank LIE:
Annie was probably treated in an Ausshitz hospital for the inmates like this clinic. Question: If the Nazis were really running death camps, why bother to provide medical and dental care for the inmates?
When you don't expose these fucking lies, you get BULLSHIT like this from professional Zionist LIARS:
Another Question: How did they stimulate the boys to maintain an erection so these masturbation machines of death could get an erect penis to ejaculate? Did they bring in Jewess whores from the Ausshitz brothel to stimulate the young inmates?

Jesus Fucking Christ, who believes this nonsense?

These--and other HoloHOAX LIES--led to Zionist Jews stealing Palestine and murdering Palestinians for their land....and now us white males.
And which leads to all sorts of Jew degeneracy, to keep us GOYIM distracted while Jew Inc continues with their Wall Street looting and tricking the USA into fighting wars for Israel.
While us GOY slaves work ourselves to death to support our family, Jew Inc keeps using our sons and daughters to fight and die for Apartheid Israel.

That enables Jew Inc to enjoy sick pleasures, like kiddie porn:



  2. The False prophet of Revelations....


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