Monday, March 25, 2019

Israelis are such SICK FUCKS

Looks like Israeli CRIME MINISTER Bibi Nuttyahoo's plan of getting re-elected, in the hopes his office will keep him from prison, is going along fine. The weeks-long plan to stage a False Flag and blame it on Hamas has happened--AGAIN--and the Israeli AF is bombing the holy hell out of the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza, where there's no where to run or hide, since Israel has blockaded the air, sea and land routes into and out of Gaza.

If you go to the IDF's Twitter page, you can see Israelis, Jews and deluded CZ's gloating about the killing already done and that to come against Gazans.

Like these tweets:

I'm sure if that homicidal maniac Nuttyahoo murders enough Palestinians, the Israeli's will lustily cheer him back into his office and overlook all his thefts, frauds and corruptions. That's just life in Stolenland, where the Khazar thieves steal from each other if there are no GOYIM to fleece.
Jews, Crime and Corruption (21/03/2019)

We begin this week’s edition of ‘Jews, Crime and Corruption’ with the news that after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trial on multiple corruption charges has been delayed till after the Israeli election in April. (1) There have been widespread reports in Israeli media about evidence of a direct – rather than indirect – link between Netanyahu and German submarine maker Thyssen Krupp (2) with Netanyahu allegedly profiting to the tune of 16 million Israeli Shekels (3) and the de facto head of the Israeli political opposition Benny Gantz demanding that a state commission of inquiry be set up to look into the matter. (4)

Given this even worse state of affairs in the Israeli political establishment it is little surprise that threats of violence against the people who have turned state’s witness against Netanyahu and his cronies have been escalating (5) in a country when political and gangland assassinations and car bombs are an almost a weekly event. (6) This is being exacerbated by reports of anti-Netanyahu corruption around the barring of jewish tycoons in the Diaspora from funding the Israeli Prime Minister’s legal defense (7) and the stance of the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin that a government can only be formed now on the basis of the letter of the law in the country as a counter to attempts by Netanyhau to circumvent the parliamentary system in the country. (8)


It's pics like these that get Israeli's, Jews and their CZ sheeple all hot and bothered, maybe even sexually aroused.
Then, after a long day of murdering unarmed Gazans, the IDF thugs can go to one of the many Israeli brothels and enjoy raping a 13 yo girl smuggled into Israel.
14,000 sex workers in Israel, 3,000 of them minors

Some 14,000 people in Israel are currently engaged in prostitution, 95% of them women, including 3,000 minors. These figures were presented at the annual conference on the status of women held last week by the Gender and Feminism Studies M.A. track at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.

According to data presented, the age of entering the cycle of prostitution is as low as 13.
Really beautiful people, don't ya' think? Truly Chosen by some G-d.

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