Friday, March 29, 2019

MOSSAD/CIA False Flag Warnings

First, a little background:
Now some news from a reliable Russian source.
Discovered files reveal IS plans to launch revenge attacks in Europe, Syria – reports

As the last remnants of Islamic State’s ‘caliphate’ is dealt a severe blow on the ground, sleeper cells from the group are already planning devastating revenge attacks in Europe and Syria, recently discovered files reveal.

The documents, obtained by the Sunday Times, show that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) operatives are supporting jihadists to plan fresh attacks in European cities, while sleeper cells within Syria have formed hit-squads to assassinate its enemies.

The cache was contained in a hard drive dropped by an IS sleeper cell during a firefight with local forces in the Syrian desert in February. Attesting to its authenticity, the paper said the files contained the types of meticulous detail that have become a hallmark of the group’s record keeping and bureaucracy. Lists of fighters’ names and allotted weapons were joined by budget spreadsheets and payments to fighters and their wives. Others lament the lack of availability of suicide bombers and vehicles for use as car bombs.

However, more startling are letters from a senior IS leader who goes by the name Abu Taher al-Tajiki, claiming he has fighters willing to conduct operations “far away from the Islamic State” and would be in touch with them to “carry out the operations.” To facilitate these attacks, he requests the setting up of a Bureau of Foreign Relations for the Department of Operations in Europe.
An important piece of intelligence was 'accidentally' dropped during a firefight? BS. Most likely, it was 'dropped' by Mossad/CIA operatives who are using the same tactics they used in the days following the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

Either way, be careful, because the Satantists in charge of the world are planning something BIG and horribly bloody.

P.S. One more thing to keep in mind is the upcoming Israeli election for PM. The current PM, CRIME MINISTER Betty Nuttyahoo, has already been indicted for corruption on numerous charges, but due to his power of being PM, has held off the arrest. So that MOTHERFUCKER might try anything to scare both Israelis and Americans into saying YES to another term.


  1. GREG, S.O.S.

    ´Eichmann was hanged in the Ramleh prison at midnight on May 31st, 1962. He was 56 years old. The body was immediately cremated and the ashes were taken to Jaffa and scattered at sea outside Israeli waters.´

    And all the shoarmarolls on four legs on their way to the abbatoir believe that.....
    Eichmann´s kidnapping in Argentina and his process, were another yid hoax to reinforce the gassings that never happened. He probably returned to Buenos Aires after a slight make over and was still going strong his last days behind his walker.

    NetanyaWho (did 911) to avoid ´prosecution´- just another staged production by the yidz- could take refuge in real killing fields, the FEMA holiday resorts very soon in the USA theater.

    That not too many in the alt. media raised their voices !mmed!ately against N. at the side of his chabad buddy T. who signed the bounced Golan Heighs cheque is very alarming.

    It means that the USA is more then firmly in the grip of the s.o.s synagogue of satan.

    The jr comments - that I stashed here with your consent- have been deleted by NBC news.

    Many jr-comments here have been deleted, I suppose by clone Zuckerberg & co, Greg?

    CIA O

  2. You can tell I'm over the target due to their having sent their Masonic cops and WITCH divisions after me!

    Jewish Lightning Strikes!

    1) The Jewish crime factory and the "Six Million Myth that keeps giving!


    Here's the series that evidences the grammar of our worldwide "Red Terror":

    2) Decoding Qabala Ritual Murders/False flags-DECODED

    Decode of the most recent Jewish false flag in Commiefornia! The synagogue is totally encoded in double Pi on the front's architecture and even the freaking HVAC unit arrangements; they even threw in a baby on the roof!

    3) Poway Ritual Murder by the Numbers

    Ignorance of Qabala is no longer an excuse as anyone can see these simple patterns!



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