Monday, April 1, 2019

11th Commandment: "Thou Shalt NOT Question the Most Holy Holocaust!"

Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Questioning Certain Aspects of the 'Holocaust'. Why?

This doesn't look like extremist hate speech to us. Judging from these blurbs and titles, it looks like pretty balanced and fair discussion of a very serious, and vehemently disputed, allegation. The first one in the list below even presents both sides of the argument in an attempt to get to the bottom of who is telling the truth.

Why are some people so afraid of a fair and open discussion? These books were banned from Amazon in March of 2017, but are easily available online at other sellers. Take a look at the blurbs describing these books. They are an eye-opener.
GOYIM, thou shalt not know or read about real history, just hand over mucho shekels to the holocaust frauds!
Thomas Dalton.

Mainstream historians insist that there cannot be, may not be a debate about the Holocaust. But ignoring it does not make this controversy go away. Traditional scholars admit that there was neither a budget, a plan, nor an order for the Holocaust; that the key camps have all but vanished, and so have any human remains; that material and unequivocal documentary evidence is absent; and that there are serious problems with survivor testimonies. Dalton juxtaposes the traditional Holocaust narrative with revisionist challenges and then analyzes the mainstream’s responses to them. He reveals the weaknesses of both sides, while declaring revisionism the winner of the current state of the debate. 3rd edition.

332 pp. pb., 6”×9”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £20/25 (2017)
WHY? That's an easy one to answer. The Holocaust junkies don't want their VERY lucrative scam to be exposed, they need the free money to live like royalty and to bully the rest of the world into worshiping Apartheid Israel.


  1. Only AFTER Greater IsraHell and the new Patagonia settlements are complete, occupied, and safe, will the BORG apologize for the great hoax. By then, they will have such armaments accumulated in both places that no one would dare go against them without being immolated where they stand. People absolutely refuse to acknowledge that the BORG are not regular human beings ; they are the criminal sludge of humanity's cesspool and will rape, murder, and steal anything and everything they want, and if you dare go against them, then if you live, you will be slandered, smeared, discredited, and besmirched and wind up a pariah within your own homeland. People don't understand that these morons don't give a royal sh*t about anything but HAVING, having EVERYTHING, HAVING THE ENTIRE PLANET TO THEMSELVES. Enjoy your life, everyone, and be happy that you have lived in the time before the great BORG race cleansing, for it is well underway, and these filthy mindless psychotics will stop at nothing. Who knows, maybe they'll eventually all kill each other too, cause killing is in their genes. Agent Smith . . . "It is inevitable."

  2. Check out:

  3. Shadrach - Meshach and Abednigo....were not "Jews"
    and were not "Jewish"....

    so-called "Jews" show up as Pharisees and "MONEY CHANGERS"
    who must hate Jesus and have a Talmud...{{{PRINTED 500 AD}}}

    [no dallas cowboys at the alamo, no "Jews" in the Old Testament]

    going back in time to pull of an IDENTITY a
    Synagogue of Satan "JEW" specialty...

    dig this chutzpah....

    there were no "Jews" in Egypt...'Moses' was not a "Jew".
    David was not a "Jew", Samson was not a "Jew",
    Samuel was not a "Jew", Gideon was not a "Jew",
    Joshua was not a "Jew", Abraham was not a "Jew",
    Noah was not a "Jew", "G*D" is not a "JEW".

    SIX MILLION JEWS....not one "Hebrew" !!!

    the 20th century Shoah....comedy tour.

    curiously, no one on Earth HAS to be a "JEW"..!!

    so what is the de facto consequence of violating the

    FIRST COMMANDMENT....and why do Jesus hating psychopaths
    print the currency and own the media and pay the "JEW"
    worshipping crack whores in CONGRESS with filthy lucre...



    1. Julien romanovskyApril 6, 2019 at 6:16 AM

      Check out:

      by Carolyn Yeager

      ´´The Germans have been accused of making soap from jewish corpses in Auschwitz , but it takes a jew to make a soap opera there.

      Victim Elie Wiesel and victim enabler Oprah Winfrey made a soap opera at Auschwitz on January 29, 2006, exactly ten years ago. The two superstars, along with Winfrey’s film crew, met in front of the entrance to Birkenau and much of that filming was added to the documentary created later in-studio by Oprah’s production team. The resulting 45-minute “movie” was broadcast as part of The Oprah Winfrey Show in May of that year´´

      ´´No one went to a gas chamber because there were none. Wiesel never, ever spoke of a gas chamber in his book Night, written in 1954, and further edited from 1956-58. He only spoke of people taken to the crematorium after they died, which to him at that time was only from disease, hard work and mistreatment—not gas chambers!´´

      The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Weasel stopped breathing in 2016.

      (Aber leider ist es fur die meiste Leute in das freie Westen und auch unter den Arschloch crypto yid Putins noch nicht Aus mit die Witz).

      If you don´t buy the Gashof joke you (might) end up behind bars.

      (where putin, trump, may, macron, meilikovsky aka as netayaWho did 911 etc. belong)

  4. T. signs a bounced Golan heights cheque for his synagogue of satan buddy N.

    The after 6 hours deleted jr comments you can read here:

    julien romanovsky
    1 week ago
    Quite darkskinned ´´ Gamal Abdel Nasser this was a the 2nd president in Egypt in 1956. Abdel went on television and radio in the 50's and stated to the Askenazi "You have left Black and returned White you are impostors and shall never see peace" He was speaking about European Jews This comes from the book How the Hebrews became Jews by JoseƬ V. Malcioln¨ Check out:
    Jesus and the Hebrews were black:
    All Saints from The Holy Monastery of Aghiou Pavlou (Saint Paul’s)(c.1757) Mount Athos, easternmost peninsula of Chalkidiki, Greece
    Let some more of these quite unknown icons illustrate that Nasser was right : The healing of the man Sick of the Palsy. 11th century miniature in the Gospel. Lurentian Library, Florence A painting of JC in a church in Rome 350 AD
    Netanyahu set up the Jonathan Institute in the 70´s. in the US centered around anti-terrorism.
    In January 2001, the treasurer of both the Jonathan Institute and of Netanyahu’s electoral campaigns, real estate developer Larry Silverstein, secured a 99-year lease to the entire World Trade Center complex, including the Twin towers (how convenient)
    Who is foolin´who? Check out: Lucky Larry - he is no Chino PM: Chew & Lie - he chews but does not lie:
    He had the new designs of building 7 already April 200:
    What Nasser meant : the Askenazi jews are fake jews. Check out Israeli professor Schlomo Sands, Arthur Koestler the 13th tribe, dear fellow mortals (fake) jew or not. Mazzeltov. Yes Yiddish ain´t no Hebrew.
    ´´Bibi Netanyahu faces a tough reality for Israel. Mossad involvement in the 9/11 attacks has gone viral, and the Goyim are wise to the game.´´
    911 NetanyaWho Did It ? - For Bibi & Donnie
    The schoolteacher will talk to you afterwards. She will put you in the corner and hit you with her Rhythm stick. Remember, She created this Uni-Verse.

    Check out:

  5. julien romanovskiApril 5, 2019 at 2:59 PM

    Check out:

    From Indigenous American to African American PART XII

    julien romanovsky comment 10 minutes ago:

    Great videos, Kurimeo! Here some important add. notes: Nicolas started this discovery doctrine and Alexander VI followed his footsteps.

    Check out:

    ´The Doctrine of Discovery established a spiritual, political, and legal justification for colonization and seizure of land not inhabited by Christians. It has been invoked since Pope Alexander VI issued the Papal Bull “Inter Caetera” in 1493´´

    Alexander VI was born Rodrigo Borgia in Xativa, Valencia (!), Spain. He became Vatican ceo, 11 august 1492 (!). He commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to use his son Cesare Borgia (Cesare and Leonardo knew eachother quite well) as model in whitewashing all the authentic original icons of (deeply melanated) Jesus. Portrait of JC 350 AD Rome.

    So with this papal bull & this whitewashed image of JC the (probably) biggest genocide ever on earth took place.

    The catholic Spaniards & Portugese ´took care´ of South & Central America. The northern European anti-Vatican Protestant seafaring nations did the same in what is now the US & Canada.

    But the Spaniards under cryptojew Chris C. did not know the Americas at all. C. slept so to speak with a book on Marco Polo under his cushion, who went as backpacker via the Silk Road to India & China. India was known to be the roots of the mathematics of the (darkskinned) Moors who ruled and brought civilisation to Spain during 700 + years.

    The city states Genova and Venice and a few other Europeans went after Polo´s return back & forth to these (more highly developed than Europe) civilisations in the East . The Ottomans of nowadays Turkey got in a war situation which blocked the Silk Road, the entrance to the Orient. The Euro´s found themselves slightly disorientated, had to find another way to get to India, China etc.: by sea.

    When Columbus landed in the Carribean area he saw the darkskinned inhabitants >Marco Polo described the people of Southern India whom he saw. they have a very dark skin<. Voila: Chris C. thought he had made it to South India and named the people Indians.

    I did not finish my High School, the Highway became my hig school, have this info of a jew camerado of mine who lived in Mexico, he was an academic like Jack D. Forbes. (end comment).

    Jack D. Forbes was a professor in Native American studies at the Univesrsity of California.

    This friend of mine - who lived btw quite some years in Manhattanwith the Twin Towers as a view mentioned for the first time the term askenazi. I was drunk and I thought: why does he, a jew tell me to ask a Nazi?¿

  6. Julien romanovskyApril 6, 2019 at 9:57 AM

    Check out:

    Ask-a-Nazi !?¿!


    ´´You guys need to listen to me very carefully especially, the Anerican audience. Your country is under attack, and it is not under attack by Muslim fanatical people, it is under attack by Askenazi jews, the jews have taken over your country. Anywhere that you hear them saying on the propaganda them saying that Muslims are trying to take over the US, scratch that, and input the word jews.

    The jews control your banking system, the jews control your Federal Reserve, the jews control your Wallstreet, the jews control your corporations and all your jobs overseas, it is the the jews that control your Senate, it is the jews that control your Educational Board, it is the jews that control your legal system right here in the United States, it is the jews that are pushing for immigration, ...burger, Feinstein, Schumer, you know the usual suspects, it is the jews that are coming after you for guncontrol, for the final piece to call checkmate on you and your nation.´´

    Read the y-tube comment of Victor S. 3 months ago

    ´Top US General Says to Jerusalem Post 20 march 2018 American Troops Should be Prepared to Die for isra.el. under IDF command.´

    No problem, what a honor to end up in a body-bag for these self-chosen shitbags. Btw this US top general is a socalled black American.

    see gj comment at:


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