Sunday, April 28, 2019

Changing the Narrative? Goodby Allahu Akbar?

Notice how the story-line in these Deep State, Mossad/CIA, MK Ultra programmed False Flags has slowly changed from so-called 'eyewitnesses' proclaiming that before the shooter pulled the trigger, he shouted Allahu Akbar? So they were close enough to hear, but didn't get injured by the bullets, ricochets and shrapnel flying around?

Now its young white males, who get outed as being some kind of nationalistic, Mein Fuhrer type, who conveniently left a screed on some blog or social media site right before going out to kill some people?
Now with the most recent shooting in a Sin of God place, Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo has called for a "Summit," to be conveniently held in Israel
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also weighed in, describing the recent shooting as “a painful reminder that anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews is still with us, everywhere.”

He added: "No country and no society are immune (to anti-Semitism). Only through education for Holocaust remembrance and tolerance can we deal with this plague."
Plague? What fucking plague? Ultra-Orthodox Juden staging hate crimes to get insurance money and prop up their failing business?

This couldn't have anything to do with Nuttyahoo already indicted for multiple corruptions and fraud, with an arrest looming, so he has to show the world that we can't exist without Big Brother Bagel draped around our neck?

Surely it couldn't be because the world's 2nd most lucrative racket--the first being Jew controlled Central Banks like the FED--the Holocau$t ™ being outed more and more every day as a FRAUD?
Nor could it have anything to do with Israel supporting, supplying, aiding, giving medical care and money to ISIS?
Nah, it must be those damned Goyim.


  1. "Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also weighed in, describing the recent shooting as “a painful reminder that anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews is still with us, everywhere.”"
    Damn fu*ken right ! That's because these ugly filthy criminals won't stop committing crimes all over the planet. What, do you think we're all just gonna lay down and take it ? Are you insane ? You Jews have just begun to see the anger and hatred of this world for you. We're still giving you the benefit of the doubt, can't you see that ? Before we DESTROY you, we're giving you every chance to come clean, join humanity, and stop your STOOOPID nonsense, your endless greed and jealousy, the fake self-inflation that you are supreme beings when all you are, are supreme criminals !
    It's not about ANTI-SEMITISM ; it's about INJUSTICE, you fu*king creeps !!

  2. Check out:


    julien romanovsky 10 minutes ago
    @ Dana and all viewers: If you don´t mention the beast by its name, you can forget the feast.
    Check out: Michael Chertoff (USraeli citizen) was secretary of the US DHS Department of Homeland Security from 2005 to 2009. See: vid 03.19 He is ceo of a company called the Chertoff group which is partners with a company that manufactures the full-body scanners. So former DHS secretary Chertoff (what´s in a name? Chert means devil in Russian) made a lot of shekels of these cancer causing scanners. Of course he and his group knew that in advance, just following the talmud guidelines. He apparently plays a central role now in the 5G roll out & fills again his pockets, watch him here at 23 april 2019

    (BTW comment directly deleted, as expected, most probably -?- by clone sugarmountain & company)


    check out:

    gj comments d.d. 29 april

    There will be a big international 5 G conference in Valencia, Spain.

    The short jr comment can be read at Vidrebel. The comment was back for a few hours and is now deleted. Are those who allowed the comment now fired. I hope they are and use their video skills to prevent the 5 G Apocalypso.

  3. just to be clear and for the record :

    the children of Israel - In the Bible @ Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32-33,

    NEVER....ever "turned into {{{JEWS}}}"...The modern day so-called "JEWS"


    The Almighty in the Old Testament...Jesus' Daddy is not a demon "JEW" god...


    is the {{{JEWISH}}} DUNG "god"...Mammon. {{{FILTHY LUCRE}}} -


    how is it that people who can...SEE that the synagogue of Satan


    the {{{MEDIA}}}...and pay all the {{{JEW}}} worshipping CRACK WHORES

    in the CONGRESS...!!!

    and {{{THEY}}} have a {{{JEW}}} only state of psychopathic {{{TERRORIST}}}

    ASSHOLES in Palestine called "Israel" even though {{{THEY}}} admit to

    SIX MILLION poor little bitty {{{JEWS}} holocausted and not one was a

    "HEBREW"....WTF...OMG...{{{THEY}}} will never be "ISRAEL" !!!

    Jesus was not a Mongoloid or a Negroid...Just like Abraham.

    Just like Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David...all Not "JEWS" and

    not "NEGROIDS"...

    Truth isn't on holiday, and NO ONE ON EARTH HAS TO BE A "JEW" !!!



    1. Julien romanovskyApril 29, 2019 at 3:30 PM

      @ Davy

      No, you are absolutely wrong, icons don´t lie and your Bible describes the color of your JC, it may be difficult for many whites (and even non-whites) to digest, since they are all raised with this Cesare Borgia image, who was a very cruel type by the way. You can see that in the first sketches of da Vinci here of this Cesare Borgia: It is a christ-all-clear site

      There are hundreds of icons on pinterest which prove that this white JC is a Oprah (Borgia) make over.

      In combination with this Discovery Doctrine of Alexander 666 which is diametrically opposite to ´your´ NT JC, makes it very OT like talmudic.

      The discovery of America which is originally a negro continent. See the European South American academics. Do your homework. Luzia skull, Olmec heads.

      I don´t want to wast my time & energy with this now.

      This beautiful worls is on 5 G fire.

      I saw in my visions these things already since january 2014, had heard already vasguely the term 5G but just this very April I made the Connecticut.

      Connecticut. Ken ik die kut? Do I know that cunt? (Deckwitz told me that, it was a citation of XYZ)


      Here is a jr comment of today, at this moment there is a hacking goig , it is acomment on a Valencia international 5 G Conference coming June:

      5 G is a deadly Ferrari. The G in 5 G stands for Genocide. The former Department of Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff (a dual USraeli citizen and a major player in the 911 coverup, do your objective rersearch) has the lead in the 5 G roll out in the US. Funny his real homeland (...) israel is the craddle of 5 G technology and has banned unsurprisingly, 5 G. Conference participants should dwell on the (proven, hundreds of peer review studies) dangers of 5 G or else they are complicit in this 5 G Death Dance which will destroy their own lives as well. For all life forms on Earth the 5 G Apocalyso is real hell (What´s the name of that small country again at the other side of the Mediterranean where the 5 G choreography originated but where the 5 G blessings will not be radiated?).
      Chertoff was DHS secretary from 2005 - 2009. He is the ceo of the chertoff group and was in cahoots with the manufacturers of the full-body scanners at the major airports around the world. Made hundreds of millions of dollars after the orchestrated 2009 X-mas underwearbomber , when he sold these 5G emanating machines after this poor theater. Many DHS airport employees working with Chert´s macines died. ´Chert´ in Russian means devil. what´s in a name ? A survivor tells it all :

      it will certainly not be aired by this org. who uploaded this vid.


      What JC in essence taught was what all Seers Sages etc. taught: You are not the body, not the mind!!!!! You are....

      He called ikt Kingdom of Heaven etc.

  4. thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image...

    you're right, Jesus was a nigger JEW, but not a sodomite. aware of that bearing false witness admonition...

  5. Yes, what do we actually have here: white fake jews and a white fake JC since 1492.

    But most urgent whoever you or whereever you are: don´t let these fake white jews unleash their 5 G WMD. Tell everyone of your cellphone using fellow mortals from now on. Since it is not in the fake news of the white fake jews.

    White crypto fake jew Donald T. with this fake nigga Ajit Paj (or something) spoke 15 April 2019 on the birthday of satanic rabbi Schneerson (USA National Education & Sharing Day signed into Law by socalled Christian JC Jimmy Carter already in April 1978, No Peanuts!!!) on the 5 G roll out within fucking 3 months.

    You all in the USA and the rest of the whole world a little later will live in a Chertoff full-bodyscanner 24/7, a Magnetron Permanente and one ´positive´ thing: not for so many years.

    We will all be cooked by these satanic Untermenschen.

    James can you show me the Sabrosky Soulution (no typo), please, thank you.

    For clarity purpose: Alan Sabrosky formulated roughly speaking this:

    If Americans knew that isra.el. did 911, that country will be history.

    So especially Americans (nomatter what their skincolor is) bring up this Chertoff diablo as leader behind the 5G roll out, then it is done with that slc that invented this WMD 5G and has conveniently banned it.

    You don´t hear Make America Great Again T. about that! He should be ousted and jailed.

    He puts the entire US population on Death Row, a very speedy rollin 5 G Death assembly line.

    5 G black boxes will be hanging on lamposts every 100 meter (remember the Bush I lampost saying) in front of your house, your kids bedroom.

    Why do you think that fake white jew Apple inventor of the smartphone Steve Jobs did not give the smartphone to his own kids????? But he made billions with these smart toys for goy gals and boys.

    Greg, I only vaguely browsed through a pdf of Fritz Sprinmeyer, not so long ago, about the satanic bloodline dynasties.

    (I know 2 of my friends who started out as mossad tools ´put on me´ are Dupont & the owner of a famous occult bookshop in the canal centre of Amsterdam is Leon Dupont, a satanist pur sang, met him quite sometimes in heavy esp entounters, damn it this very fucking instant I realise the impact of the name of that shop: AU BOUT DU MONDE)

    It is closed already, see here:

    Springmeier speaks of the 5G roll out as extinction event. He is right.

    We still can avert it.

  6. Funny, I completely believe the 5G rollout IS an extinction event. But here's what I also believe . . . that all the Chemtrails we've been sucking into our lungs are designed to AID in the absorption of the 5G radiation, a kind of guarantee of its lethal effectiveness.
    It won't even matter if you have a WILL ; no one is going to survive. The infrastructure will remain intact and the JEWS will just walk into their NEW HOME. Now tell me, HOW THE HELL DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL ?


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