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Moe Jew Degeneracy? And NOT the first time

Two of these 'sex for hire' businesses are called 'One Taste"--a play on sex- and "Cuddlist."
The Dark Side of the Orgasmic Meditation Company

OneTaste is a sexuality-focused wellness education company based in the Bay Area. It’s best known for classes on “orgasmic meditation,” a trademarked procedure that typically involves a man using a gloved, lubricated fingertip to stroke a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes...

Currently, students pay $499 for a weekend course, $4,000 for a retreat, $12,000 for the coaching program, and $16,000 for an “intensive.” In 2014, OneTaste started selling a yearlong $60,000 membership, which lets buyers take all the courses they want and sit in the front row. Staff also encourage students to repeat courses, telling them the experience changes as they progress. OneTaste says about 1,400 people have taken its coaching program, 6,500 have come to an intro class, and more than 14,000 have signed up for online courses and its app.

Cuddlist is run by one Adam Lippin, who has the facial features of a Juden:

And like "One Taste," it too sells sexual encounters couched behind some kind of phony emotional healing:
Why We Started Cuddlist

From Adam Lippin, Co-Founder and CEO

We all want love, acceptance and connection with other people. We’re social beings, and this connection with others is part of our emotional, physical and spiritual DNA.

Touch plays an important role in building these connections, increasing scientific evidence clearly shows a connection that lack of touch can lead to depression, anxiety and a myriad of heath issues, and an inability to connect with others. We will be exploring the healing power of Non Sexual, Consensual Touch in detail in upcoming posts.

Most of us don’t get enough touch in our lives.

We’re touch-deprived, and most of us don’t even know it consciously. All we know is that there’s loneliness and stress and a deep sense of missing out. We feel this because there’s a biochemical yearning for something that is missing in our lives. And there is something missing: touch and the connection with others that it fosters.

That’s why we started Cuddlist. Safe, non-sexual, consensual touch fills a need that’s badly neglected in our society. Cuddling relaxes us and reduces stress at the very least, and on the deeper level it nourishes our soul and helps us get in touch with our higher self. Much like yoga and meditation, non-sexual touch is healing and transformative.
Yes, I'm sure getting horny men to manually stimulate a half-naked woman's clitoris for 15 minutes and charging outrageous prices for this kind of prostitution is very emotionally stimulating.

Just be sure to bring lots of money and your credit card(s), because it ain't cheap.
The company's classes can range from $199 for an introduction to $4,000 for a retreat, to $16,000 for an "intensive". The company also started charging $60,000 for an annual membership in 2014. According to the company, about 1,400 people have taken its coaching program, 6,500 have come to an intro class, and more than 14,000 have signed up for online courses and its app.
This happened before, in Germany after WWI. Jews went into porn, degeneracy and prostitution big time:
Germany and the Jewish Question By Dr. Friederich Karl Wiehe

Published for the Institute for studies of the Jewish question, Berlin (1938)

This strong sexuality in Jews, chained in the ghetto of the Middle Ages was flooding into the public life of the states as a result of the emancipation. But it didn’t get a completely free line until all barriers in the form of police surveillance and censorship were removed in Germany after the defeat in 1918. Then a flood of immoral litterature, immoral films and theatre plays poured out into Germany, primarily nourished by Jews. Concerning the field of litterature it has already been mentioned, that the publishers and writers of the immoral litterature, that were flooding the book market, was Jews and Jews again. In the hundreds of thousands of volumes that were seized in 1933 we find the same names repeatedly. Aside from publishing houses like Benjamin Harz, Richard Jacobsthal, Leon Hirsch, M. Jacobsohn or Jacobsthal & Co., we mention here above all the Vienna-Jewish “Verlag für Kulturforschung” (Publishing house of Cultural Research), the production of which could fill whole libraries. The names say everything: “Sittengeschichte des Lasters” (The history of morals and vices), “Sittengeschichte der Schamlosigkeit” (The history of morals and shamelessness), “Bilderlexikon der Erotic” (Picture Lexicon of Erotiscism), “Sittengischichte des Geheime und Verbotene” (The history of the secret and the forbitten) etc.

Among the writers the following names should be maintained: Dr. Ludwig Lewy-Lenz, Leo Schidrowitz, Dr. Iwan Bloch, Franz Rabinowitsch, Georg Cohen, Dr. Albert Eulenburg, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld.

Iwan Bloch and Magnus Hirschfeld were also the real representatives of sexual research camouflaged as science, that was really nothing but mere pornography and degradation of marriage and family. Their collaborators were Felix Abraham and Lewy-Lenz. However one looks in vain for any known non-Jewish “sexual scientist”!

The filthy publications of these pseudoscientists speak clearly about what was going on in the “Institue for Sexual Science” and similar enterprises of Magnus Hirschfeld: “Sexual catastrophies”, “Sexual Pathology”, “Aphrodisiacs”, “Contraception” (by Magnus Hirschfeld); “The Perverted”, “Prostitution”, “Sexuality in our Times” (by Iwan Bloch)...

Finally we must not forget the Jewish city medical officer for the capital of Berlin, Dr. Max Hodan. He spread the poison of moral decay in the broad public with his “Worker’s Sexual Chronicle” and thus acquired a certain unlaudable fame by carrying on shameless propaganda for male and female masturbation.

The Danish ambassador in Haag, Scavenius, was quite right when he said about three years ago in a radio lecture, that Germany at that time had become the pornographic centre of the world.
Not sure there is a Devil, but if there exists one, he has many enthusiastic helpers in Jews and since Juden love both deviate sex and shekels, this will be a growth business.

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  1. Shove it up your ass, Lippin, you deviant psychotic Jew rat ! Go cuddle your $8000 real doll. I don't want to be touched except by the woman who cares about me and loves me. Hey, I wonder if this whole thing is in response to Joe Biden's "touching." They are trying to diffuse it and make it seem aok. OMG, tell me I'm wrong. God, I hate Jews. I've never hated anyone or anything more in my life than these filthy perverted lying cheating backstabbing bloodthirsty arrogant criminals. Why is it taking this world so long to destroy these motherfuckers ? Just imagine how beautiful life will be for all of us once these pedophiles and organ harvesting, money-grubbing apes are gone forever !! Hate is what they want, and HATE is what they have earned, but it's not gonna be like how they want it ; it's not gonna between the good races in America, no Sir !! America has awoken to the evil of the Jew and we are all talking everywhere, in grocery stores, in gyms, in libraries, in movie theaters about how we are all going to unite ; Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics alike ; we are ALL going to unite AGAINST THE JEW and we are going to flay these bastards alive !!


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