Monday, April 15, 2019

(((Who's))) Good at Telling LIES to Alter History?

Looks like the (((Big Tech))) companies have done it again, changing a word in President Lincoln's Gettysburg address to continue on with their devious plan to wipe the white race off the Earth.

The word they changed is forefathers, to fathers, which is a bit confusing, since their definitions they are closely related in meaning:
Here is the original and authentic Gettysburg address:

Four score and seven years ago our forefathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now, here is the altered speech...Hopefully readers will see the difference:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
So what's their game plan? But they fucked up, their AI didn't find it in a song by Johnny Cash, who spoke the GA with the original word, forefathers:

Go to JEWoogle and look up the GA and you'll find all info on the links has been changed to 'fathers.'

And at this site, called "Quizlet," used for English tests. Looks like the AI missed this too..for now.
These demented SOB's will get around to fixing their error, so the truth will be dropped down the Memory Hole.

America, it's time to rise up and take back our heritage from these Zionist land thieves or be prepared to live like the Palestinians, slowly getting eradicated off the face of the Earth.

Time for another 1776 and forget about Trump, he's nothing more than a greedy, back-stabbing, traitor who is serving Israel, not the USA.


  1. Julien romanovskyApril 15, 2019 at 1:29 PM

    The Unknown side of Lincoln

    vid: 9.21

    ´If Abraham Lincoln had his way, there would be no black people in America today at all. None.´

    Lerone Benett jr author: ´Forced into Glory : Abrahams Lincoln White Dream´


    Lincoln proposed that the United States government buy the slaves and deport them to Africa or South America. 

    This was not a passing whim. 

    In five major policy declarations, including two State of the Union addresses and the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, the sixteenth president of the United States publicly and officially called for the deportation of blacks*.

    On countless other occasions, in conferences with cronies, Democratic and Republican leaders, and high government officials, he called for colonization of blacks or aggressively promoted colonization by private and official acts (…)

     *see: gj-comment at:


    Lincoln established a Central Bank in the US, the wet dream of Karl Marx, who congratulated him in a letter:

  2. what synagogue of satan economic terrorist MASS MURDER for FILTHY LUCRE
    {{{CULT}}} spent more than 20 years "setting up" the so-called "Civil War"

    in History always remember that the Synagogue of Satan psychopathic
    economic terrorists are after MASS MURDER for filthy lucre, and the

    "White People" being the Children of Israel are very easy to manipulate
    into a fratricidal conflict to sacrifice hundreds of millions on the
    blood soaked altar of the synagogue of seems to be a ....

    reoccurring nightmare....! See First Commandment for White People "Israel"
    in the Bible where there are no "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism...being


    Just to be clear...Abraham was not a "Jew", Abraham did not have a copy
    of the TALMUD and HATE Jesus...

    Abraham did not START- BEGIN - FOUND - or otherwise have anything at all
    to do with TALMUDIC JUDAISM...or Islam.

    Islam is a bastard MAMZER "monster child of the Talmudic Terrorists"..


    eventually all the workers of iniquity will be going into the eternal

    "FIERY FURNACES" of truth according to the Messiah for the Children of Israel
    who have never been and will never be "JEWS"...

    SEE MATTHEW 13:39-43 !!!

    common sense and logic trump jewtardism and malicious stupidity....

    part of that energy use concept is very sound advice...even in a
    JEWTARD society full of Jewtards - eventually intelligent young men
    will stop being jewtarded and do something worthwhile...and beneficial
    and stop wasting time and energy "JEW" worshipping

    use a little common sense and think about it...

    only braindeadgoy JEW worship ...the Synagogue of Satan psychopaths



  3. Julien romanovskyApril 15, 2019 at 2:47 PM

    vid.: 5.41

    Pierre Lenfant Freemason architect was commissioned by George Washington (a Freemason) to desgin the street layout of Washington DC,.......

    The vid shows an aerial photo of Washington DC, pregnant with Masonry symbolism the pyramid on the dollar & continues with the letters M.A.S.O.N. hidden in the USD and ends with jew satanist La Vey. (old stuff)

    The WH is located at the (southhern most tip) of the inverted pentagram.


    Greg, today at Angriffan:

    the jr comment:

    (The Forefathers, if Lincoln meant the Founding Fathers, were practically all Masons) GW was...

    ´Great piece. The diagram via Fitzpatrick reminded me of the Mason logos of the US police, I stumbled upon via Johnnie Aborigine: (In Your Face)

    Here is his source:


    Talkin´ about ´Deep State´ and its historic roots....

    Are the US cops etc. trying to carry out what Lincoln behind his ´Great Emancipator´ mask forced upon him only dreamt about? USA, a white-only Apartheidstate?

    Chess maestro Fischer was right on that plane to Iceland.

    (the anti-yid game by Whites esp. in the Americas is a Pot calling the Kettle Black.)

    All Americans, for that matter all non-yids on Terra are cattle going to be culled by the synagogue of satan of fake jews.

    G5 = GG Georgia Guidestones within 90 days in the US theater.

    I remember one saying ascribed to A.L. ´´ With love towards all, with malice towards none´´

    How untrue.

  4. The Jews did Notre Dame, the Jews did the museum in Brazil, the Jews did the California forest fires last year.
    When is this world gonna hold these scumbags accountable for their crimes. Why do we even bother with "due process." Screw that. It's time for REVENGE !!


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