Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Does the 'K' in Kushner Stand for Corrupt?

Apparently so, since President Jared holds the record for trying to hide his financial and business ties to various shady outfits around the word. Jared has now revised his national security disclosure form over 40 times, setting a record.
President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner erroneously reported information about two real estate loans, bringing the number of times he's updated his federal disclosure form to 40 times or more, according to a report.

The two latest misstatements concerned loans that Kushner's family-run real estate company Kushner Cos. made to two projects in Brooklyn, 9 DeKalb Avenue and 215 Moore Street, ProPublica reported on Thursday. The loans could have yielded more income through interest over a year than the amount the loans themselves were worth, according to an analysis of Kushner's disclosure by the nonprofit media organization.
Bet you a dozen bagels that Kushner has dozens more hidden LLC's and offshore accounts that he hasn't disclosed, nor will he, unless someone with balls at the DOJ steps up and does their duty.

President Jared also got his faithful toady Trump to threaten economic sanctions against Qatar, and suddenly, some Qatari stepped up to give Jared a much needed cash infusion for his reckless purchase of a that building at 666 5th venue and presto, no sanctions against Qatar!

But don't worry about President Jared, surrounded by a team of Orthodox Jews infesting the WH--Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt and David Schenker-- and telling their lap dog Tubby the Grifter what to do and who to do it to, in the ME and SW Asia and N. Africa.

Here in the Midwest, hundreds of thousands of farmers are facing ruin from the disastrous flooding, due to an excess of rain and poorly maintained levees, but do you hear anyone in the WH promising to assist these Americans?

No, because they're not Juden, so they don't get or deserve help from the DC Swamp, solely dedicated to fighting wars for Israel and busting up nations Zionists want destroyed.
Just when you thought it couldn't get anymore Jewified in DC, along comes anudder Juden to peep into our windows and listen to our phones:
Israel advocate Ravich named to senior intelligence post, planned US-Israel cyber project against BDS

New deputy chair of the Intelligence Advisory Board, which helps shape U.S. intelligence policy, is Samantha Ravich – an Israel advocate who previously worked for AIPAC spinoff WINEP, was a senior advisor to pro-Israel FDD, senior advisor to the Chertoff Group…
Jared also worships the God known as Mammon, and it apparently pays well to suck up to that deity!
If Trump 'wins' again in 2020, by 2024, due to the incompetent, bungling fool Kushner's pathetic advice and their gangsters (((buds))) in the FED and those TBTF Jew York City banks, most of America will start looking like Gaza.
Is Jared Kushner Dangerous for America?

It is not unusual for the security of the Middle East to be put at risk by incompetent, greedy, misguided princelings. Sometimes they are worse than that and downright evil as Saudi Arabia’s murderous Prince MBS.
Is Kushner dangerous for America? The answer should be obvious.
The Crown Prince of Trumpistan: Jared Kushner is even worse than you think.

Imagine a preeminent White House official who is unqualified, incompetent, and contemptuous of the law. Or who conceals his contacts with foreign officials, is targeted for exploitation by foreign intelligence services because of his naïveté and lack of ethics, and is deemed a security risk by his own government.

Imagine one who conducts suspicious and undisclosed meetings with a foreign power. Or who enmeshes America in the reckless acts of a murderous foreign autocrat. Or who exploits his position for personal and business advantage.

Any one of these conditions would ordinarily be cause for the official’s resignation and disgrace—mandating this malefactor’s immediate termination.

But what if that the president’s most influential advisor combined all these qualities—yet was also the president’s son-in-law.

Well, then you’d have Jared Kushner.
Arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, sticky fingers and inflated opinion of yourself is very dangerous, and that idiot is Trump's Senior Advisor?


  1. I have to believe at this point that the Jews are in a mad dash to steal everything that isn't nailed down because they plan to jump ship and migrate to China after this. The goyim are catching on, so it is time for them to give us the old Nazi treatment. Trump is being cast as the next "Hitler" (only without actually trying to save Americans from Jews) and the whole world will cheer our comeuppance as the superpower title is handed off to China. Jews have to be purposely killing off America. Either that or the are some of the dumbest f#ckers in the human species. Could be either one, really.

    Let's just hope that our Asian overlords have the sense to nip that in the bud. Of course, it won't really help us much as we are set to become a third world sweatshop nation -- but I'd like to see it happen just for the lolz. Gonna be hard to exploit the Chinese since they don't do empathy or compassion as a society. It is survival of the fittest all the way and there is no way Jews can compete with Asians when a strong work ethic is required.

    Time to butter the popcorn and sit back and watch the show. It is going to be a sh#tfest, no doubt, but I have faith that it will have a happy ending.

  2. "The day is not distant when all the riches and treasures of the earth will become the property of the Children of Israel".
    James Rothschild III: Manifesto to all the Jews of the Universe

  3. And now we have anudder Gulf of Tonkin False Flag, in the Straits of Hormuz. Zionist Jews and their neoCON lackey's are chomping at the bit to get their lapdog Trump to bomb, bomb bomb Iran and this might just do it.

    Why do I wonder that if Israel did not exist and the conniving Jews were back in their ghettos, the world would be a much more peaceful place?

  4. 5 G GATE?

    Vid 5.50:

    Kevin Mottus MD of the CA brain tumor association: " we are spending billions and billions and thus showing the way to the industry of taking advantage of us"

    check out: The Book of Golden Promises – 400 billion Broadband scandal:


    uploaded 4 january 2019 by Josh del Sol Beaulieu: "Disclosure about 5G and its unprecedented risk for humanity is occurring within the United Nations. Thanks to longtime UN staff member and whistle-blower Claire Edwards, who recently contacted me with this powerful story which touches all of humanity and our shared future. It is time we do what we are here to do."

    7 January 2019 : 5 G War on Humanity


    April 12, 2019 - 5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit


    5 June 2019 - 5G CRISIS:

    "Historic Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the FCC by Municipalities Across the USA

    Some of the cities represented in this rapidly growing class action lawsuit:

    Tom Wheeler´s (& co) nightmare ´being rolled in´ a wheelchair into a Court.


    Check out:

    Chabad ass-holistic Jared KushnAIR is Chairman of the US Council of Technology as such the 5 G roll out in the USA is his fart.

    CIA O

  5. Kushner , Greenblatt & netanyaWho did 911, meet in june 2017 uploaded by Haaretz:

    A good article of 12 april 2019 at State of the Nation I read today: 5 G roll out is T.´s 911

  6. Julien romanovskyJune 13, 2019 at 3:38 PM

    If Hitler was really anti yid or anti yid bankers why did he not really aplly the 6 trillion Endlosung? Hitler was a jew so was Goebbels, who was a Dutch jew.

    He did aplly a final solution, as hidden RotSchild tool, he created the state of israhell.

    6 million of his fellow jews did not die, but at least 60 million white European Christians did
    during 1914 - 1945 wars. A real burnt offering.

    And btw Kaminski a Hitler adorer, must be a polish jew, to his blind brain all non-whites are inferior scum. He denies the historic truth of JC btw. And any research to the skin color of someone whom you say did not exist is not necessary.

    Such an empty idiot kaminSki Heil. True, when I started this re-search 10 years ago I was inspired by his anti-Talmud stand.

    Btw jew Hitler was buddies with the Vatican. The Vatican of course never recalled the every blind child could see the anti JC Dicovery Doctrine of Spanish pope Borgia Alexander 666 to kill off the (mostly black) native Americans if they did not the white (washed). JC.

    Alexander 666 who became Vatican ceo 11 august 1492 welcomed the yids ´expelled from Spain´ to Rome, they could continue with their customs.

    If someone who is so openly dissing the yids is still not taken out by them, question marks!!!
    I happened to read his last piece. Santa Claus was A black Moor. Black muslim Moors civilised Spain. Europe was prior to 1492 in the ´dark´.

    K. must have read what I wrote here 1-2 days ago, he writes: black savages Obama and his negro consorts, what will they have in store for us whites etc.

    Good old Eustace Mullins called him an infiltrator in a interview with Daryl Smith. These vids uploaded by the rape of justice are all deleted.

    For me it is important that 5 G is not rolled out globally as the Americas was taken over since 1492.

    Sorry, I don´t see the progress. Some tec gadgets, yes. But look at the results.

  7. Kushner IS President Trump is only an acting mouthpiece .......


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