Wednesday, June 19, 2019

If Der Evil Nazis had Such an Efficient Killing Machine, Why so Many Holocau$t ™ Survivors?

Good Question, why are there so many Holocau$t ™ survivors, if the so-called Death Camps were killing machines?

Let's take a look at some of these 'survivor' stories, maybe we can figure it out for ourselves why there are now more Juden getting free money, health care and other gibs, around NINE FUCKING MILLION, when Der Gassem Chambers were supposed to be the height of killing technology back then:
Freddy survived ELEVEN Death Camps? What a load of horseshit.

I've got to add this one, since it's one of the more ludicrous LIES Jews have been kvetching about for the last 8 decades:
Add to the above stupidity the anus death pumps, in which Hans would insert a rubber hose into Miriam's anus, then blow in air till her intestines burst or those Nazi masturbation machines, which would milk poor Shlomo to death, plus don't forget those human powered pedal machines which would bash in Chaim's brains, and blah, blah, blah..

Besides being lying, deceitful, conniving, thieving con artists, Der Jews also have a very vivid imagination...that has paid them well. And as the under siege Palestinians can painfully show, those Khazar Jew imposters are ruthless murderers and land thieves.

Hell, even kids of those poor Juden who claimed to be Holocau$t ™ survivors are getting mucho shekels.

Lawsuit: Recognize 2nd generation as Shoah victims

Jesus Christ, does this con never stop, or will it go on in to infinity?
Why do HoloHOAX survivors get reparations, but Black Americans are told to forget their history?
“Oh, come ON! Slavery was 150 years ago! They need to get over it! Just stop already!”

“Why?”, I retort. “Why not? What, us Jews can holler “Remember the Holocaust” until our throats are sore, but Black people have to forget their history?”

“Come on Liz, it’s not the same, and you know it.”
Anudder excellent question,since Jews were the major players in the Atlantic slave trade.
"THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOAH BUSINESS.....BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY BUSINESS VE KNOW..." Now pay up Goy, and stop pissing and moaning about our very lucrative Holocau$t ™ racket, or we just might knock down some more skyscrapers!


  1. We are literally living in a real life version of "The Emperor Has No Clothes". We all have to pretend that this BS is real while the Jews walk around baring their asses and shoving their tiny junk in our faces.

    For a long time I've tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. I thought that surely not all of them are like this. But the more time goes by, the more I realize that if they aren't actually engaged in perpetrating the lie, they are bending over backwards trying to cover up for the liars. None of them have the courage or the integrity to tell the truth. And not just a snippet of truth -- but the whole MF truth.

    And, no, Jews don't really have a good imagination. A wild imagination -- like a child, maybe. If they had a good imagination, they could create better lies that wouldn't be obviously fake. Only someone mentally challenged (so much for the myth of the high IQ jew) or 5 years old would think that anyone would buy such laughable fantasies.

    It takes near 24/7 indoctrination to keep people from thinking about the Holocaust critically and logically. Even then, the same old brainwashing technique is losing its efficacy and they are going to need a distraction -- like say WW3 where they can kill off as many Holocaustianity deniers as possible. I advise everyone to make hard copies of the truth before they take full control of all things digital and memory hole them.

  2. I advise everyone to make hard copies of the truth before they take full control of all things digital and memory hole them.

    Good advice and I concur. Since we all know (((whom))) controls the media, Hollywood will soon go back to those great B & W films made during WWII that said NOTHING about gas chambers or the 6 gorillion, only inferred that the Germans were running concentration camps and that horrible things were going on, but they NEVER said what those things were.
    The Hollywood Juden will digitally insert holoHOAX dialog into those old movies, then trot them out as some kind of proof that the Shoah did happen, and you're just a neo-Nazi anti-Semite to say or even think otherwise.

    Even the great James Garner, Eva Marie Saint 1964 movie, "36 Hours," in which Eva played someone who had been let out of Ausshitz to help con the James Garner character into thinking D-Day had happened years ago, made the obligatory reference to Ausshitz, where Eva was a nurse working in that facility's elderly care center said the worst part of being there was the constant hunger...NO mention of Der Gassem Chambers.
    But they did tell the truth about Ausshitz having an elderly care center, which blows apart the usual holoHOAX BS about the elderly being executed upon arrival.

    I am so, so very sick and tired of their BS, but the fight must go on.

  3. The 4ever victim Jew hasnt changed in centuries , a born free loader , loafer and pickpocket , lazy and shiftless , never involved in physical manual labor , lying and conniving cheating and stealing ....Typical of their way of life ...


    AH & hisNazis can´t be evil, impossible, they followed the US model. AH got a hard on thinking of Planned Parenthood founder Margareth Sanger.


    Blacks are number one on the extermination agenda of the s.o.s. & co , targeting all races in many ways:

    38.25 Covert Food Sterilzation

    In a NYT article of 1969, the chief science advisor of Nixon : “Can we not invent a way to reduce our population growth rate to zero? Every human institution — school, university, church, family, government and international agencies such as Unesco — should set this as its prime task.”

    “ Now, nearly fifty years later, the New York Times is seeing its wish come true: Sterility “engineering” of food crops that can cause global human depopulation without anyone knowing they’re being sterilized.”

    TOOWAY PAKAWAY / Johnnie Aborigine:

    ´´.....Countless African slave myths in the United States were created from the colonial laws of enslaving rerclassified ´black´ Americans, on their own ancestral homeland. ”

    “ The United States is only powerful & in existence, because they changed black Americans identity, from Aboriginal to Negro, colored, black & African American.

    The United States only controls this land because they rewrote black Americans history, to brainwash them to believe they were foreign imported slaves with no ties to the land: and keep them oppressed."

    “The United States will dall apart the moment, the moment black Americans stop promoting themselves as dead colors, genocide reclassifications, and revisionist histories, and collectively reclaim themselves as the original people of the land.”

    to Bee continowd


    Did you know.....The earliest people the Europeans encountered in America are the ancestors of todays black Americans, who have been reclassified by the United States government and disconnected from their ancestors.....”

    “....small pox did not kill millions of (native) Americans, racial reclassification and paper genocide did...”

    Read this whole passage of how the Mongloid Indians react, who lived in the North West plains of the US only, when they are presented with documentary evidence by black native Americans ….......

    a comment emerald_true @ johnnie aborigine
    Facts. They dont like the lie challenged because not only can we prove we were here, but we got here before them.

    (Here Jack D. Forbes professor of Native American studies of UCLA is actually quoted)

    “ One of the biggest lies the US has taught, told & convinced the socalled African Americans and the rest of the world is how you got on north America on slaveships by the millions & that you were never here on American soil until Europeans brought you over!”

    to Bee continowd

  6. Gabreal Jones: May 15, 2019 at 7:03 pm at:

    How many (African) slaves actually ended up in the USA?

    Johnnie Aborigine (JA):

    “Only 14 % of black Americans are African slaves descendants, the rest are aboriginal ´black´ people who are reclassified American aborigines. Less then 190.000 slaves directly from Africa were shipped into the United States.

    Direct African imports were imported primarily into Virginia and Carolina. Another 198.000 slaves were shipped into the United States from the Carribean. They were mainly Caracal and Arawak Indians”

    This figure corresponds roughly with the number mentioned by Henry Louis Gates Jr:

    Gates writes:”Incredibly, most of the 42 million members of the African-American community descend from this tiny group of less than half a million Africans. And I, for one, find this amazing”

    Gates (and his paymasters) should take note of Aborigine´s work.

    It is a lengthy thread but ends with:

    The saying goes with the sword and the cross the takeover of the American landmass took place
    A small correction, perhaps needed:With the sword (the gun) & the whitewashed image of the carpenters son, 5G sus!

    15 May the day that this gj comment got published by Horse237/Vidrebel happened to be the international anti - 5 G action day.

    Recorded earlier, Pakaway is not in favour of Christianity. understandable. He is a very clear Voice of America, but should take notice of the Borgia Oprah make over avant la lettre of JC.

  7. That 14 % part will have this Is real black Hebrew element in it.

  8. Thank you so much for the detailed article.Thanks again.


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