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What was Sleazebag Kushner Doing Meeting Privately with Mexico's Foreign Secretary?

"Boss King, what you want me to do? And when are you coming over again so we can sleep in my bed?!?!"
Kushner is president in all but title, which is dangerous, since the slippery SOB can slither around, meeting heads of state, bankers and gangsters to implement whatever plan his boss, Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo wants done.

The following article lays out the fact that Kushner is basically running his own foreign policy, independent of the State Dept and the Pentagon. But only gives 5 paragraphs to that fact, even though that greasy huckster is breaking a number of laws, but he's a Jew, so Shhh! we don't talk about Jews breaking the law, why that would be anti-Semitic.

The other FIFTY paragraphs blather on about Orange Man bad, Russia interfered in the 2016 elections--which has been proved to be a lie and that Orange Man bad...I agree with their synopsis of Drumpf, but to deliberately ignore Kushner breaking laws speaks volumes about who is really in control of the USG.

Trump Wants to “Bring back the Death Penalty for Anti-Semites”... and let Ivanka preside over the executions?
'It makes me angry’: Tillerson vents frustrations with Kushner

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was having dinner at a local restaurant when the owner came over to tell him that Mexico’s foreign secretary happened to be eating at the same place. Would he like to say hello?

Tillerson was surprised, he recently recounted to congressional aides, because he hadn’t been informed that his Mexican counterpart, Luis Videgaray Caso, was in Washington, D.C. He walked over to find that Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, was dining with the foreign diplomat.

“I could see the color go out of the face of the foreign secretary of Mexico as I very — I smiled big, and I said: ‘Welcome to Washington,’” Tillerson told the staffers. “And I said: ‘I don’t want to interrupt what y’all are doing.’ I said: ‘Give me a call next time you’re coming to town.’ And I left it at that.” According to Tillerson, the Mexican diplomat had thought that the secretary of State was fully aware that he was meeting with Kushner. Apparently, however, Kushner hadn’t looped in the State Department.

...Kushner, who has pitched in on everything from U.S. trade policy with Mexico to trying to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, would sometimes travel abroad and not coordinate with the U.S. Embassy where he was going. Tillerson said he raised such issues with Kushner, who promised to “do better.”

“Not much changed,” Tillerson said.
So what was that meeting with Mexico's Foreign Secretary about? Was Kushner working out some kind of plan to keep the Sinoala drug cartel happy while pocketing some shekels at the same time?

Were they working to ensure that a steady stream of immigrants keep heading North to cross into the USA?

Some (((people))) love that idea.

Or maybe Israel wants to repeat its 9/11 FF success, but this time blame Iran, and want to make sure Mexico is onboard and doesn't arrest the Mossad thugs there to blow something up?

Just like the Mossad almost did back in October, 2001:
Bomb in San Lázaro

Were carrying attaché case with explosives and grenades. Carrying guns, were arrested by guards

THERE was uproar in the Chamber of Deputies, provoked by the arrested of two individuals, presumed to be of Israeli origin, who were carrying a high power gun and an attaché case with nine grenades, three magazines with 53 cartridges and C-4 explosives, considered to be highly powerful.

The arrested men who said they were called Salvador Gerson Sunke, of Mexican nationality, and Sar ben Zui, who said he was a colonel of the Israeli special forces, remained in custody for over three hours in the legislature building, during which they said nothing, before they were interviewed by officials of the Public Prosecutor's office (PGR) who removed them from the Legislature Palace, concealed in hoods, and placed them under arrest.

[The article continues on an inside page by saying that the two arrested Israelis were also found to be carrying Pakistani passports]
The Pakistani passports is a nice touch. Trick and lie the US into fighting wars for Israel and Zionism, and at the same time, put the hex on the one nation that has nukes that refuses to kiss Israeli ass, Pakistan.

Whatever that POS was up to, you can damn well bet it was to further his own interest$ and do mucho favors for the nation he's loyal to, Israel, while shitting on the USA at the same time.
Kushner behind Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner represents Jewish interests in the United States that basically caused the US president to withdraw Washington from the Iran nuclear agreement, says an American writer and former professor.
E Michael Jones, the current editor of Culture Wars magazine, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday while commenting on a statement by former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who said that Kushner conducted diplomacy without his knowledge when he was in the administration, leading to several embarrassing incidents.

Tillerson, who was fired by Trump in March 2018, recounted the incidents during a testimony last month at the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, according to a transcript of a congressional hearing released on Thursday.
The former top US diplomat and CEO of ExxonMobil described his frustration with Kushner conducting his own diplomacy from the White House, at times without informing the US State Department and the Pentagon.

“This is illegal according to American political system. It violates – I believe – a Logan Act. But in this instance it is going to go unpunished because the part of the story that’s not reported here is Jared Kushner is representing Jewish interests here,” Jones said.

“And no one is allowed to question Jewish interests, if you bring it up you will be called an anti-Semite. There are Jewish interests. It is obvious but no one is allowed to talk about them,” he added.

“So the real significance of the story will be covered over by the mainstream media who were limited to the two areas of insignificance. This of course has direct relevance to Iran because it was Jewish interests that basically caused Donald Trump to abandon the Iran nuclear agreement,” the analyst noted.

“It’s Jewish interests that are once again pushing America into war in the Middle East this time with Iran,” he said.
Once again, we have a president who tries to look presidential, but is nothing more than a front for the (((ones))) who are actually in charge of the USG.

As long as that stays in effect, expect the situation to continually get worse. Even to the point of a limited nuclear war or a complete collapse of our economy, which is slowly but surely being drained off all its wealth.


  1. see jr comment to last Goon Squad piece de resistance)

    Greg, they must pass us (am sure the group of people that see them for what they are, is getting bigger. They are insane and are out to kill you, is a good way to start a conversation in front of the coffee machine? Boy, am I happy that I live now in Spain, I don´t speak a word of their Chinese)

    Even in Amsterdam there is some progress:

    Eberhard vd Laan former Mayor of Amsterdam has died. Already 5 okt 2017. I just found that out. He tried to finish me off moren than often. Too long a thread to get into that one.

    For now: He was a satanist pur sang.

    The jew york times had this article about it:

    He is jew and there is a vid of Peres leaving his Mayor of Amsterdam residence. When I washed my friend Peres´ ears in 2013 outside that synagogue, visited vd Laan:

    (anyway, this report + vid I was looking for: )

    June 30, 2019 at 11:00 AM

  2. It must be perfectly clear to everyone in the know that Israel will stop at nothing to control the entire planet, but what does that control entail ? It will be manifested in the most barbaric and vulgar of ways imaginable ; perversion like you have never seen or known, unbridled pedophilia, theft on such a scale as to boggle even the brightest of human minds, slander, smearing, torture, and murder of anyone who would even think of speaking out, surveillance right down to your very thoughts, weaponized starvation at regular intervals to keep fear at breakneck levels in order to maintain obedience, and financial ruin for all who live. If the people of this world don't stop being NICE to Jews, then they will deserve what is coming for them. They don't realize that this race of inbred genetic aberrants is totally insane, that their jealousy, greed, and hatred is fed and condoned by their stupid books, all of which should be burned, every last copy, along with the dead bodies that will have earned their demise. This must stop now, otherwise dear friends, kiss all non-Jewish life on this rock in space goodbye !!


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