Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Epstein's Black Book? Where are the Bodies, Jeffrey?

The bodies I'm referring to are the 12-15 yo boys and girls who were kidnapped, spirited away to Epstein's "Orgy Island" and forced to perform as sex slaves to the wealthy elite. They would've been sexually abused, raped repeatedly and plied with alcohol and drugs to keep them performing for those degenerates. A mind can only take so much of that abuse before it snaps and a person ceases to function.
Jeffrey Epstein, a Billionaire Friend of Presidents Trump & Clinton, Arrested for Sex Trafficking

AMY GOODMAN: Can you describe what happened to you when you wrote this piece? You spoke to Jeffrey Epstein.

VICKY WARD: Oh, multiple times, multiple times. He wheeled out, you know, all these important bankers and academics and financiers to talk to me. And he would call me all the time, but he would threaten me. He would talk, and then he would say, “You know, Vicky, if I don’t like this piece, you know, something is going to happen to your unborn children.” You know, and that way, he would sort of say it, you know, lightly, but I went to the magazine’s general counsel at the time.
At that point, the underage sex slaves would have become a liability. Too much at risk to just take them back to their home town, drop them off with a handful of shekels and let them go. Epstein and his handlers knew they couldn't take a chance on one of their sex slaves going to the police, finding an honest cop and a competent DA, who would start asking questions. Those kids that became a liability had to be silenced....permanently.

Jeffrey Epstein Shared a Plane With Dyncorp, State Department, and the CIA

So Jeffery, where are the bodies? On your Orgy Island or on the seafloor near your island of depravity?
“Jane Doe” alleges Donald Trump sexually assaulted her on four separate occasions, culminating in a rape when she was just 13 at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion.

Her evidence?

Three sworn declarations – from her, a friend she confided in at the time, AND one of Epstein’s recruiters.
Epstein had to have some serious help, the kind one gets from so-called intelligence agencies, like the CIA or Mossad. Or maybe a newly sworn in POTUS?
So Jeffery, where are the bodies? On your Orgy Island or on the seafloor near your island of depravity? Were they sacrificed in your Orgy Island Temple/Synagogue?
Obviously some escaped, or else us peasants would have never known about this sordid shit.

So Jeffery, where are the bodies? On your Orgy Island or on the seafloor near your island of depravity?
Fire on Epstein Island Was it to destroy more evidence as found July 2005. . .dentist cart, disturbing photos

According to a 2006 court filing, there were 2 hidden cameras found in Epstein's home.

Also reported by various sources that in 2015, a lawsuit was filed by Jane Doe No. 3,” believed to be the now-married Giuffre, alleged that Epstein had secretly recording orgies involving his prominent friends and underage girls. The purpose being what is called the honeypot, to blackmail and control prominent people in government and various institutions throughout the world.
Only two cameras?

Why does the cynic in me think this is related to Israel wanting to keep American troops tied down in the ME, protecting ISIS in Syria and pimping the WH to bomb Iran?

So Jeffery, where are the bodies? On your Orgy Island or on the seafloor near your island of depravity?
Holocaust junkies demand their lies be made mandatory teaching in US schools? Sorry Jew Inc, you've played that card too many times, it won't work to cover this stench.


  1. Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSuyN2Ns-7A

    Why Trump's White House Is Linked To Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Case | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    “Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon)" right wing activist against over-immigration who names names of the widespread Muslim gang rape groups in Britain, "begs Donald Trump to grant him asylum after contempt conviction, faces being jailed later this week after he was found guilty of contempt of court....

    "Ahead of the sentencing Robinson, appeared on the InfoWars conspiracy channel.” (mirror.uk)

    The British prison are filled with a great number of Muslims running these socalled grooming gangs, raping young girls is assembly line work for them.

    In the vid prior to his arrest in front of the court in Leeds, TR links to Sikhs in Britain in the late ´80´s who organised themselves against these raping gangs, and wonders why there are no such group of (white) Britons active (yet).


    Will Donald T. - said to be partly Scottish, Robinson is S.)- respond?

    TR says there are plenty of verses in the Koran on which these grooming gangs ´justify´ their behaviour.

    The satanic verses of Rushdie? Did Salman Rushdie ever read the satanic talmud - TR did not - a whole set of books. As a ´intellectual´ SR must have at least heard of them, one would say. But nay. he will never write about them. Rushdie is a tool of the jwo.

    (From my xyz files I know him to be a full fledged yid)

    Somehow R. has my sympathy - he is not acaDemically deformed - but does he know that the talmud bankers whose teleprompters T. reads are behind the overimmigration in GB & elsewhere in the ´free´ West?

  2. The Jews will even rat out one of their own just to get at Trump ; sickening creatures, but the rub is, Epstein will never serve time thanks to venal libtard judges, but Trump may get smeared somehow, anything to stop him from winning in 2020 so that the DemonRATS can get on with the JWO and the complete and utter destruction of the free world. NO MORE FREEDOM FOR YOU, YOU EVIL CHRISTIANS !!

    1. Trump is crypto-yid and is the latest example in a long row of WH Residents of the simple fact that the US (and for that matter, all the other ZIONATO countries) are NOT free.

      check out:

      the gj-comment July 10, 2019 at 5:15 pm at:


      (The eye on the dollar bill of the yid-bamkers is not (IS NOT) the socalled Third Eye, it is the Evil Eye manifesting itself in our presentday world not only as black magic ritual but as the emf, chemtrail and all the rest of it. When your own Third Eye opens(by some Mystics described as the Eye by Which God Sees Him/Her/It Self the s.o.s.
      has a hard time to deal with you. It is the only solution, SOULution.)

  3. It is not about left and right or any more pol. parties in the socalled democracies etc. All of it in world pñol. economy etc. is run by the Bilderberg Crazy Demons anyway.

    Look at Venezuela and (elsewhere) if a govt. leader does not suit the agenda of these groovy bohemian babyeating bilderbergos they are busy ousting them in the name of bringing ´freedom´
    and ´democracy´.

    Check out:

    7 July 2019 at 12:48 Julien romanovsky at:



    (I remember yesterday having seen a comment of you, Greg at this site, some years ago. The webmaster cathyfox has due to health problems now a pause )




    In may 2009, I became jew wise. In dec.2013 my fysical I pod poss. opened up, meaning third eye and all that jazz.

    (Yesterday I saw the Baphomet statue more detailed in a image on the net. The human spine and the true holy wood is between the legs of this diablo. a complete wrong map of REAL I TY)

  4. A Gushlaif Maxwell , a Jewess procured most of the girls for this monster .


    NY governor Andrew Cuomo makes deal during 2 days ´solidarity´ trip to israhell: end of june.


    What does that mean in the near future? Smart cities* in the US (and much of the rest of the world) will be handled by companies from israhell!


    Uploaded by Cindy Garay 9 july 2019 *


    How rotschild run AP news reported on it:


    29 juni Cuomo back from 2 days business trip to israhell


    1 july smokescreen tweet of crypto yid present WH resident Donald T.:


    1 juli Donald T. lashes out at Andrew Cuomo "you are messing up my bussineses in NYC, fuckin´ homo."

    *IoTa Internet of Things abattoir. The iota is in Hebrew (used by the fake yids besides their yiddish) the smallest letter.

    Most probably Jeffrey E. will be released very soon after all he is one of “them” and is his arrest part of the smoke screen to contruct the 5 G abattoir in the US (cq the world).

    * 2 christ-all-clear comments:

    (*christ-all-clear comments:

    "The justice system in the us is based on the talmud and the noahide laws are implemented for decades"

    "I was reading yesterday that the towers that will provide 5G can only provide a signal to 12 addresses! Imagine that.......a cell tower for every 12 properties?. We'll be in a bad way with that. Cancer, tumours, pain, sleeplessness and loss of fertility"

    Their dream: 5 G is baphomet shitting & pissing on your Crown Chakra.

    WAKE UP!!!!!

  6. Check out:


    The Talpiot program, by Brendon O´Connell Tel Aviv´s real secret nuke, With much of the stolen computer tech stolen from the US, the fake jews, zee yidz are in control of the kill switch of the infrastructure of almost every nation.

    So Big Brother really resides in the slc at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean pool.

    Tesla´s ´wireless know-how´ must have landed via the crypto-yid uncle of Donald T. in the slc.

    A good vid, one thing only in the tail, a quote of ASS-ange: What´s on? Rats out!

    Assange is downplaying the role of the slc in 911, the end quote throws a questionmark cloud on the vid (and its maker, a s.o.s. contropo???).

    O´Connell, apparently a big fan of Assange forgets one rat, who appears often in his vid.

    The the crazy demon, again PM of the s.o.s of the slc, Meilikovsky aka netanyaWho-did-911.

    (last line, especially for the cybersecurity mossad marmots in tel aviv, your IoTa will be,
    is being crashed by Higher Forces)


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