Friday, August 30, 2019

A Rabbi States the Truth About Hitler and the Jews

If your mind isn't completely holocausted, you'll know that Jews, especially the pseudo-Israeli ones, are up to the same tricks that has gotten them kicked out of over 100 nations thru the ages.

Usury, greed, control of the MSM, arrogance, dealers of alcohol and illegal drugs, white slaves. After all, someone has to staff those 280 Tel Aviv brothels.
Control of many central banks, like the FED. Except for now, there's a Gentile in charge, which is the usual MO when something bad is going to happen to the economy, (((they))) don't want a Juden in charge. Like back in 2008, when the Gentile Hank Paulson was appointed head so he could give out trillions to those TBTF banks, then leave and let Shalom Bernake take over. Setting off FF, like 9/11, to trick their Goy slaves into killing off the Amalek, some kind of enemy of Juden. A war that will last till we collapse financially and Israel will be off to their next host, China.

But their most heinous crimes are the ongoing theft of the Palestinians ancient lands, and the ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians.

Like this...
Such a lovely people, truly chosen by a G-d! Anyone who dare speak out against these travesties is some kind of Jew-hating anti-Semite!

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