Friday, September 13, 2019

Tattoo Numbers at Auschwitz Recreational Facility Don't Add up to 4 Million

Of course, that blog starts off with the obligatory lie about those evil Nazis killing 6 gorillion Juden:
Tattoos and Numbers at Auschwitz concentration camp

The first series of prisoner numbers was introduced in May 1940, well before the practice of tattooing began. This first series was given to male prisoners and remained in use until January 1945, ending with the number 202,499.

That begs the question: Where's the other 3,700,00 or so Juden who we've been told 6 million times were gassed and roasted at that dastardly deathly death camp? The original LIE said that 4 million Juden had been done in there, so why did the tattoos only go to 202,499? Apologists for this LIE will claim that the numbers were reused. But that doesn't make sense, since holoHOAX guilt trip factories like Yadda Yadda Vashem account for each number assigned.
What gives you holoHOAX junkies? Have you been telling lies in order to steal Palestine and get hundreds and hundreds of billions in free shekels?
And my favorite holoHOAX lie, the infamous masturbation machine of death!

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