Monday, January 20, 2020

More Great Hits from the BIGGEST FRAUD in History, the Phony Holocau$t ™

Fresh off the presses, anudda' batch of the BIGGEST FRAUD in history memes, the PHONY Holocaust...
Kids are unironically taught this horse shit school. And so it needs to be mocked, derailed and disproved until no one takes it seriously
Then and only then, when is legal to question in countries where it can actually be researched at the sites will we be able to determine what really did and did not happen.

And why does this truth need to come out? For several reasons, but mainly so this kinda BULLSHIT never gets shoveled into our mouths again. WE get fed a steady diet of holoHOAX BULLSHIT while ignoring the real holocaust that happened in the USA...the slaughter of the Native Americans.



The Power of Jew Propaganda

The 40 million dollar museum dedicated to the BIGGEST FRAUD in history, the PHONY Holocau$t ™ that cost 120 million tax dollars each year to maintain and was built in 1993.

Jew constitute less than 10% of the visitors to this House of Bullshit. Even the Jews don't want to see their own propaganda.(How much less than 10% I'd like to know. Probably less than 1%, like 0.666%)

Where's the museum dedicated to the mass-murder of the 40-100 million Native Americans? There finally is one on the National Mall, built in 2004.

I didn't even know there was this museum and most Americans don't as attendance is pitiful and the National Museum of the American Indian is best known for its cafeteria. Don't expect to see a portion devoted to the woeful "Trail of Tears," as this museum is more about selling shit to clueless Americans than actual history.

Why in the fuck have we spent so much money on an event that DID NOT happen and even if it had, took place in Europe, where we sacrificed over 240,000 American lives to destroy Germany during WWII?

To start infesting the minds of young ones in Kindergarten is abhorrent. Why don't we teach them about OUR Holocaust?
Here's a question: Of the 400 treaties the USG made with the various Native American tribes, how many did we honor?

They don't teach that in US schools, guess they don't have time after the MANDATORY holoHOAX classes. The answer is NONE, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH.

(((Hollywood))) has played a big role in this travesty since its beginning. For the first 70+ years, Hollywood pics always portrayed the First Americans as some kind of ruthless savages that must be killed out in the West or they'll come back East and kill us Godly Americans.

Now Hollywood is depicting Muslims the same way, as ruthless savages that must be killed over there before they come back here and kill us.

290 + years of American deceit, butchery, treachery, rape and land theft against the natives and most Americans don't even know that happened. That's because the same deceit, butchery, treachery, rape and land theft has been going on in Palestine for 70+ years against the natives. That's why we hear so many holoHOAX BULLSHIT stories; to cover up our the massive crimes against Palestinians and the entire word, who have been subjugated to this toxic ideology.

We MUST break free of this Jew mind control and reassert our right as an independent nation to honor REAL holocausts, like our slaughter of the Red Man.

Let the Jew wallow in self-pity over a non-event, we're better than that to let our minds be fucked over by these CON ARTISTS.

Pay NO attention to the Jew's trickery, as the holoHOAX junkies are getting anxious that not enough Americans believe their steamy pile of BULLSHIT doesn't stink, when it smells to high heaven.

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