Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Israeli Jew who Tried to Blow up Capitol Hill

His name was Israel Rubinowits, but good luck trying to find this crazy on JOOgle. He seems to have disappeared back to Israel, AFTER the charges were dropped. How nice of the Feds.

The (((Deep State))) must of wiped most all articles about this violent nut-case off the 'Web, since it doesn't fit their decades long massive psyops campaign to make Americans think 'Israel Good, Double Good" and that all Muslims need to be killed over there or else they'll come to the States to kill us.

The year it happened,October 18, 1983 is especially interesting. The month that our dear friend and ally Israel sent one of their assassins to murder DC lawmakers was also the month that Israel knew about and most likely, planned the US Marines barracks in Lebanon. When the first ploy to get the USA entangled--AGAIN--in another of their greedy, blood-soaked land thefts, this time in southern Lebanon, didn't work in DC, they set off a huge bomb under the Marines barracks and killed 241 US personnel, in a vain attempt to drag the US into their invasion of Lebanon.

When Israel--the mad bomber--couldn't kill a bunch of DC lawmakers, which the (((MSM))) would blame on Lebanon or Syria-- and use to shriek hysterically that we MUST invade, then Israel the nation blew up the Marines barracks.

But this back-fired on the treacherous Israeli's, as then President Reagan didn't fall for the bait of committing US troops further in Israel's latest land theft and started withdrawing the Marines three months later.

If you know how good the Israeli's are at staging these kind of attacks, and then blame it on the nation they currently want destroyed, you'll know that this eventually culminated in the Israeli masterminded 9/11 false flag, which has bogged the US down in the ME for going on 19 years.

I especially like this part of that FALSE FLAG attempt: ."The man carried several typed pages with diagrams entitled, “How I Made the Bomb.." Reminds of of those magical passports that appear on the scene of the (((Deep State's))) latest false flag so that the finger of guilt will be pointed away from Israel and her sadistic henchman and towards (Insert name of ME nation here Israel wants destroyed).
There being no DNA matching back then, the attack would of been blamed on a Lebanese or Syrian man and off to war we'd go.

According to Caspar Weinberger, then United States Secretary of Defense, there is no knowledge of who did the bombing. There is no consensus on whether Hezbollah existed at the time of bombing.

Like the failed Mossad attempt to bomb and shot up the Mexican Congress in October 2001, anudda Zionist attempt to get the war Israel wanted, the War of Terror against Muslim nations into high gear. Caught in this heinous act were a Mexican Jew and a colonel with the Israeli special forces--Mossad--who were carrying fake Pakistani passports. You know the kind, the ones that are made out of fire and explosion proof paper. The two mad bombers were released and off to 'Stolenland' AKA Israel they flew.

Will people ever realize that Israelis--and their Jew sayanim--are the most savage operators on the planet when it comes to bringing forth another war for Zionism and the Greater Israel Project, which has Israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates River and from southern Turkey to northern Saudi Arabia.
Israeli Suicide Bomber Arrested In 1983 Attempt to Blow Up U.S. Capitol Evades Jail

The Capitol police re-adjusted metal detectors and installed sensitive bomb-detecting equipment last month after a tourist entered the House gallery with a homemade bomb under his shirt.

Jack Russ, the sergeant-at-arms of the House, said today that the urgent steps following the Oct. 18 scare were the beginning of a tighter security system.

In an interview, Mr. Russ said the bomb taken into the building “was not a dud.” It failed to explode because the man “had not placed his wiring properly,” he said.

If the new detection devices and metal detector settings had been in place Oct. 18, he added, the man “would not have been able to get in the front doors,” adding that “I think we’ll have the state of the art” in security measures when the changes were made.

The Capitol Police said the man arrested in the gallery was Israel Rubinowits, a 22-year-old Israeli who threatened to blow up the Capitol when approached by the police. His court-appointed lawyer, Carl Angelis, told a hearing in the District of Columbia Superior Court that Mr. Rubinowits wanted to address Congress about world hunger.

Mr. Rabinowits was charged with making threats of bodily harm, a charge that carries a maximum 20 -year prison term and a $5,000 fine. He was held when he failed to make bond of $25,000.

The bottles contained black powder, a flammable liquid of unknown composition, glass, stones, ceramic tile and metal fragments, Mr. Russ said. The man carried several typed pages with diagrams entitled, “How I Made the Bomb,” instructions that were “technically correct,” Mr. Russ added...

As we previously reported, Rubinowits isn’t the only Jew who seriously planned to blow up targets in Washington, D.C. Last year, Paul Rosenfeld was arrested and found to have a 200 pound bomb he planned to use in an unhinged political plot.

America must be kept in the dark about the long list of Jews involved in the pleomorphic Anarchist movement in America which has morphed into Antifa among other identities.

And like Jeffrey Epstein, no doubt Israel Rubinowits is now living quite comfortably in Israel today, receiving generous “Holocaust” reparations from Germany, or from the U.S. taxpayers via billions in U.S. ‘aid’ that impoverished Israel receives annually.

[A follow-up article appeared three years later in a small Pennsylvania newspaper, the Titusville Herald, reporting that Rubinowits had been quietly deported back to Israel after charges were dropped in the U.S. without explanation.]

That other mad Jew bomber, Paul Rosenfeld who was going to detonate a 200# on 2018 Election Day, but was caught in the process? You'd think he'd be rotting in some Super Max prison? WRONG, he got a mere 16 months and actually only did 12 months before being released.

Can't be tossing Jews in jail in spaces designed for blacks, white nationalists and Muslims. Maybe the FEDS gave the poor dear a large cash bonus for being so nice?
So when you hear Jews and their lackey's politicians kvetching about passing Hate Speech laws, this is why the Jews want those laws. So only Jews get to decide what is news and what we Goyim get to hear. There won't be anymore reporting on Jews captured trying to kill Americans, why that would be anti-Semitic.


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