Sunday, June 21, 2020

July 4, Time for Antifa to Burn a Major US City?

Fireworks May Indicate US/Israeli Intelligence Operation to Burn US Cities to the Ground

There have been nationwide reports of wide-scale fireworks use in major cities that NEVER experienced either the importation of fireworks into them or any tradition of their use.
Police intelligence units appear to be “standing down” and allowing this extremely unusual activity. This playbook appears to be mirroring the great fire of London occurring after the winding down of the great plague of London.

We already know that our best ally is supporting these riots, thru the manipulation of BLM, but if Israeli art students are back, then look out. Setting a major US city on fire that is a major IT center would definitely benefit Israel, where US Jew billionaires have been setting up with major US computer companies for years.

Evropa Pagan
1 day ago (edited)
Last year there was a youtube channel that was predicting that Seattle would be the scene of an inferno. This would mean the end of one of the main hubs of US technology and that would be to the benefit of Israel.

Here's where it gets sweet, if you're a Chosenite. Damn near all of the money being used to lure tech companies to Israel was stolen from Americans thru the corrupt US stock market frauds. Yes, we're paying for our own rope.

Here's a good opportunity to see Jewish Lightning in action!

Maybe this is must paranoia getting out of hand. But after seeing the looting, killing and plundering going on the last month or so, I'd say anything is possible.

Wanna see a pic of this Brave New World we're getting shoved down our throats?

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  1. Steven KingDoehe Stand.
    movie was ALL Jew communists.

    They burnt Des Moines to the

    They always telegraph everything
    ahead of time.


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