Thursday, June 18, 2020

White Lives Don't Matter?..This Video will Verify that Statement

Why are they hiding this VIOLENT ATTACK from you?

Footage has emerged of a 16-yr-old girl being brutally attacked by a gang of eight in Melbourne. I have to warn you, the video you’re about to watch is confronting, it’s graphic, and if you have a heart, it’ll break it to bits.

But I have to show it to you, and you need to pass it on because everyone needs to see what happened to this defenceless 16-yr-old girl on Sunday at Southern Cross Station. To think this gang was so proud of the cowardice behaviour that they shared it on Snapchat makes me sick to my stomach.

The scary thing is it happened in the middle of the day, in front of bystanders who did nothing to help the defenseless child.

How could you witness such a thing happening to a little girl and refuse to intervene? I’ve spoken to the victim’s mother, and she says the worst part of it wasn’t even shared, moments later they dragged her daughter off the bench and stomped on her.

They hospitalized their victim who sustained numerous injuries, including broken ribs.

The terrified 16-yr-old is too scared to make a police statement in fear of retribution. Police said they couldn’t open an investigation without a victim statement.
Police said they couldn’t open an investigation without a victim statement? So one could murder someone and since the dead don't talk, the police won't investigate? If the tables were turned and it was 8 whities beating up a black girl, the MSM would run this non-stop and a couple of American cities would be going up in flames.

But of course they shared it on some social media outlet, since they know nothing will happen.

Jewish Newspaper Claims “Trump’s Attacks on Antifa are Attacks on Jews”

Such luck! The 53rd anniversary of the brutal and sadistic Israeli attack upon the USS Liberty has come and gone, with hardly anyone making posts about that back-stabbing by our 'ally.'

Nor is there anything in the MSM about Mossad asset Jeff Epstein, who didn't kill himself.


  1. When my younger sister was in high school, I was 4 years older than her, she complained to me that some black girls in school were harassing her. The next day I went to the school principle and complained, and I found the black girls and told them if they bothered my sister they would be dealing with me. They didn't bother her anymore.

    When I was about 21, I had to do a few months in jail for an alcohol related issue. I didn't want to pay a fine for a DUI is what happened. I wanted to save my money. That's me! Well, there were more black women than white women and while I was there I saw the black women( everyone was in the younger age branch there) bullying the white women. They had begun to bully me, as an example, one big one came over at breakfast and said "can I have your pancakes?" and she reached right in with her fork to take it. I told her I will stab her with my fork. And more incidents where I held my ground and they all stopped bothering.
    I don't know exactly the psychology of it but they believe we are afraid of them so they will try and get away with bullying. They even treated me friendly and when I left one black girl gave me a candy bar as a gift....candy bars are very valuable to black people in jail! They have a thing for sweets. Sorry to profile but that's how it was.
    My point being, it's of utter importance not to cower to a bully, of any color as most of them are cowards if they see you'll fight back.

    1. Sounds like you were a hell raiser in your youth:)

  2. Oh yes, and you'll gain respect.

    1. Good for you. Someone has to stand up to them!

  3. Were it the other way about, it would have been termed a "Hate Crime"!


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