Sunday, May 20, 2007


According to a 1999 Human Rights Watch report citing reports by Arjan El Fassed and Electronic Intifada. “Prisoners have been routinely tortured [at Khiam], three times a day. Torture included beatings, being prodded with electrical cables in sensitive parts of the body and being hung from painful positions…. Detainees were given inadequate food rations and beaten when they prayed…. Among the prisoners were Lebanese journalist Cosette Ibrahim, kidnapped while reporting in southern Lebanon.” No doubt Cosette Ibrahim is a hate criminal. “Some of the detainees were children…. Between 1987 and 1995 prisoners in Khiam were not allowed access to their families. They were denied the right of prompt judicial review of the lawfulness of their detention. A number of detainees have died in Khiam, some of them after torture, others because of lack of medical treatment.”

For those Palestinians not "guests" at Israeli's "HOTEL TORTURE", genocide by starvation, thanks to the Israeli's, is on the menu:

'Dov Weissglas, the comatose Ariel Sharon’s onetime political advisor, compares this systematic program of gradual starvation to “an appointment with a dietician,” a regimen he insists “won’t starve” Palestinians to death but will make them “a lot thinner.” As Ghali Hassan writes, “Israel’s genocidal policy of systematic control and imprisonment of the Palestinian people can only be compared with Nazi concentration camps,” a policy enthusiastically supported by the Christian Zionists in America. Hassan cites grim statistics.'

Israel seems to have hit upon their own version of the "FINAL SOLUTION." Through the use of torture, rape, starvation and denying access to potable water to the Palestinians, the Israeli's have become the 21st Century's version of the NAZI'S.
Guess Israel forgot that old saying that said to choose your enemies well.


  1. One question for you friend.

    from all your talk you looks very Israeli/Jews hatred?

    Can I ask why? specially you are an amarican?


    God Bless

  2. Getting the truth out about how Israel is exterminating the Palestinains thru their own version of genocide is hardly "hatred."

    Israel might control most of the MSM here in America and control the Congress thru with large amounts of cash, but Israel doesn't control either the Internet or some people's ability to think.

    Yes, i am an american. But not the type that has an immediate "knee-jerk" reaction that blindly stands behind Israel, no matter what that nation has done.

    When Israel cleans up her act and stops the genocide against Palstinians; stops stealing more of Palestine's land; takes down the concrete wall that has turned what is left of Palestine into a "concentration camp" and starts treating Palestinians with respect as equals as human beings, this blog will cease.


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