Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The bizarre case of Zapata Engineering, murdered U.S. Marines and Iraqi IED's

What country would have an interest in hiring a mercenary company to shot at Iraqi's and US Marines? This same company was given a lucrative contract to "manage" ammunition storage depots containing captured Iraqi munitions.

Some of these captured munitions, more than likely, have been used as IED's to attack American patrols in Iraq, with the American MSM pointing the blame for those attacks at Iran.

What nation would benefit from having America stay in Iraq for an indefinite period, helping secure that nation's prosperity and safety?

Part of the riddle is answered by looking at the company, Zapata Engineering, who had 19 of their contractors arrested in Iraq for spraying small-arms fire at Iraqi civilians and U.S. forces from their cars in Fallujah on May 28.

The Marines did not take this incident lightly and gave chase to these armed thugs, eventually stopping and arresting them.

They were taken into custody and a lawyer hired by some of the men, Mark Schopper, says "Marines put their knees on the backs of their necks and ripped off religious medallions."

Religious medallions? As in the Star of David?

Not to fear, the company spokesperson, Gail Rosenberg , says the incident will be investigated. Uh-huh.

After being held for three days, these hired guns, who had been seen shooting at Marines and Iraqi civilians, were let go to vanish from Iraq.

Only three days? Some Iraqi civilians have been languishing in American run prisons for years only on suspicion and these jokers get out in three days?

Who has the power to pull these strings and whitewash incidents?

Again, what ME country is benefiting from the carnage and destruction of one of their avowed "existential" enemies?

Here's a hint: This same country has launched a full scale media campaign against another of their "existential" enemies, Iran, in order to get the U.S. to fight another war for this nation.

Still don't know the name of that nation?

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Here's another clue:

It can now be reported that Zapata Engineering has hired these Israeli Mossad-types into Iraq for the purposes of alleged counter-insurgency

However, the alleged Israeli engineers have now been fingered for sniping at U.S. Soldiers and the murder of two female American Marines who had their throats slit and then placed in garbage dumps.

These female Marines had been investigating the origins of the I.E.D. (Improvised Explosives Devices). And of course it gets worse.
It can now be reported that the origin of the I.E.D.’s, come not from Iran, but come from Zapata Engineering of North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv.

And now of course, it really gets worse. The projectiles discovered by American Special Forces have depleted uranium tips which connects directly to the Israeli company Rafael, which of course is owned by Zapata Engineering of North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv.

Connect the dots, from the munitions allegedly "guarded" by a firm with links to Tel Aviv, with their employees shooting at both Iraqi civilians and U.S. Marines, to the female Marines who were investigating the origin of the IED's who were murdered to the real reason the USA is in Iraq and all the dots lead to Israel.


  1. LOL! Ask Manuel L. Zapata, the Chilean Catholic CEO.

  2. Why not ask those two dead Marines?

    Oh, that's right, they can't talk.

    Nice try, MOSHE


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