Thursday, April 17, 2008


Is the IDF a bunch of jokers or not? These folks like to clown around and get their jollies (and probably, their rocks off) by shooting Palestinian kids in the head!

When they tire of that, there's always some people protesting the Apartheid Wall constructed by Israel that those IDF cutups will use for target practice!!

For really big laughs, they'll send in an American made bulldozer to crush and kill people advocating peace!!!

When their arms are worn out from beating up Palestinians and their fingers are tired from shooting kids, they'll get a laugh or two by sending artillery shells screaming into Palestinian hospitals!!!!

Gosh, what a friend we have in Israel!!!!!

Just think of where the U.S. might be if Israel did not exist??!!!!


April 14, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Israel, Occupation, Palestine, Soldier Brutality)

I reported earlier about an 80 year old woman being attacked at a checkpoint in the Occupied West Bank yesterday…. it seems that is the newest ‘game’ for the Israeli soldiers….

Same checkpoint, most likely same soldier also beat up an 80 year old man. Big heroes these Israelis… pretty much the same abuse my grandparents experienced in Auschwitz.

Nablus / Amin Abu Wardeh – Israeli checkpoints are one of the most trying parts of living under occupation. There are hundreds throughout the West Bank preventing freedom of movement.
Yesterday at noon a soldier occupying one of the checkpoints in Nablus attacked an 80 year old Palestinian man. It was Huwara Checkpoint in Nablus. The sun was high and the elderly man suffering from fatigue while waiting in the long line to pass.

Others who were also waiting allowing him to go ahead of them and as he tried to move through an Israeli soldier began to severely beat the man. He was knocked to the ground and the soldier continued to hurl insults.

Several in the crowd of people rushed to try to help the man and attack the soldier. They were unable to reach the soldier as several others rushed in as well. The others apologized and let the man pass.

The people still waiting shouted insults and the soldier and said they pray to God for retaliation against Israel.


  1. As long as the Paleos choose terror, they will suffer.

    The longer they choose terror,the greater the chances are that they will cease to exist here:


    Four fifths (80 percent) of the residents of Gaza find it difficult to cope with the situation there and are considering emigration, a survey by the Gaza-based Institute of Development Studies has found. Gazans are finding it progressively more difficult to deal with the economic situation there, according to the institute, and 44 percent said explicitly that they want to leave Gaza.

  2. I've no doubt that a majority of the under siege indigenous Palestinians would like to leave the world's largest prison, Gaza, constructed courtesy of the demented Zionazi's in Israel and funded by American tax dollars.

    Instead of using bombs, bullets and artillery shells, the IDF is using the blockade of Gaza to kill off people quietly, so as not to attract attention.

    When attention is brought, the IDF will just murder the journalists trying to document the Palestinian Holocaust, courtesy of the jack-booted goons of the IDF and the sub-human Likudnut Party.

    If Israel manages to forcibly oust the indigenous Palestinians into say, the Sinai, not long after that event, those mysterious Qassams will start popping up and Israel will say they're coming from the Sinai, so the IDF will have to go into the Sinai and establish a "security zone."

    When the real purpose of the IDF incursion into the Sinai is for Israel to steal--AGAIN--the Egyptian oil fields in the Sinai.

    Just like the upcoming war and invasion of southern Lebanon, planned by Israel to take place in late May or June, that invasion will be to take control of Lebanon's Litani River, another prize that the Zionists want to steal.

    A nation of thieves, murderers, con artists and liars, that's modern day Israel.

  3. LOL! Israel made the wasteland called Gaza blossom. The Arabs refereed to it as "the cursed land", but we made it blessed.

    Now that we're gone, it is cursed once again.

    Because Allah doesn't bless thieves and murderers.

    They can't live with us, so they'll live without us- far far away.

    I would call them a nation of thieves and murderers,but they're not even a nation. They're just a gang.

    One that's on its way to extinction.

    Then there will be peace.


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