Friday, April 18, 2008

Rita Katz's Jewish Media Group, SITE, releases the latest al-Qaeda recording

Don't let the fact that Rita has been paid huge sums of money by the federal government and the FBI as a consultant blur the story line about the boogeyman known as "al-Qaeda."

The Jewish owned media group, S.I.T.E. Intelligence, led by Rita Katz, is back in action, releasing yet another tape--only audio--purported to be by al-Qaeda's #2, al-Zawahiri.

Instead of running with an actual news story, the whole damned thing stinks of a psyop press release, with the same story repeated numerous times in the world press, as shown in this release. Search the story on the 'Net and see how alike each and every article is.

Zawahiri urges Muslims to make Iraq 'fortress of Islam'

Again, Ms. Katz is the first one to get ahold of this tape, just like numerous other video and audio recordings alleged to be made by AQ.

Katz and her "handlers" are using their usual modus operandi by releasing this story to the overseas press, so that today, it can be picked up and run as a "legit" story by the American MSM.

Again, the question needs to be asked, as it was asked here on WUFYS last Fall, about Katz:

How is it that a Jewish owned group like S.I.T.E. can outperform the world's best and brightest in the intelligence field and be the first to know that a group like al-Qaeda is getting ready to release another tape?

How is it possible that Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. can work this magic? Maybe looking at Katz's background will help:

Rita Katz is Director and co-founder of the SITE Institue. Born in Iraq, her father was tried and executed as an Israeli spy, whereupon her family moved to Israel [the move has been described as both an escape and an emmigration in different sources]. She received a degree from the Middle Eastern Studies program at Tel Aviv University, and is fluent in Hebrew and Arabic. She emigrated to the US in 1997.

Immigrated to the U.S. in 1997, yet Rita, at this link, claims to have participated or obsreved alleged AQ operations in the U.S. going back to 1986.

Maybe Rita is a clairvoyant, to have participated and observed events in the U.S. before she was even in this country.

Rita's been busy, unearthing and making unique finds that no one else was able to spot, not even the world's intelligence agencies, as this article shows Rita "discovering" a book in the 1990's called "The Arab Volunteers in Afghanistan."

Katz tells the world stage that the obscure book is a regular "Who's Who of al-Qaeda."

My, my, my. What a lucky find for Ms. Katz, especially considering that book was so obscure.

She has been making these "unique" discoveries about AQ and other allegedly sinister plots all over the place and usually is the first and only one to unearth this data.

Katz has even bragged that she knows more about al-Qaeda than the FBI does.

Question: If al-Qaeda is such a dangerous and far-reaching organization, as claimed by Katz and since Katz claims to have an intelligence line to the heart of this operation, then why doesn't AQ do something to eliminate this irritant who consistently exposes AQ ops?

Katz, whose book, Terrorist Hunter, published by a Harper Collins, which is owned by Zionist Rupert Murdoch, seems more like the Austin Powers character portrayed by Mike Myers in the movie, "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery."

Except there's no mystery here to Ms. Katz. Katz is an obvious MOSSAD agent and is part and parcel of that agency's ongoing project to conflate the racist and Apartheid state of Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign of the indigenous Palestinians with the White House manufactured "War on Terror."

A war that is in need of a gargantuan funding increase by June of this year.

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